28 Days

Lopaka Tanu

All characters belong to Mags and Karra with a shout out to Tara Blue.

Summary: Ray and Tom are talking about a certain Tall Dutch Lesbian with Fangs.


"Hey, Tom Cat, does he seem a little more short tempered than usual?" Ray watched as Von snatched a used tissue off the floor, muttering curses that even he didn't know.

"What do you mean? It's Von, he is always short tempered."

"No, I mean today he seems moodier and cranky. Do you think something has happened?"

Tom shrugs and instantly regrets the motion. Still not recovered from being sick, he was sore all over. "Maybe he just needs a day off."

"Nah, it's more than that. Look at his clothes. Don't they seem darker? The way his hair is spiked, it almost seems violent."

Shaking his head, Tom smiles at Ray. "No, I try not to notice him. We have an agreement. I stay out of his way; he waits on the kids hand and foot. It's a nice arrangement."

"I still don't like the way he looks today. May be you should let him have the day off." Ray tried to ignore the cursing coming from the kitchen after Von disappeared in that direction.

"He just needs to let off a little steam. You know how temperamental Sabbats can be."

"Talk about that pot calling kettle."

"What ever. Besides he does this whole Dracula look every so often."

"How often?"

"Once, maybe twice a month."

After a few moments of silence, Ray looked around the apartment. "Do you hear something?"

Tom shook his head. "Sorry, not a thing."

"That's just it. It's too quiet. Where are the kids? I thought they were still getting over the chicken pox." Suddenly worried, Ray and Tom got up to go investigate.

"They are." Quickly they checked over the kitchen and the rest of the apartment, finding not a hide nor hair of them. "Do you think something has happened to them?"

"Wait a minute. What's that sound?"


"Dief's room." The pair made their way across the apartment to the Werekid's room and slowly opened the door. Inside, they found the kids silently looking at the corner of the room hidden behind the door.

In the corner stood Von with a pair of sock puppets on his hands. Quiet voices seemed to emit from the pair in an eerily familiar pitch. Upon spotting Ray and Tom, Von stopped his little show and turned to look at them. As he turned his head, so did the puppets and the children. All had the same dark glint in their eyes. In unison they spoke.

"Hello Tom and Prince Kawalski."

Ray's attention darted back and forth from the evil puppets, the demon children, Werekid, and Sabbat Vampire. He slowly backed towards the door with Tom not far behind. "Hiya! Just wanted to see how you were."

"We are fine. Everything is just fine."

"Oh, okay. I guess we will be going now."

"Good bye Tom and Prince Kawalski." The voices spoke again as one.

Taking one last look around, Ray thought he saw an evil look in the eyes of one of the puppets, which sent a shudder down his spine. Shutting the door as softly as he could, Ray hurried back to the living room.

"Did you here what they called me?"

"Yeah, Tom. Von never calls you Tom."

Tom was very pale as he spoke. "You know, I think you may be right. He should have the day off."

"That was spooky, talk about village of the damned. And you say he is this way once or twice a month?"

"Yeah, every twenty-eight days to be exact... Looking at each other, it dawned on them.

"I think that would be the perfect time for Von to have a day off. I mean, we can handle the kids for a day."

"Sure, no problem."

Ray looks at him. "Every twenty-eight days."

"Like clock work."

He shudders as he remembers the socks again. It took all his strength not to go raid Dead Man's weapon's locker. Instead, he marks the calendar for the next time. In twenty-eight days, he would be ready.

The End

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