Julon Crion: Julon Crion

Author: Lopaka Tanu

Fandom: Farscape

Disclaimer: I own nothing, not even this.

Warnings: Mpreg, Violence, Character Death, Trans species, Angst, some hardcore action *winks*.

Beta: None so be warned.

Category: After Episode 4:06 AU Slash and Het.

Coupling: John/OMN John/Chiana John/Nerri

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Challenge: 9. Eavesdropping - whether accidentally or otherwise, your character
overhears part of a conversation... Whatever it is that your character
overhears... how will he react?

Author's Note: Spoilers for like a whole lot of the series, set directly after Promises, episode 4:05 and episode 4:06 only some biology facts about Nebari, John being able to predict wormholes, and D'Argo as captain, the rest of that frelling episode does not exist.

Summary: For a while now, Crichton has felt less like himself, since that whole twin fiasco. Now with Aeryn acting all sorts of weird and keeping things from him, he starts to question what he really wants. When he over hears something he shouldn't, things go from bad to worse and continue to plummet from there. When Chiana offers him a way out, who is he to refuse? What neither of them know is that this offer will reunite her with the Nebari and change him forever.

Key Words: Nebari, MPREG, Slash, Hybrid, Royal Planet

Lyrics: "Just One Look" - Doris Troy.

Part 1

Just one look, and I fell so hard, in love, with you. I found out how good it feels, to have, your love. Say you will, will be mine, forever and always...

Just One Look, Doris Troy.

In Commander John Crichton's mind, a storm raged that grew stronger with each step he took through the large Leviathan. Several factions waged war for his attention. This was getting to be too much for him to take, more than any one should have to. Betrayal, all around him the others were so engrossed in their own worlds they barely even registered his presence. Even after all these cycles and the continuous dren they went through together, he was still the primitive human. So low on the evolutionary ladder he didn't even have a step. Basically it all boiled down to one thing, no one cared.

He snorted, okay so they cared, just not enough to consider his feelings in this. Aeryn had made him accept his worst nightmare, again. Did she not have a sympathetic bone in her body? "If you love me you won't do this." The sentence replayed in his mind. Nope, nothing but ice, that bitch. She probably only frelled the other John because she was curious about how similar Sebaceans and Humans were.

No. That was not right either, she was lonely and everyone knew the only person Crais had eyes for, was Talon. When she came back she was still a bitch, only then she was a mentally unstable bitch, even worse. Next they lost Crais and Talon, the way Aeryn had reacted you'd thought it was her that died. Talon meant a lot to her, Crais, well he was the only remaining thing from her past to hang on to. Now, all she had was her Peace Keeper training to fall back on. So what does she do, turn to the people who were there from the beginning to help her get through it, no.

Instead, she flies off to be some little Peace Keeper assassin. Kill a couple people here, kill a couple there, what does it matter, in the end we all die. That's her problem, she doesn't care. She is a cold hearted bitch, no love for anyone but herself. So why did he still feel obligated to be with her?

Then it struck him, that was all it was, an obligation. Did he really love her? Yes, in his own way he did, at least the John before the twin situation did. But did he really love her? That was something he would have to discover on his own, and there was only one way to find out. He had to confront her once and for all.

Having made up his mind, the thought silenced the other voices in his head like a super nova taking out a solar system. He plotted the course through his mental map and acted on his plans. Soon his feet were taking him to the former cell, now Aeryn's bedroom. Just before reaching the doors, he stopped as he heard voices in the chamber beyond.

He let his curiosity get the better of him and snuck forward. Cocking his head, he positioned an ear to hear better. They were arguing, from the sounds of things. Aeryn was speaking, and then that low, cultured, and reasonable tone that haunted everyone of his nightmares, Scorpius. 'What the frell did ole snake eyes want?'

"You mustn't tell him anything about what you were really doing. If he found out, there is no telling what he would do."

"You're correct, it's just I feel so frelling tired of this continued charade. I just wish we could just get it over with. This place and these... *aliens* make me ill. Why couldn't they send someone else?"

"Because you are the one John trusts. If any one can get to him, it is you."

She gave a deep sigh. "I'm not so sure about that any more."

"Explain." His curt response elicited another sigh from her.

"My lying to him has put a rift in his trust. The love he held for me was already becoming fragile before I left. Now, I am not sure it is enough for what has to be done."

John was about to enter and demand to be told what they were talking about. When she started to laugh, he stopped "He is completely Farbhot, so why would he not do this."

"Do not underestimate him, Officer Sun. He is far more devious than you give him credit. You above all should know this by now." A pregnant pause, then he started again. "No, we will continue on the present course of action. As of yet, he is still suspicious of both of us. Allow him a monen, then attempt to, as he says, 'make nice'."

"Very well, after that I will do as you say, and make nice. I will give him three monens to start to come around, for after that it will be too late. Remember we are on a tight schedule."

"Very good, Officer Sun. If there is nothing else to report?"

"Just one thing." John watched in horror through the bars on the cell, as Aeryn reached up and kissed Scorpius. "Meet me in the Amnexus conduits along Moya's neural cluster, on the fifth tier, in one arn." She tugged his face down and licked the nose ridge of his coolant suit. "And don't be late, you know how upset we get when you aren't on time."

Bending down, he kissed her abdomen and ran a hand over it. "I shall not be late then."

"See that you don't." She gave him a smile that would freeze the hottest sun. When he growled at her in the Scarran undertones she shivered and pursed her lips. "Save it for the conduit. I'm not ready for the others to find out just yet."

"Then I suggest you take care to hide the little one, because at this rate, she will be born before you are. And where will you be when John takes one look at her and realizes that he is not the child's biological parent?"

"John can go to Hezmana for all I care."

"Ah, but not until we are through with him, my dear Officer Sun."

John couldn't handle it. Aeryn and Scorpy? On Moya? Oh this was too much. He felt the bubbles of insane laughter well up with-in him. Quickly, he placed a hand over his mouth to keep the revealing things from coming out. Run, he had to run.

As fast as his feet could carry him, he flew through the tiers of Moya's inner chambers to the heart of her Neural Nexus. Once inside he slid to the floor biting his fist as his body shook from fits of laughter. The only thing that told a different story than him being happy, was the scalding tears that ran down his face.

When the laughs stopped, the shaking began. He couldn't think, the images he saw and the words he heard continued to play in his mind. Faster and faster the scenes looped in to an endless cycle until he cried out in pain.

What was he to do? Who was he? He couldn't go home because of all he had been through. The others would ostracize him if they found out about Aeryn's betrayal. If not for his former self's love, then because he gave them his word that she could be trusted.

She had lied to him, again.

Why did he do it, why keep going back to her? He was weak, and she was the only one who was available to him that way. What way, to belittle him, make him feel worthless by her mere presence? If he wanted that, he could have hung out with Rygel. Why did he have to be so masochistic and want things that would only hurt him?

It wasn't love, was it?

No, that wasn't love, it was loneliness. All his life he was afraid of being alone. John Crichton, astronaught extraordinaire, is afraid of being alone.

"You should be used to it by now, I mean look how many times you have been abandoned. Your dad, never home because of his career and all that went with it. Mom, never paid enough attention, always had to play the good house wife. DK, the moment he saw you kiss Mark's girlfriend followed by Mark, decided may be being close was not such a good thing. Might catch something from the confused homo, couldn't decide if he wanted boys or girls. What the hell did he think collage was for, threesomes and experimentation or so you thought. When you started dating Alexandra, suddenly it was like he never left for those two years.

"Next it was the entire friggen planet Earth. No one coming to the rescue here. All the others wouldn't give you a second glance until you saved their collective sorry asses from being recaptured at least the first dozen times. Then suddenly you were more than just a piece of dren, now you were useful dren. Zhaan, who in the end, decided that your happiness meant more than her own life. She too left eventually. You were only a bargaining chip to sparky, at least he let you know where you stand. He still tries to sell you out at the drop of a ingot.

"D'Argo needs a punching bag. You are about the right size and shape. When it came to his family, the treacherous bastard he was, you were second. His people's allies, you were lying. His metal moth, you were too stupid to keep your hands off. So what does he do, beat you and leave you for dead. Only the last time, he actually succeeded. Gotta love that masochistic streak of yours.

"Jool thought you were Freddie Kruger, right up to the point you saved her from her own people. Family, can't live with'em, can't shoot'em. Nice track record Johnny boy. Who ya gonna piss off next, Pilot may be. That would be the next logical step to suicide. Let's not even talk about Aeryn, one heart ache a day is enough for me thank you.

"You know what, just forget about it. If they want someone to blame for every frelling thing that goes wrong, let them blame themselves. I've had it." He tapped his comm. as he wiped away the tears and run off. "Pilot?"

"Yes, Commander?"

"How long until the next commerce planet with a space port?"

"Two arns, is there a problem?"

He smiled at the worried voice. "Yeah, I'm leaving. Can you not tell the others until after we arrive. I don't want anybody trying to *convince* me it's a bad idea."

Pilot's voice seemed to deflate severely. "Yes Commander. If I may, what brought about this sudden change in plans?"

"Something is going on with Aeryn and me that I would rather not talk about. Suffice to say, she was not the person I thought she was. If she says anything to you, ask her how does it feel frelling a lizard?"

"I see. I will do as instructed. You can trust that I will not say a word."

"Thanks pilot. One last thing, if you don't mind?"


"Please be careful for yourself and Moya, because when I am gone, I have a feeling the others won't be so easy to be around."

"Will do, Commander. Both Moya and I will be saddened by your departure, and wish to convey our sincerest regrets."

"Thanks Pilot. That means allot. Crichton out." John sat back with his knees pulled to his chest as more tears came to his eyes but did not fall. Two arns and he was free once more. As he rocked gently he did not notice the five DRD's watching him, among them one with a blue taped light stalk and another with stripes painted on it's side.

"...Crichton out."

In Pilot's din, he sat in silence as he placed a comforting hand on Chiana's. "So that's it? You are going to let him walk off Moya, and not look back?"

"There is nothing I can do to stop him, Chiana. Commander Crichton has made up his mind and we must honor his decision."

"That's a load of Trat and we both know it. What do you know about this, Pilot?"

He looked away from her as he continued to presses the control buttons. When she placed a hand on his, he looked in to her pleading eyes.

"Please, Pilot, if you know something, I have to know. I can't just let him go with out a reason why."

Reluctantly he sighed. "I will not betray my confidence to any one as you know. But I can tell you that it has something to do with Officer Sun and Scorpius. Now if you will excuse me, I must get back to work."

She smiled as she rubbed his cheek. "Thanks pilot. I'm off to talk some sense in to Crichton."

"Be careful Chiana. He has been through more than enough lately. You do not need to add more to his grief."

Cocking her head to the side, she gave him a sad smile. "Don't worry, I won't."

When she disappeared through the door he sealed off the den. "Not intentionally, Chiana, you never do. I hope that you can do what we can not. Yes Moya, I too care very deeply for this Human." A few mechanical clicks and Pilot smiled. "We can only hope and wait."

Aeryn Sun walked through the lower tiers of Moya silently cursing inferior species. Looking for a particular specimen of said species, she started to clench her fists in anger. "Another tier down and still no sign of that son of a hazmot! Where the frell are you, John?"

About to start on the seventh tier, Hammond side, she heard footsteps. Hiding behind the bend in the corridor she waited for the person to walk by. 'What is that tralk, Chiana, doing down here?'

Staying close but quiet, she followed the frazzled looking Nebari through Moya. Stopping when Chiana suddenly turned and looked around. "Aeryn, come out. I know you are down here, I can here you breathing."

Cursing softly, she walked out from her hiding spot, to stand in front of Chiana. "What are you doing down here, Chiana?"

"I could ask you the same question." Tilting her head to the side, she stalked up to Aeryn. "I think I will, what are you doing down here?"

"Searching for something, as if it is any of your business. Now what are you doing down here," Aeryn asked her slowly, drawing out the sentence with menace.

"The same thing you are. Now quit following me!"

"As John says, 'It's a free County'."

"That's country, ya greebohl. You really don't pay all that much attention to him, do you?"

Aeryn snorted at Chiana. 'As if she would know.' "That's really none of your concern."

"Spoken like a true Peace Keeper. You haven't changed a bit in the time that I have known you. Still the same old Officer Aeryn Sun, hater of all things non Peace Keeper. I bet the only reason you like John so much is because he is the closest thing to a Peace Keeper you could get. I mean look at your past, every time we stop at a commerce planet, you are off to the nearest Sebacean. You probably spread 'em for Crais a couple times didn't you..."

Chiana was silenced as Aeryn picked her up by her throat and held her there. "Now you listen to me, you little piece of Dren. The only tralk around here is you. I will not tolerate your disrespect any more, do I make myself clear?"

She waited for Chiana to nod before continuing. "I have had it with your games, where is Crichton? Do not deny it, I know you were going to see him." Setting her down, she loosened her grip but did not let go. "Answer me!"

"Get frelled, Scarran loving..."

Aeryn smiled as she lifted Chiana once more by the throat. "I have never loved a Scarran. I am a Peace Keeper, we do not love. Now once again I ask you, where is Crichton?"

"What in Hezmana is going on here?"

Aeryn turned smiling to look at a pissed D'Argo. "D'Argo..." Silenced by a prick by his tongue, she collapsed to the deck.

Slowly he approached the now coughing Chiana and unconscious Aeryn. "What is going on here, Chiana? Did I hear correctly, did she call herself a Peace Keeper?"

"That's what I heard..." She coughed. "She is majorly tinked." Standing unsteadily, she kicked Aeryn's ribs. "You're the tralk, you piece of trat." She was about to kick her again, when D'Argo rapped her up in his arms.

"Calm Chiana," his voice low, and soothing as he stroked her hair. He rocked her gently as she cried. "Tell me what happened, please."

"It was awful, D'Argo. She followed me like I was a Kerradian and she a Treno. When I confronted her, she called me a Tralk and demanded to know where Crichton was. I tried to tell her get frelled, but she gripped me by my throat. That is when you found us. I want her gone!" Her cries, now down to mild sobs, made D'Argo harden towards the unconscious Peace Keeper.

"Fine, what ever you want. Chiana, tell me, where is Crichton? Tell me, I have to make sure that Scorpius doesn't get to him."

Chiana pulled out of his embrace and looked up in his eyes. Finding only genuine concern, she nodded. "He is in Moya's main Neural Nexus." He tried to go, but she held on to his robes. "Wait, there is something you should know first. John told Pilot he was leaving on the next Commerce planet. That's in less than an arn."

"Do you know why?"

She shook her head no. "Pilot wouldn't tell me, but he said it had something to do with Aeryn and Scorpius. I think he was afraid for his life. Judging by the way she treated me, I say he has good reason."

He sighed as he held her hands to make her let go. "Fine, I will see what I can do. Find something to tie her up with. I will go find and take care of John."

"What are we going to do with her and Scorpius? Sikozu might remain with us, but I don't trust her."

"We will set Aeryn and Scorpius adrift in the Prowler as we leave the Commerce planet. They can fend for themselves. For now, we keep an eye on Sikozu. Now I have to hurry and get to John." He called out as he stormed off down the corridor.

"Good luck!" Chiana called out as she watched him go. Turning back to Aeryn she kicked her again as she looked down her. With jerky movements she dragged the Peace Keeper to a cell. With a snarl she trussed Aeryn up in the chains and locked the cell doors. "Get out of that, Frelnac!" Then she was off to find Crichton, who knows what D'Argo would do when he found the human.

He dreamed they were fighting over him. A squid and a lizard were arguing over what was best for him while a red bar fly climbed the walls. When the squid pulled a Qualta blade on the lizard, the bar fly hid in the rafters. Peaceful delusions ended when a gray and white rabbit in a fetishist wet dream came bounding in and grabbed him. "Pretty bunny leave me alone. I just want to sleep some more."

"Come on Crichton. We have to get you away from Scorpius!" The rabbit picked him up over her shoulder and ran away from the shouting. "Wake up John. Come on, you have to come out of it."

The images started to come together and he recognized a gray Nebari. "Hey Pip. What's going on?"

"Scorpius and Aeryn, that's what."

"What about old lizard lips?"

She snickered at his description. "They are working for the Peace Keepers still. He tried to get you but D'Argo has him bound and in his cell again. Aeryn tried to strangle your location from me, D'Argo laid her out too."

"You gotta stop hanging out with me, Pip. You are starting to pick up my sayings."

"You are a bad influence, old man."

Laughing he finally took notice of their surroundings. He was laying near the entrance of the transport pod on the inside. "Where are we going, Chi?"

"The Commerce planet. We will be landing in a few microts." Her sad voice made him sit up and take notice of her hunched over figure.

"What's wrong? Did something else happen I don't know about."

Quick to hide her reaction, she shook her head and continued to manipulate the controls. "No, nothing that you don't know about. I just wanted to get you away from Moya until D'Argo get's them off the ship. Wouldn't do for them to get near you after all the work we have done to get them off Moya."

"Yeah, I guess not." Slightly deflated, he stood and gently lowered himself in to the copilot's seat. "So what are we going to do down here?"

"I don't know, what do you want to do?"

"Okay let's not even start that. What did you use to do when you wanted to forget the pain? You know, before you came to Moya." He looked away, trying to avoid the knowing look in her eyes.

"Well, when Nerri was still around, we would try to hook up with others of our kind, you know, the ones on the run. It was kinda like being back home before all this started. Not that I know what Nebari Prime was like before the Establishment. I could imagine though. The elders told stories of a time before they took over, but that was hundreds of cycles ago.

"They are no longer around, all wiped out by the new regime. That was before we knew about the virus, before we were old enough to know any better. We may have been poor, but we knew how to have a good time. Good times back then, good times." Her wistful voice made him smile.

"So what did you do for fun?"

She gave him a sly look from the corner of her eye as she tilted her head. "Do you really want to know?"

"Sure, Pip, lay it on me."

"Well since you put it that way." A slight smile tugged at the side of her lips. "Well, first you go in to a bar and order a Razslac. After your drink from it, you order a Vesuvian Star Buster. The drink signals all Nebari who might be interested. You see, Vesuvian is an aphrodisiac to my people, drives us completely farbhot."

"What, you mean more than usual?"

"You are a regular Hernandian Chanter, Crichton. If no body was around, the drink still gives ya one hezmana of a buzz." A mechanical click took hold of Chiana's attention. "We are cleared to land in sector five, grid 9. Good, that's close to the market place. I hate having to walk another metra more than necessary."

"About time, I need to get some fresh air."

She wrinckled her nose at that. "The planet has more pollution than Moya's lowest tier."

"I mean I need a change in scenery, too much of one place is not good for you, well at least not for my kind. We were originally nomads, wondering the lands for food and game."

"Sounds like my people now. A little word of advice about this place, Crichton. These people are known for their bounty hunters. I wouldn't tell any one my name if I were you."

"Fine, Pip. What do you suggest I change it too?"

"Well, I want you to remember it," her face turned mischiefous at his question, "so something simple, another form of Crichton."

He narrowed his eyes at her laugh. "How about Crion?"

"Crion, I like it, sounds like ancient Nebari."

"Julon Crion." He whispered as he looked down at the transport pod's deck plating.

She turned to him with a sympathetic look. "I wish she would have stayed. I may have teased her, but she was a good person. We've lost too many good people. I don't think I could stand to lose another one of my friends."

With a start he looked up at her. "You know." A statement. "Pilot wouldn't say anything, so you were probably in his den, weren't you."

"Yes. Don't leave, please. I need you, John. D'Argo needs you, frell even his eminence needs you."

Looking away, he focused on the far wall. "I can't stay. There has to be an end to it somewhere. Aeryn..."

"Aeryn is gone! I will space her bartanic eema myself if it means you will stay." She grabbed his hand as a tear ran down his face. "Please John, for me."

"I, uh... give me time, Pip. A few days just to think about it. No promises, just give me time."

"Thank you. I promise you won't regret it." Her figure seemed to come back to life with joy.

He hated to say it but he wanted to make it clear. "I said I will think about it."

"Of course, John. Take all the time you need. I mean Julon."

He gave her a sad smile. "Thanks. See you in a few."

Together they exited out of the Transport pod without a word. She watched him walk off and disappear in the crowd of Aliens. With what appeared to be the look of a free man, an image she had not seen in cycles, he wondered at the mixture of life on the planet. When he was gone, she let the tears come. Who knew if he would ever come back. She wiped away the clear drops and headed for the market place.

Pilot watched as the DRDs rolled by emitting high frequency burst to one another. "I am well aware of your concern over Commander Crichton. I did not drive him away. Where have you learned such language?"

Tilting his head he narrowed his eyes at them. "I will not tolerate your disobedience. I don't care what Commander Crichton has told you."

The lights in the den flickered as mechanical clicks resounded. "I know Moya, they are not listening to me either." More Clicks. "I will try to appease them."

"Pilot, what the Frell is going on with your DRDs? They aren't responding to any of my commands." D'Argo's voice rang out over the comms.

"I am sorry, Ka D'Argo. They seem to have gone on what Commander Crichton calls a strike."

"Crichton, what the frell does he have to do with this?"

"The Commander has told them of his people's way of dealing with unfair treatment of their workers. They simply refuse to go back to their work until their demands are met."

"And what do they want?" His anger made Pilot cringe.

"They refuse to go back to their duties until Commander Crichton comes to a decision on whether or not he will remain aboard Moya."

"That is the most Farbhot thing I have ever heard. They are machines, get them back to work or else I will."

"I am afraid nothing you do will help. They simple refuse to function any other way."

"Then what are we supposed to do until then? Wait for the ship to fix itself?"

"I am afraid so, Captain." He sighed as D'Argo muttered a few Luxan curses then cut off his comms. A few muted clicks. "Really Moya, must you indulge them. He is our captain, it is our duty to serve. Very well, I will comply with your wishes." Another satisfied click.

John walked among the many stalls looking at the things that were for sale. His curiosity was piqued at a shiny object on one of the piles of what appeared to be jewelry. He picked it up and smiled as it sparkled in the sun light. The gems were a mixture of greens, blues, purples, dark reds, oranges and dark yellows. Smiling at the band of alien jewelry, he tried it on his wrist. It was bigger so he wrapped it round twice.

Paying the worker what he asked for in the local currency, Crichton smiled when the man bowed a little and walked back to perch on his stool. He walked on with a slight smile on his face figuring Chiana might like it. If not, she could always trade it for something else.

As he walked on, several people eyed him in his black uniform, and the band of jewelry. The only color other than his head was on his wrist looking like a trophy from a kill. Or at least that is what the microbes could pick up from the alien whispering. Reality hit home, even here he could not get away from the Peace Keepers.

With a down turned look on his face he walked in to the nearest bar and ordered a Razslac. After his first drink he set it down, and sighed. 'Drinking while you were mad or sad was very bad.' A slight smile came to his lips as he took another sip. 'Gotta get happy, gotta forget, gotta get a happy to forget.' Picking up the razslac he looked at the amber fluid. 'What the hell?'

Third drink.

He called the bartender over and ordered a Vesuvian Star Buster. A few stares but no one paid all that much attention to him. As he picked up the drink a black gloved hand grabbed it from him. Turning he watched as a black haired Nebari tossed back his drink in one swallow. "That was mine."

"And I thank you, been a while since I had a good shot of Vesuvian." He tilted his head slightly and gave John an enigmatic look. Pursing his lips slightly he set the glass down with out looking away. "You know, you have the most piercing eyes I have ever seen in a Sebacean."

"I'm not Sebeacean. I get tired of telling you people that."

"What people, I just met you."

"We haven't met, and I am talking about your people, the Nebari."

"Getting a little hostile, well I guess when dealing with the Nebari, you tend to be a little put off by them. Please don't judge me by those you have met. Whatever they may have said about us, we aren't all bad." His shy smile was betrayed by his dark eyes, and smoldering look.

John swallowed as he noted the hungry look in the Nebari's eyes. "Yeah, uh thanks, I know that already. Got a runner on my team. She's a real good kid."

"So you know about how we fled from our home because of the Establishment?" He moved closer as John nodded.

"I know about their plans to rule the Universe. Real ambitious people ya got there."

"No more than the Peace Keepers."

"Look, I told you I am not a Peace Keeper."

"So you say, yet you wear the garb."

"You know what, whatever." He turned back to the bar grabbing his razslac to take a drink. The black gloved hand grabbed his wrist and gripped it until he set down the drink. John was about to turn and punch the guy's lights out when his bracelet was pulled off his wrist. "Hey give that back!"

"Calm down, I am just putting it on you correctly."

His protests were cut off as the band came down around his neck and was fastened from the back. Forming a choker, the crystals tingled against his skin. "What is this thing?"

"It's an Interion Mood Necklace. The tint to the crystals displays your emotions, well at least on the Interions it does. It is just decoration on any other species."

The crystals darkened as John narrowed his eyes. "Take it off."

"It works, guess you were telling the truth about not being Sebacean."

"It might help having Interion Neural tissue in your brain."

The Nebari seemed to consider this for a moment. "It might. Then again I have never lobotomized an Interion to find out."

"Long story. He was dead, I was crippled, we compromised. Now get it off me."

His smirk never waved as he looked at John. "Why, it looks good on you?"

"Fine, it looks good on me, if you won't take it off, just leave me in peace. I don't want any trouble."

"Who wants trouble? I am after something. Much. Better." As he finished the sentence Crichton looked up and was gathered in the arms of the horny Nebari. As he opened his mouth to protest the Nebari smothered him in a deep, open mouthed kiss.

The cloaked figure had watched the strange Sebacean as he wondered from stall to stall, looking at nothing yet everything. It was a curious creature indeed. Looked like Peace Keeper, dressed like a Peace Keeper, but acted like a wonder struck primitive. So it was with a critical eye, the being watched.

Taking in most of what the strange Sebacean saw, he noticed that there was no pattern to its searches. It was just curious. Stranger and stranger. Stealthily he followed as the man walked deeper in to the market place. When he stopped to look at and purchase an alien trinket, the figure gasped at what he had bought.

Surely this was not what he had been looking for after all this time. He continued on, following the man until he heard the whispers from the people in the market place about a Peace Keeper Killer and Baby Murderer. Fuming, he punched out a few of the people that were making the comments about his quandary. When he turned back to his prey, the Sebacean was gone.

Cursing he pulled out a comm. "Seeker one, come in, over."

"What have you to report?"

"Lost target, over."

"Reacquire immediately, we are sending reinforcements."

"Confirmed." Placing the communicator back in his robes, he kicked one of the bigots again as he tried to get up and walked off to find the strange Sebacean.

Crichton froze at the taste of the Alien that held him. There was something very familiar and wonderful about the flavor. The more he got, the more he wanted. Soon they had to brake apart in order to breathe. As he wiped the dazed look from his face he ignored the smug one of the Nebari. "What in god's name is that?"


"That... That... That taste, that whatever you have all over the inside of your mouth."

He laughed as Crichton focused on his mouth with his eyes, taking all his will not to ravage the alien. "That is called Vesuvian. It coats the inside of the mouth, all the way down the throat. It's an aphrodesia..."

"Aphrodisiac for Nebari, yeah, yeah, yeah I heard from my friend. I just didn't expect it to..."

"To what?"

"To work on me." He said as he caved and captured the mouth of the laughing man. As they broke apart again, John shoved him away. "No! I will not do this. It's not real."

"Of course it's real. I'm not a simulation."

"No, I mean these feelings. I don't really want to... to.. to Frell you."

"You must, you're the one that ordered the drink."

"I heard it gave you a great buzz." At the confused look he explained, or tried his best on a confused hazed brain. "Clouded mind, with a feeling of Euphoric bliss. Something to take your mind of the trouble." Suddenly he didn't care any more, he wanted to get his mind frelled the old fashioned way. He found that kissing the obviously male Nebari was the best way to do it.

Laughing, he pulled back licking his lips, tasting John still on them. "If that's all you wanted, I could think of better ways than overdosing on Vesuvian." He was about to kiss John once more, but the bar tender cleared his throats. "Yeah, what is it?"

"The inn is across the way."

"Thanks." Wrestling the protesting Crichton, he finally got them out the door way and towards the inn. Inside the run down metal building he had John pay for a room.

"Why am I the one paying for everything."

"Because I have no creds and you do."

"So you are a free loader."

"Exactly, now pay the nice female alien and let us get to the room. Vesuvian works fast, it is taking all I've got not to take you here." He ground his point home as he held Crichton to him, nibbling on the human's ear.

"You are incorrigible." He laughed as the drug finished clouding his mind and he forgot about why this was a bad idea. The world was a haze as the tall Nebari led him back to the room by the Mivonks. He didn't notice as he was stripped from his clothes, but he did watch the very hard Nebari strip for him. They looked basically the same except the gray guys had no hair on their body and a forest of it around their genitals. "So that is where it went."


"Your body hair."

"Nebari don't have body hair."

"Yeah cause it migrated to a warmer climate." He giggled as the other man pushed him back on the bed.

"Who would believe we look so similar? Well everywhere accept where it counts. You have no spinaas." He said as they moved against each other, feeling the pleasure of friction.

"What's a spine ass?" John gasped out as their cocks brushed against each other.

"Spinaas, and it doesn't matter."

"What is it." Crichton forced him to stop rubbing their bodies together and look him in the eye.

"Tiny sacks in the tip of a male's penis that hold the reproductive cells until the female releases her fluids and causes a reproductive climax."

"You mean the woman has to have an orgasm in order for you to reproduce."

He looked confused for a moment then noded as he started to massage oils in to Crichton's legs, groin, and ass. "The entire purpose of their existence is to reproduce. The Female carries the fertilized cells in her body until..."

"Okay, less tell, more frell." For a moment Crichton was in pure bliss as the strong hands massaged his groin, gripping in all the right places. When he stopped, John started to whine and whimper over the loss.

He laughed as he kissed John and positioned himself at Crichton's anus. "Ready?"

"As I'll ever be." As the Nebari shoved in to the hilt, John cried out. "Holy Shit that's big! God that feels so good."

Grinning he lifted Crichton in his arms as he sat back in to missionary position. Crichton called out as he was impaled further when he stratled the man's hips. "Tight! Have you done this before?"

"Only once. After that I swore off guys forever, too much trouble."

"What a shame." He shrugged as they started a rocking motion that picked up speed. Soon John was crying out in pain and pleasure as the Nebari slid his body up and down on the large member. After what seemed like forever the body beneath him went rigid as cries of pain went out. John too cried out as the searing heat erupted in his body. It continued long after he had collapsed from his own orgasm. Finally he fell back as John collapsed on top of him.

"Damn, that hurt. I think I'll be sore for a weak." He growled at the gentle laugh from the Nebari. "I thought you said you couldn't climax unless the female did."

"I can't, that's what the oils are for. When your body released the massive amounts of natural pain nullifiers..."


"That tells the oil you have just had an orgasm and allows me climax."

"How, I mean you started before I did."

He shrugged. "It works differently for different races. It simply activates when you are most ready to receive me."

"Receive what?"

"The reproductive cells. Don't worry they will wash right out with the next bowl movement, no harm done." Slowly he sat up on his elbows. "You are still thinking, and I am still nevea."

"You mean Horny."

"What ever you call it when I am ready to frell you again."

Tilting his head to the side with a look reminiscent of Chiana, John smirked"Then let's do it again, only this time make it last longer, according to the time device on the wall, it's only been nine hundred microts." His surprised laughter filled the room as he was rolled over on to his back, with a hardening Nebari already thrusting between his thighs.

"Gods, you are unlike any species I have ever frelled before."

"Ahhhh, I should hooopppee not! I am the only one of my kind in all the uncharted territories."

"Why's that?" Thrusting in again he moaned as Crichton tightened his legs around his waist.

"The farthest my people have been is our only moon."

"Hmmm, your moon, your world is primitive. Good thing I found you, or you might be frelled by some good for nothing alien."

"I thought I was."

"That's what you get for thinking!" Minutes later he collapsed on top of John laying there as his body spent the last of his energy. He sighed as the large arms wrapped around him and they fell in to a deep sleep.

D'Argo walked away feeling smug as Aeryn Sun cursed his name, vowing that she would find a way to make him suffer. This was a good day, the first in a long time. He missed the carefree days when it was just them against the Uncharted territories. Now you never kne who to trust. Peace Keepers!

He sighed as he reached the edge of the tier and the beginning of the next. He could hear the calls of Scorpius as he demanded to see Crichton or Aeryn Sun. Would that Scarran Hybrid ever shut his wicket hole? For three days, that is all either of them had been doing, demanding to see the missing human. All he could do was hope and pray that John would come back, and soon.

Almost there, just a few more paces and he would be in reach of strangling the Peace Keeper Trat. With great restraint he walked up to the cell and smirked at the scowling Hybrid. "What do you want, Scorpius?"

"What I want, is to be set free. I must protect John Crichton."

"You *must* do what I tell you or you *will* be shoved out an air lock."

"I am not amused Ka D'Argo. I give you one arn in which to produce John Crichton or I shall be forced to take actions against you."

He smirked as he crossed his arms. "Get Frelled Scorpius!"

"Very well, I did warn you."

An energy discharge from a blaster and a body fell on top of D'Argo from the ceiling. "Not so fast Sikoslut."

"What the frell did you do that for? I had her covered!" He fumed as he tossed Sikozu's unconscious body aside.

Chiana smirked as she shaped her body in a ready stance. "I felt like it. Besides now she has the floor covered."

"Take her back to her cell. This time have the DRDs keep an eye on her."

"I tried that D'Argo, but they are still not responding to any commands."

"Perhaps I may suggest something, may be if you asked them. It always works for Crichton."

"Shut the Frell up!"

"You know D'Argo, he does have a point."

"Of course I do."

"Shut it now, Scorpy!" Chiana smiled as he scowled and growled at her.

"You have been spending too much time around John."

"Coming from you, Scorpius, I'll take that as a compliment. Help me get her to her cage before she recovers, D'Argo, 'kay?" Her look made him nod. As they went they ignored Scorpius's calls and talked about John. "Do you think that he will be all right?"

"This is John we are talking about."

"Right, I'll take the transport down and keep an eye on him."

D'Argo nodded his agreement. Just as they were about to stick Sikozu on her cell bed, Chiana dropped her and grabbed her head. Suddenly she was surrounded by double versions of everything as the scene shifted to that a dark room.

She was sitting on a floor between the legs of male Nebari that screamed as pink fluid came out of his penis. Another scene shift and she was in a large white room with her brother and the same male Nebari at his side holding a baby as all three looking down on the child with wonder. Flash and she was sitting in a seat on the bridge of a familiarly designed ship. Behind her with his hand on the back of her seat was Nerri. Together they were looking over the controls at a screen with the face of the same Nebari from before. What caught her attention were the eyes. Pain seared her brain as a last vision came through. On a bed, in a third rate inn, was the naked figure of a Sebacean male wrapped up in pain as a nude Nebari male stroked his hair trying to comfort him.

Dropping from exhaustion, Chiana sucked in air as D'Argo caught her. Unable to see, she reached out a hand to feel his face. "D'Argo, he's in pain. We have to help him, and I mean now."

"Where, who, is it John?"

"Yes! A metal inn, a dark room. On the Commerce planet, not far from where I left him. You have to go now!"

"I'm on my way. Will you be all right by yourself?"

"I'm fine, just go!" She called out to his retreating footsteps. "D'Argo, wait."

"What is it, Chiana?"

"There's somebody with him. Don't hurt that person, they are only trying to help."

"Fine, I won't hurt them!" He called out as he ran out the door.

John awoke with a heavy weight still pressing him in to the bed. When he tried to move, he felt the large erection of the man on top of him, press in to his thigh. "Not again, I am still sore from the last three days."

"Ugh! You still here?"

"Where else would I be, this is my room and you are on top of me."

"So it is and so I am. Care to try for something else?"

"Not yet, I have to take a leak."

"You are not broken."

He laughed at the old joke. "Piss, I have to go, you know use the lavatory."

"Ah. Then go, and hurry back, beautiful one. We still have a lot of things we could do before your time is up."

"May be if you are good."

With a sly grin he rolled on his back and lazily drew circles on his belly. The Nebari pulled John in to a deep kiss. "If I must, then I will."

"Hold that thought." Gingerly climbing out the bed, John drunkenly staggered to the bathroom. That Vesuvian was a strong drug. He still felt invulnerable, but his mind was slowly returning. It was asking what the hell he had done? 'Got the hezmana frelled out of me, that's what.'

He giggled a bit as he caught his well fucked look in the bath room mirror. His skin was looking kinda pale, except around his eyes, that looked dark, like he had not slept in ages. Shrugging and shaking off excess from his penis, he washed and walked out to stand in all his glory in the door way. Strutting to the bed, he flexed his muscles, which made the other guy laugh. He laughed even harder when John tried to flex his butt muscles but only whimpered in pain.

"Come let me rub it all better." When John got back in the bed, the Nebari pulled him close and held him as he rubbed John's bottom. "Feeling a little sore are we?"

"Well you should know, what, have you got a hetch drive in you somewhere? Is that why you are so good at ramming me from behind?"

"That's a position we have not tried yet."

John leered at him. "There are many positions we have not tried yet. For a primitive people, my species devotes a lot of it's time to sex. Even wrote an entire book on different sexual positions."

"Really! It sounds like I may have to visit your world one day. You know, just to see one of these famous books you go on about." He frowned as John grabbed his stomach and cried out in pain. "What's wrong?"

"Cramps! It hurts! Help me!" He implored with suddenly black eyes.

"By the ancients." Pulling John closer he stroked his hair. "Calm down. They will pass soon. Shh, that's good."

"What the frell is wrong with me?"

"The first cycle. It's the only thing I can think of. It shouldn't be happening to you."

"What the hell are you talking about? Gha ahhhh!" He screamed in pain as he felt like his insides were being ripped out, his head feeling like it would explode.

"Whenever we have sex, we transfer our DNA to our mate in order to reproduce. You shouldn't be experiencing this yet, if at all. It doesn't work on Sebaceans."

"How many times must I tell you, I'm a Frelling Human."

"...Sebacean females. It was never supposed to happen to a male of any species." He held Crichton close as he cried out his pain, kissing away the tears.

"What the hezmana is going on here? What have you done to him?"

"It will pass." The Nebari sat up placing John behind him in a protective stance.

"Get away from him!"

"No! He must be allowed to complete..."

The sound of a the Qualta blade opening was all John heard before the body fell beside him, already cooling in its almost black blood. "No no no no no!" John wrapped his arms around the body of his lover as sobs racked his body. "No, oh no. Please no."

"John, we must go." D'Argo's soft voice tried to break him out of the whimpering, but he refused to let go of the body. After hearing the sounds of approaching people, he grabbed John and his clothes then threw them over his shoulder. Not wanting to get caught, he blasted a hole in the wall, and walked out in to the rain to the transport pod.

John looked up one last time to see the pale body of his lover being lifted in to the arms of a screaming female Nebari as several others came rushing in the room. She met his eyes just before D'Argo climbed inside the transport. He felt a chill run down his spine at her predatory look. Red tears ran down his face as he slumped against the big man carrying him and was swallowed by darkness.

Growling in anger, D'Argo slammed the hybrid against the bars of his cell. "Ever try that again, and I won't be so nice."

Scorpius hissed at him, but let himself be dragged out of the cell. "Where are you taking me?"

D'Argo smirked and pointed to Aeryn who was being lead by Rygel on his thrown sled with a chain around her body. "The same place we are taking her. We have decided to be merciful and not kill you today."

"Though that can change at any Microt." Rygel gave a smug smile as Aeryn tried to get free. "Keep it up Peace Keeper bitch and I won't be held responsible for my actions."

"Get frelled, you toad."

"It appears you already have and by a Scarran none the less. Here I thought you people were so keen on your blood lines."

"That's none of your frelling business."

"Enough. You will be silent by choice or by force." D'Argo's glare shut her up as they entered the transport hangar.

"What are we doing here?" Scorpius eyed them suspiciously.

"You are going to be set adrift in the prowler, and we are going to starburst out of here. John and Chiana both need medical attention, you two are only slowing us down."

Both Scorpius and Aeryn started to speak at once. Scorpius about being able to see Crichton and Aeryn about being set adrift. Both were silenced when the DRDs hit them with a pulse blast from their tiny weapons.

"About frelling time." Rygel smirked as one of the DRDs started to screech at him.

"Rygel get over to the controls and help me get the prowler ready for flight."

Grumbling, he did as ordered then turned to D'Argo as he finished load Aeryn. "Can't say I am sorry to see this Yelnic go."

"After what she put John through, neither can I. I wish he would let us kill them, Scorpius at least."

"He gave his word. It's a rare animal that does and keeps it." D'Argo nodded in agreement as they sealed the Prowler. "Say hello to the Commandant, you Peace Keeper Bitch." He waved smiling as the prowler was sucked out in to the open of space.

"Come Rygel, we have a course to set, and our friends to take care of." D'Argo waited until he was sure Rygel was following before he left the transport hangar.

Chiana wrapped her arms around the man laying in her lap. She had been crying over his pain for the last four arns as he shook and cried out. Wishing she could see him, she drew the outline of his face with her ungloved hands. Imagining her gray hands were her eyes, she traced her fingers over his face, caressing every point and dip.

One hand trailed down his body to rest on his stomach where the skin had formed several bumps and started to peal. She curse when her hand caught on his buckle and some of her blood spilled on his wound. "Frell, that's all he needs, another infection."

"Don't worry, child, I will clean it up." Chiana gave Noranti a grateful smile as she felt a cool cloth wipe off the blood from her hand and then from John.


"Think nothing of it, I merely am saddened that I can do no more." She gave a sound of approval that her work was done then left Chiana to pull Crichton closer to her.

Chiana frowned, something about him smelled off. Bringing one of his tears to her nose, she started to cry harder. "D'Argo!"

"What is it Chiana?"

"His tears."

"What about them, he has been crying since I brought him back." His voice was low but tinged with annoyance.

"They're made up of his blood, again."

"Do you think Sikozu could help?"

"I... I don't know." She sniffed as she wiped away her own tears. "She could try."

"I'll release her."

"Thank you, D'Argo." A pause as she thought. "And D'Argo."

"Yes, Chiana?"

"Be careful, I still don't trust her."


The comm. went dead as she started to trace Crichton's face again. "Hey Noranti, you still here?"

"Of course, child, where else would I be? You are both in need of my care, and with out that, you would surely parish."

Chiana smiled at the old woman's concern. As John had once said, "Though Crazy as a coot, she is sometimes useful. Besides, she is the only one who can make you forget you're hungry by the smell of her cooking." The sound of footsteps alerted her that Noranti was headed her way. "What is it?" A touch of concern in her voice, made her sound weaker than Crichton was.

The wrinkled hand of the old alien touched her forehead and a soothing calm rushed over her. "Sleep child. When you awake, we will be at the medical base."

Fighting sleep she slipped back on the cushions and pillows that made up the pallet in the middle of the dining chamber. "Can't sleep, must help John..."

"Rest. There is nothing you can do if you are too weak to even help yourself. I will watch over you." Her voice was low and hypnotic as she spoke to Chiana. "Everything will be fine. You'll see, we will be all right."

When she was sure that Chiana was out, Noranti moved her arms away from Crichton and sat him up against the cooking area counter. Quickly pulling out a few herbs she blow them in his face. As he started to cough and shake, she smiled and helped him sit up further. "You must hurry to waken, John."

"Wha... what.... what's going on old woman? Why am I here? Where am I?"

"You are back on Moya, there is no time to explain how or why, just trust me. You must get up, she is coming."

Shaking his head, John tried to stand but his legs kept giving out on him. "Who's coming?"

"That Kalish demon. She seeks to learn what you know. We must not let her gain that knowledge." Not allowing him to question her further, she dragged him to his feet. Holding to her side, they walked out of the central chamber. They rounded the corner out of sight just as D'Argo arrived with a bound Sikozu.

"Frell! Chiana! Chiana! This is just great. Where in the Hezmana is Crichton?" He forced the Kalish to sit in a chair as he walked over to the sleeping Nebari. "Wake up Chiana!" He tried to shake her awake but she started to snore. "Frelling fantastic. Sikozu sit down now, or so help me..." He left the threat hanging in the air as the Kalish tried to climb on the ceiling.

"I was merely trying to get a better vantage point so that I could look for clues. When are you going to trust me?"

"When you prove that you aren't working for Scorpius." He finished checking Chiana to make sure she was only asleep then turned back to the pouting Sikozu. "Oh what is it now?"

"How many times have I to tell you, I don't work for Scorpius! I merely took advantage of a hopeless situation."

"You lied to us about him being dead."

"How was I supposed to know he could survive being shot through the chest and being buried alive?"

"You assumed! You never assume when it comes to Scorpius. Either you have hard facts or you act on what you know, but never assume." He snorted at her huff of indignation. "Well you are the smart one, where would he have gone?"

"That depends, were there any marks on Chiana that might show force was used to knock her unconscious?"

"No, why?"

"The old woman!" Her voice was almost pure scorn. "She is behind this. Nebari do not sleep like the dead unless they have help. John would have had to use force of some kind, most likely a blow to the head. From what you told me, he was too weak."

"John would never have harmed her in that manner!"

"If he was as drugged as you say, there is always the possibility that he did not know it was her. We must find out what is happening to him. The sooner, the better."

D'Argo nodded his agreement. "Fine, but we stick together. I may need your help in dealing with him, and I don't want to search the ship for you. Besides I still don't trust you. Nothing personal, it's just that I don't know you yet."

"Very well, lead the way, oh Captain."

He growled at her but walked out any way giving an extra jerk on the chain to make her pick up her pace.

Pilot did not like keeping thing from his captain, but if the old woman was to be trusted, he must. She had proven right on several occasions, just the wrong way. Still there was the uncanny way she had of know exactly what to say in order to get him to do things her way. Even now he led D'Argo on a wild DRD chase.

He could only hope that the Luxan would one day forgive him, but he must not let any more harm come to Commander Crichton. He was already in enough pain with out letting that woman add to it. Another reason he was letting Noranti have her way, because he couldn't stand Sikozu.

She was worse than that traitor, Officer Aeryn Sun. He trusted her with his life and that of Moya's. Then she turns around, attacks an innocent crew member, and claims to be a Peace Keeper once more. On top of that, add to it the fact she betrayed John to the Scarran Half Breed. That betrayal had lead the human to leave the ship and head down to a Commerce planet. A decision he may not live to regret.

No, four arns ago he made a decision along with the rest of the Crew of Moya, and now they must stick to it. It had been hard, but leaving officer Sun and Scorpius adrift around that planet unconscious was better than what Chiana and Sikozu had suggested. He had seen the results of a spacing, it was an unpleasant experience that he would rather not Witness again.

So for now, he would continue the chase around Moya. In another two arns, they would be at the Medical planet where both Chiana and Commander Crichton could see a diagnosian to, hopefully, be healed. He sighed as he continued his checks of the main systems, keeping a careful eye on Moya's main ventricle chamber.

Sitting in the chamber, Crichton felt drowsy and peaceful. The constant flow of the fluids made a humming sound like a giant cat's purr. He laid back against the warm wall, and let himself be lulled in to a fitful sleep. Whatever was happening to him was painful. He cried out as another stab of pain filled his body. The pain was so bad he woke up screaming, gripping his abdomen.

Noranti was at his side in a moment, rubbing a mixture of herbs and oils in his bare stomach. Quickly she blew some more herbs in his face as he cried out in shock. His skin had gone completely pale, but was colored by the blood sweat. Humming softly, she stroked his hair as the pain continued to cause him to moan, even in his sleep.

As she continued to rub in the oils his hair started to come away with large strips of skin. "Dead Skin? Does your species molt?" She sighed as she realized he was asleep still. "If you are like a Sebacean, then this is totally uncharacteristic. This could mean you are in more trouble than I thought."

Tapping her comm. she spoke quietly and quickly. "Pilot, how long until the Medical planet?"

"Three hundred Microts. Why, is there a problem?"

"Perhaps. Can you tell me, do you know if Crichton's species shed their skin?"

"Over a long period of time, it has been my observation that Humans do indeed shed their skin, but slowly and in minute quantities. Any more or faster and there is something very seriously wrong. The only time he would shed large amounts is when the skin suddenly stopped receiving nutrients because of damage or malnutrition. But then again those are in very extreme cases."

"I believe we have an extreme case on our hands. May the divine have mercy on him."

His concerned voice broke across the comm. "What is happening, Noranti?"

"Crichton's body is shedding his entire outer layer of skin. Most of his body hair is already gone, blood sweat covers his entire body. I am afraid if he does not receive medical attention soon, there may be nothing any one can do for him." She bowed her head as she began a prayer.

"I understand. We are now in orbit of the medical planet. I am alerting Ka D'Argo to your location. He should be there in a few Microts. Is there anything I can do to help?"

"Prepare a transport pod to be taken to the surface immediately. Can you please alert us to any medical authority that can help in such an alien biology?"

"I have already been in contact with a Healer. He specializes in alien biology."

"Bless the Divine. We may have a chance yet, Pilot. What about the young Nebari girl, Chiana?"

"She is awake and heading to the transport hangar. Chiana says she will meet you there."

"Thank you, Pilot."

"What is going on here? Why have you taken John?" D'Argo burst in to the chamber, Qualta blade drawn.

"Put that down, we don't have time for your anger. Can't you see he is great need of a Healer?" She wrapped her arm around John's shoulder and started to help him stand. "Well are you just going to stand there like a Lumac or help me?"

He growled as he replaced his Qualta blade in the scabbard. "I will carry him, you fly the transport pod. Chiana is still blind from her vision."

"Fair enough, come along then."

He groaned but complied with her demands.

In the Transport hangar, Chiana was sitting in the pod with her hands holding the chain that bound Sikozu. When D'Argo came on board, she almost cried out in fright. "Do you have to jump in here like a fraltap toad?"

"It was the quickest way. Come on old woman!" He took his seat in the passenger side of the pod. "Where is Rygel?"

Chiana smirked. "His eminence is on command seeking an audience with the chief medical personnel of the planet's most esteemed healers."

"So they placed sparky on hold?" John's coughing wheeze made everyone jump. He smiled as the pod started. "Why D, I didn't know you cared?"

"I don't, if you had died on the ship, I would have been the one to clean up the mess, and the stink would never have come out."

"Gee, it's nice to know I am wanted." He pretended to wipe a tear from his puffy eye. "Why do I feel like I am in a wet suit?"

"What's that?"

"You know, a rubbery suit you wear to go in water when you don't want to get your clothes wet?"

"Why not just take your clothes off?"

"Forget it D. Nice to know something's never change." With a sigh, he laid his head back on D'Argo's shoulder wishing he could open his eyes.

"How long until we land?" D'Argo's impatient voice held a tone of fear as he spoke.

"Thirty Microts. We will go from the landing platform to the Healers fifteen metras away."

As they landed and headed towards their destination, it seemed they all held their breaths. They didn't seem to release them until the Healer said he could see them. Inside the large pale blue room D'Argo, Sikozu, and Noranti sat waiting for word on Chiana and Crichton. It took six arns, but Chiana came out with a green Four armed, snake bodied nurse to lead her out. Her eyes were covered by a purple cloth.

"Chiana, are you all right."

She nodded as D'Argo gathered her in his arms. "I'm okay, or I will be once my eyes have healed. They fixed the problem with my eyes, but the visions will still come. I'm scared D'Argo, they said I will continue to receive the head aches but there is nothing any one can do about it."

He rubbed her back as he shushed her. "At least you won't go blind any more."

"At least that." Her tears stained the purple clothes but they held in place. "Any word on John?"

"None. I was about to demand to be let in when you came out." He looked at the cloth covering her eyes and knew what her next request would be. "I will check on it now." Before he got the chance a short, totally purple figure stepped out in to the waiting room with what appeared to be a grimace on his oversized features.

"Are you the friends of Julon Crion?"

D'Argo was about to answer but Chiana nodded her head towards the voice. "Yes, we are, is there a problem?"

"Uh... Yes and no."

"Explain now!" D'Argo held the now whimpering Chiana in his arms.

Clasping his six fingered hands together in front of him, the doctor nodded. "You see that's just it, we don't know how to explain it. He has alien DNA through out his system. DNA that can not be purged. Most of it has gone dormant, but some of it is still active. We have tried to find out what caused this, but the nearest we can tell is that an alien virus worked its way through his system after intercourse with an alien. This virus completed its job and died out of his system before he arrived, so unfortunately we do not know how to reverse the process.

"Before you suggest, we have thought of using another virus, but that would leave another set of alien DNA strands in his system. Besides, we do not know what the out come would be of such an action. Thankfully most of his DNA is dominant to that of the viral strain. His body is still returning back to his original state so it will be a while before he is completely healed. After we bring him out, there is another matter we must discuss with him and you, young Nebari."

Chiana started to breathe shallowly as panic set in. "What is it? What aren't you telling us?"

"First, Ormerrec, please send out Julon." He smiled as the door opened. "As you can see, he is as good as new. We stimulated his hair, so there should not be a problem. It has been a long time since we worked on one of your kind. When we heard you were bringing us an Alien, we thought it would be of a race we didn't know. Imagine our surprise when he turned out to be a..."

"What in Hezmana have you done to him?" D'Argo was the only one that could speak because of the shock. Even then, it was very few words.

The Healer pressed his lips together in a frown. "Yes, we are sorry about that. But I did warn you about the virus. The damage is done, and without a complete baseline DNA sample from his Neural tissue, we simply left the damaged areas as is. Personally I think the color suits him."

"I don't give a frell what you think! This is not acceptable! We brought him here to be healed and you make him in to a..."

The tiny healer went dark blue. "You mean he wasn't a..."


"Oh dear! I am afraid there is nothing we can do. Not now, and not before. As I stated a microt ago, the damage was already done. Had I known then, it still would not have made a difference. No, wait, the transformation would have been complete and not even what we did save would have been saved."

"What's the matter, Big D?" John asked as he climbed out of the floating chair. "Gotta love those things, remind me of Professor X. For a while there, I looked like him too. No hair." He shuddered as he stood in the blue gown with out a back. "Whoa draft. What is it with all you medical types and backless gowns? Do you have a butt fetish or something?"

Not caring about making a scene, Chiana launched herself in to the direction of his arms. "Oh gods John, I thought they were going to say you were dead."

"Not a chance. Can't get me down, Chi."

The healer cleared his throat. "I hate to sound suspicious, but I thought you said your name was Julon Crion and you Chiana?"

"She is Chiana, and I am Julon. John, short for Ju-lon, and Chi is short for Chi-ana." He drew out the names in a southern accent as he smirked. "Don't you people give pet names to your loved ones?"

"No, we do not. But speaking of loved ones, where is your other mate?"

"What?" John tilted his head forward and stared down at the tiny healer. "What do you mean, 'other mate'?"

"I mean the other Nebari that is part of your mating group." He sounded perfectly reasonable, but for some strange reason, John couldn't focus on what was being said. "I am referring to the other parent of the child, that is what I wished to speak with you about."

"You mean Chiana is with child? How Pip, I thought you said you haven't been with any one since... You know."

She smacked his chest as she tried to focus on his face. "You weren't supposed to tell any one about that, and it is impossible, I would be experiencing the symptoms by now."

"She is correct, she is not the one with a child, you are."

"Hold on, wait a minute, cut, time out!" He closed his eyes as he bowed his head. "What the hell, sorry, Hezmana are you trying to tell me? That I have an alien child?"

"The child is only part alien, she shares most of your DNA, that of your female's and some from the other father. That would explain the other Nebari DNA not present in you, but in the child. We simply thought it was from the Virus." He smiled as he focused on Crichton's face. "It is really quite amazing, we have never met a species that takes three to create a child. It truly is an honor to have operated on you."

"What female?"

"The Nebari, who else? That is why we thought you were a Nebari. We assumed that since both of the other parent's were Nebari, that you were too. It must be your species DNA that binds the other two together. Amazingly enough, you were compatible with over fifty other species including Sebaceans, and Scarrans."

"What the hell? D, what is he talking about?"

"Quite simply, in order to produce a successful and productive hybrid between species, you need a common genetic sequence. If they try it naturally, it would take thousands possibly millions of combinations and tries before a hybrid is created. Even then it could take thousands more to create a hybrid capable of surviving beyond the birth, much less into child hood. The odds of what your body is capable of is astronomical."

"So you are saying I am genetic glue?" He put a hand to stop the others. "Glue is a substance my species uses to hold two or more objects together in an adhesive bond."

The Healer thought on a moment then nodded. "Yes, and your daughter is proof of this. I believe some congratulations are in order."

"If what you are saying is correct, and I am really... Mirror, I need a mirror." D'Argo turned him around and he caught his image in the reflective surface of the outer office wall. "Oh crap!"

"You know Julon, gray really is your color."

John looked down at his skin underneath the gown. "No hair, I have no body hair! What's that swell? Why do I look like I have been drinking too much Razslac? Chiana, why is my belly pouched out? D'Argo... I thought you said I had a kid, not pre... not pre... Oh, I don't feel so good." Suddenly the room started to spin as he tried to get more air.

"That is what I have been trying to tell you, you are pregnant. Ormerrec, can you please help our expecting mother off the floor?" As the nurse complied with his orders he smiled at the others. "If you will, please come with me. There is much to tell you of the baby's future."

D'Argo guided the others along as the Nurse pushed the gliding bed after them loaded down with John. Chiana was fraught with both a desire to scream, and relief with John being all right. Sikozu was laughing until Chiana hit her in the gut, really hard. Noranti merely smiled as she checked her herbs and D'Argo looked towards the sky, uttering curses in Luxan.

As they disappeared inside the office of the Healer, a lone figure draped in black leather and a green cloak watched them. Lifting up a communicator to the darkness around where the face would be, it spoke. "They have entered the healer's after the male Nebari collapsed."

"Male Nebari?"

"Confirmed, a male Nebari. Should I intercept?"

"Negative. There should not be a male Nebari. Continue recon, and report back all activity."

"Confirmed, operative out." With that, he put the communicator back in a pocket underneath the cloak and drew it close as he walked towards the Healer's practice.

End Part 1 of Julon Crion.

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