Frankie and Johnny

By Lopaka Tanu

Fandom: Dead Zone

Pairing: Johnny Smith/Greg Stillson

Challenge: Beginnings Challenge: Write a Fic starting with the following sentence. "I think it's time to end the pretense."

Rating: Nc-17 (as if there would be anything else.)

Category: Almost Cannon.

Warning: Graphic Sex, Language, Sexual Espionage, visions of death.

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Disclaimer: I do not own Dead Zone, but am a rabid fan, emphasis on rabid! Grrrrr-arh!


Beta: Me, Myself, and I.

Summary: After another vision of the desolate future, Johnny decides it is time to get more proactive in his quest to prevent it. To do so, he needs more information. Will the visions finally come at too high a price, or is he willing to risk even his soul for a chance to set things right?

Spoilers: Some for the entire series up to the second season Finale.

"Frankie and Johnny were sweet hearts, oh lord how they did love." - Frankie and Johnny, as sung by Jimmie Rogers.

"I think it is time to end the pretense." Greg slid his hands over the top of the high wing back chair, looking at Johnny with a smirk. "You came here for a reason, and I know it wasn't just to stand around like some specter of death." The corner of his mouth twitched a little as he glanced over the blonde. "Then again, if the shoe fits."

"I want the same thing you do."

"Oh?" This seemed to shock the man. His head tilted a little in thought. "What could we both possibly want? Let me think." He brought up a hand to his chin, supporting the arm with his other. Walking around from behind the chair, he moved closer to the desk. Closer to Johnny. "What could you want, something that I... want." Now standing in front of his desk, a few paces from Johnny, he leaned back against it. "Frankly, I can't think of anything."

"Don't play games with me."

"No, that's your area of expertise. Which brings to mind that pretty little Bannerman lady, how is she, by the way?"

Johnny flinched in anger, leaning forward. "You leave Sarah out of this."

"Hey, I'm not the one banging the Sheriff's wife."

"No, just half the underage girls of the southern states."

"And the boys. Don't forget those bright shinin examples of young manhood. And hardly under age, I don't touch anything under sixteen." His eyes twinkled. "A personal moral of mine, if you will."

"Some how I can't picture you and morals in the same paragraph. It just doesn't feel right. Like a double negative in a sentence fragment." Smiling again, he took pleasure in the irritated look of his enemy.

"I thought you were a science teacher."

"I am."

"Was." This time Greg smiled for his winning jibe. "Anyways, these word games are only serving to distract from the real point of why you are here. Which you were just getting at. Go on."

Johnny seeing his chance, held out his hand. "I must know the truth, the whole truth."

"And nothin but the truth, so help you god!" Snickering, Greg looked at the offered hand. "That's a mighty tempting offer, but I don't see the advantage. What's in it for me?"

"A chance to know your future before it happens, for once."

Greg snorted at him, pulling off the desk. "For once, hell I have already known my future for a long time. What could you possibly tell me differently?" Looking into the blue eyes of this figure of divination, he seemed to suddenly change his mind. "There is no higher power than the self. Mind over the body, thought before action. It makes one great, separates the man from the beast."

"Then trust in me." Johnny stepped slowly closer. "Give me your hand and prove to me that you're right."

"It's not my hand that makes it so." His breathing slowly deepening as Johnny loomed ever closer, blocking out all other things.

"Then what," Johnny lowered the hand to his side, "makes it so." Suddenly he gripped Greg by the crotch. "This perhaps?"

"Touch it and find out," came the panting whisper.

Johnny noticed the dazed, lust filled eyes from the closeness. Without breaking eye contact, he lowered the zipper, and put in his hand. Greg's pupils dilated even further as he hissed from the contact. Gripping the swelling flesh, Johnny closed his eyes... and was assaulted by the vision of the end of the world.

He felt as the heat and radiation wave swept across the horizon knocking down and instantly killing all life. His skin cracked and dissolved like rice paper in the heat. All through this, his eyes perceived the last moments of all life in the capitol.

Then he woke up screaming.

"I swear, Bruce, I was right there."

"That's nice, John." Bruce kept a close eye on the road as they drove along.

"You don't understand. I was there, and I had him. He was so warm, and real, and I just... I had him right there in the palm of my hand."

"Okay, just chill, it was just a dream."

Johnny shook his head, ignoring the uneasy shifting of his best friend. "He was so hot and I had this... power over him. Like I had the chance to make him cum at any moment with the single stroke of my hand."

"Okay, whoa! TMI, John, TMI! I mean, it's cool if you swing that way, an all, which I never thought you did. It's just I'm really not interested in something like that." Bruce finished in the over whelming silence. After a few moments he sighed through his nose and snapped at Johnny. "What, man?"

"I have never felt that way in my life, Bruce. I am not attracted to men. Even if I was, Stillson, this is evil incarnate we are talking here." Flashing Bruce a smile, he settled against the seat. "Don't worry, I'm not interested in men, so your precious bottom is safe with me."

"Johnny! You know I would never worry about anything like that with you. I trust you, man, you are my friend." They sat in silence as Bruce continued to drive. Shifting again, he glanced at Johnny. "You wouldn't be attracted to me, not even just a little?"

"No, Bruce, I wouldn't."

"Well, why not?"

"Come on, I can't. You're Bruce. The nagging mother of the African persuasion that I never wished I had."

"Oh, so now I am ugly and a nag am I?"

"You know what, Bruce, just drop it. I'm not getting into this with you. It was just a dream, I have absolutely no interest in.... men..." He trailed off as he watched out the window. "Have you ever noticed how those joggers always have such a nice ass?"

"Yeah, especially that one directly ahead. When I come over, I like to slow down, take my time, and enjoy the view." He smiled, glad to change the subject, and looked over at Johnny. Noting the dismayed expression, he rolled his eyes. "What now?"

"That's a guy."


"The one you were checkin out, that's a guy. Wave to him, I get the feeling he wouldn't mind exchanging numbers."

"Forget you, man! No more talking, nothing from you, shush!" Shuddering, he watched as they passed the jogger. The tell tale bulge at the passenger window level. "Oh man." He looked in the review mirror and caught the guy winking at him. "That is not cool."

Bruce pulled the p.t. cruiser up to the curb and put it in park. "We're here, Johnny man, time to wake up." Looking over at his passenger, he noticed John wasn't moving. "Yo, time to wakie wakie. Come on, John, I'm hungry."

He only shifted a little, mumbling in his sleep.

Sighing in exasperation, Bruce reached out, and shook Johnny's arm. "I said wake..."


"...up. Now I know you did not just moan Greg." Slapping John's arm, he growled. "That isn't funny."

"What!" John went ramrod straight in his seat, bleary eyes staring in shock at Bruce. "What?"

"Whoa, man, time to switch to decaf. We have arrived, now can we get out, I'm hungry?" Bruce opened his door and climbed out leaving Johnny still in the car.

He watched the other man walk to the front of the car and decided to follow, forgetting the dream. After a brief struggle with the buckle, he finally climbed out of the car. Stepping out into the noise of the busy parking lot did nothing to calm his nerves. "Burger King, Bruce? Whatever happened to eating right?"

"They have a two for one special on the whopper with fries and a coke. And there is nothing wrong with eating a fast food hamburger every once in a while." He waited for Johnny to reach him before going for the door. "Besides, just so long as it doesn't try to talk to me while I eat it, I won't complain."

"You get that a lot?"

Bruce shook his head. "You have no idea. Every time I..." He caught the lifted eyebrow. "Never mind. So, you payin or am I?"

"I believe it is your turn."

"No way, I paid the last time."

"Bruce, the place was blown away and you took back your money from the rubble. You know, Scrooge could learn a lot from you. Anyway, you owe me from the previous like twenty times I paid." He laughed while opening the door.

"Not like the guy would miss it. Insurance would pay more than that place was worth. Food so bad the roaches would have called the health depart on his ass if they hadn't died from food poisoning," He grumbled. "I bet it was some sorta divine smiting. God was punishing him for doing that to a burger."

"Careful there, you are starting to sound like Gene."

"I am not!" He looked over his shoulder as they entered the line. "I didn't did I?"

"Fraid so."

"Great, that is all I need." They passed through the line getting their food in relative silence. When they had taken seats at the back of the dining area, Bruce was ready to scream. "Okay, what is it? And don't make me get the bamboo shoots and hot pokers."

"What? Oh, nothing." His distracted air evaporated in the stare. "Just the dream again."

"So you did moan Greg."

"I did not!"

A snort followed by a roll of his eyes. "Yeah, sure, whatever you say." Mischievous thoughts entered his head. "So was it any good? You seemed to be getting hot and heavy there before I woke you."

"What is wrong with you? I am having dreams of seducing Stillson like some tall, dark, and horny seer and all you can do is make jokes."

"Oh man, I knew it! You have the hots for Stillson." They stared at each other for a moment. "Uck! You have the hots for Stillson."

"Thanks, Bruce, I'll be sure not to come to you next time I have night mares." Before he could say anything else, he grabbed the burger and took a bite from it. Swallowing, he smiled at Bruce. "It's okay, they didn't do anything weird with the cows."

"Thanks." Leaning over the tray, he bit into the burger.


Bruce choked on the hamburger as he swallowed. Coughing, he took a swallow from his drink and glared at Johnny. "That wasn't even funny."

"Really? May be I should have said, don't eat me!"

"You're sick, John. I'm serious, you need some professional psychological help." Glaring at the other man, he took another bite from his burger. "What? No sound effects?"

"Nah, it's not funny if you are expecting it." He started laughing at Bruce's glare. "Cheer up, Bruce, you won't have to drive me around all day."

"No, just until we fill out those papers and then Walt will pick you up for your play date. Speaking of which, does Sarah know about you two?"

"You, jealous bitch, you." Johnny demurely lowered his hand to Bruce's. "Seriously, you're still pissed because they cuffed you and left poor crippled me unchained."

"No, I'm not."

"That why you were muttering about racist pigs all the way home?"

"No, if you must know, that detective was a more than a little vocal about where he thought I belonged."

"Don't worry about him, his wife is having an affair with another woman and planning on leaving him with all the bills. She'll succeed too."

Bruce stared at him, jaw hanging open, eyes wide. "That true?"

"Every word of it."

"Damn, Johnny, you get all the good stuff. Just bein around you is like watching ten soap operas at the same time."

Staring off into nothing, Johnny's face went slack. "There are draw backs to it, Bruce. Like watching ten soap operas at the same time, you have to flip back and forth to catch what is going on. But doing so, you miss a lot of what is going on with the others."

"Still, I think it would be worth it. You seem pretty okay with it, goin on three years now and no psychotic episodes non vision related." He thought on it a moment then smiled. "Aside from strong sexual fantasies about the bad guy. Does that make you like Mina to his Dracula?"

"Mina was corrupted and evil in the end, Bruce."

"Oooo, struck a nerve."

He stood up, grabbed his tray, and walked away not looking at Bruce.

Bruce shook his head in disbelief. Psychic boy did not just do that. "Johnny! Hey, Johnny! What, man?"

"Leave me alone."

Bruce caught up to him as he exited the second door into the parking lot. "Whoa, hold on, what the hell is up with you?"

Johnny stared away, refusing to look at him.

"I asked you a question. What is your problem, it was just a little joke, and one, as far as I can tell, has no meaning with you what so ever. So I commented about your fixation on Dracula.... I mean Stillson, so what."

Having had enough, he snapped at Bruce. "So what? Does none of this mean anything to you? That I know the end is coming, but not how, where or why, just that it is connected to Washington and Stillson."

"You're over reacting. We will figure this out, we still have time."

"That's just it, I'm not so sure. May be I am not meant to find a way to prevent it. May be it is meant to happen and I am just to prepare the world for it." His arms were waving, cane moving dangerously about, as he expressed his feelings.

"John, are you okay? You have been actin strange since we got back."

"No, I'm not. I don't know if I'll ever be okay, Bruce." His tone was tired, as if he had given up. "I just don't know."

"Hey, man, we can figure it out. Give it time."

"Haven't you been listening? We may not have it, that's what I am trying to tell you!"

Bruce held up his hands in a placating gesture towards Johnny. "Whoa man, just take it easy."

Johnny looked abruptly away. Glaring off at the cars passing on the highway, he took a deep breath. "Forget it. Doesn't matter. What's gonna happen is gonna happen."

"What are you thinking, man?" When he didn't get a response from the seer, he started for him. "John?"

"Go home, Bruce." Completely turning away, Johnny started for the side walk at the front of the parking lot. He tapped the cane on the ground, more for balance then support.

"Come on, John, don't do this." Nothing. "John." "Johnny!"

He ignored Bruce's pleas. Moving away from the man, he picked up speed. He had to get out of there before Bruce got his wits about him. Something that was fast becoming annoying. Closing his eyes once he reached the walk, he counted down from ten. "Three,"


He kept walking.

"What did I do?"

"Just go away," he whispered to himself.

"This isn't funny. Whatever I said or did, I'm sorry."

The sound of shoes hitting the pavement as Bruce ran to catch up to him didn't surprise him. He didn't stop or slow down, there was no need. Besides, it would only serve to give the other man hope. Johnny needed to keep his will, to stop questioning everything.

"Hold up, man. You know, you're pretty fast with that thing." Bruce reached his side and matched his pace of a brisk walk. "Are you going to tell me what happened here, or do I need to just go back and apologize over every step?"

John kept his focus away from Bruce. Eyes cast out over the cars of the highway.

"I'm sorry. This is about the whole Stillson dreams, isn't it? You think that you are becoming like him?" When Johnny didn't respond, not even a shift of his stance, Bruce sighed. "Look, you are not going to be bad. It isn't in you. That was just a stupid magazine article!"

"What if it isn't him?"

"What do you mean?"

"What if it wasn't Stillson that destroyed the world? I've be come so wrapped up in my pursuit of him, I can't tell what's up from orange. May be it is me, the destroyer of the world, like some James Bond villain."

Bruce put out a hand to hold Johnny back. "Wait a minute, aren't you being a little ridiculous? Last time I checked, the world wasn't Greg Stillson."

"No, but think about it, how mindless have I been in my pursuit? What have I not done to get what I was looking for? You above all others should know what I am capable of first hand."

"But that is different. You're not the same person, John man." He squeezed Johnny's arm. "You have me here to help keep you in line."

"No, Bruce. You've got it wrong. All that you done is allow me to hone my ability. Given me a way to maintain credibility and the power that comes with it." Finally coming to a stop, he looked down at Bruce's hand, then up into the other man's eyes. Speaking in a low, steady voice, he didn't blink once. "You've given this me the resources that the dream me didn't have. All of this, with the influence and money behind me, I could easily put events in motion that will destroy the world. And it is all thanks to you, Bruce."

Bruce jerked his hand from Johnny, taking a step back in the process. "That's not funny, man."

He took a step towards Bruce. "What's the matter? Afraid of the truth?"

"That's not the truth and you know it. You aren't a killer."

"Oh, but I am. Given the right circumstances, anybody can be. Besides, once again, you know I can. You were there." Another step forward.

"Stop it, Johnny." Bruce backed up.

"What's the difference?" One more and then he stopped. "Face it, Bruce, you only made matters worse?"

Scowling, Bruce turned away. "Forget this shit. You decide that you are thinking rationally, call me." Adjusting his shirt, he shook the tails in anger. "Man!"

Watching as Bruce left, Johnny couldn't help but smile at his friend's resilient personality. Even after trying to make the man feel like a heel, Bruce was still willing to give him another chance. His smile slipped away. It was better this way, he couldn't have Bruce making him doubt himself.

Horn honking as he drove by.

"Of course, I know you're angry Bruce." Johnny waved him off. So wrapped up in his observations, he didn't notice the car pull up behind him until a horn honked and he was dragged into it blind folded.

Today was turning out to be one of those days.

The ride to wherever they were going was made in silence. Whoever had him was not going to speak it seemed. So, he decided that he would start the conversation. "What brings you folks here tonight?"

"Shut up!"

"Ah, the illustrious Sonny. So nice to hear your voice again. And by the way, thanks for the blind fold, really saves my eyes from having to see your ugly face. Boy, that is a relief."

"If Mr. Stillson hadn't requested you unharmed I'd rip your tongue out and shit down your throat."

"I love it when you talk dirty to me."

"Keep it up, smart ass, I'll talk dirty to ya."

Johnny snorted, this guy was just too easy. "So, Fido, piss off any thugs lately? As the last time I saw you that was a nice shiner you were sporting."

"Not really. Been through anymore witch trials, freak?"

"Oh, I'm hurt. Resulting to names, how mature." He felt the seat move as someone beside him shifted. Bring the cane up, he blocked a blow to the head. "Un uh, Fido, remember, no harming. Bet his exact words were not even a hair on my pretty little head. Am I close?"

"Actually, it was a 'not even a hair on his ass'."

Turning his head to the new voice, Johnny nodded. "Thank you. See, Fido, it won't kill you to be nice."

"I aint nice, ass hole, so you had better quit calling me Fido."

"Don't worry about him, Ms. Daisy, his bark is worse than his bite." The driver laughed at Sonny's growl.

"Ah, that must make you, Hoke."

"I guess it does."

Johnny tentatively reached out and patted Sonny on the head. "Cheer up, you can be Hoke next time."

"Don't do it, Sonny," the driver warned. "We are almost there and you know how Mr. Stillson will be if you mark him."

"I know how not to leave a mark."

"Ah yes, but then you won't have to." Having a good idea where Sonny's position was, Johnny brought his cane up into the man's jaw. When the satisfying thump of a head against cracking glass reached his ears, Johnny smiled. Breathing deeply, he sat back and relaxed.

The rest of the journey was taken in silence. Not that Johnny wanted to say anything to the driver. After all, one does not owe that kind of courtesy to one's kidnappers.

Of course, the driver didn't seem to be objecting to his actions involving Sonny. Perhaps the man just rubbed everybody wrong. What with his annoying voice, the way he sneered every other word. How even the way his pinched features made it seemed like the very air he breathed was foul.

Before he knew what he was doing, Johnny had brought the cane down across the unconscious form of Sonny. He did it twice more, you know, just to make sure the man remained out of it. By the time the car came to a stop, he had made sure the man remained asleep a dozen more times.

He was appalled at his own actions. Normally he wasn't so violent. Just something about the man that made it extra special to hurt him. Like kicking his ass was a favored past time. It felt good, no, great to witness his physical pain.

And Bruce said he didn't have it in him to be a monster, well he showed him! Or would have if the black man was here.

The door to his right opened up and a hand appeared on his elbow. "You may remove the blind fold now, Mr. Smith."

"Thanks, should I keep my eyes closed for the surprise though?"

"Only if you wish to be dragged inside, cause I'm not going to be your seein' eye anything."

"Well you're no fun." Still, he reached up and pulled it over his head. Blinking a few times, he allowed his eyes to adjust to the light. Looking up, he groaned. "Doesn't he know the meaning of asking nicely?" Johnny glanced at the amused face of the driver. "No, guess not. All right, lead on, James."

"Of course, sir." The Driver assisted him out of the car the turned towards the large exhibition hall.

Johnny shook his head at the campaign rally signs littering the building. The steps took an extra moment to rise before entering through the door the man held open for him. "Thank you."

"Anything for a lady."

"And don't you forget it." People milled about a large center dais. On the dais stood the object of his endeavors. "Subtle, like a hand grenade."

"Mr. Stillson likes to make an impression."

"Sorta like a flash burn on the back of your retinas."

"He didn't specify which kind." He grabbed Johnny's arm, leading him towards the dais. They pushed their way through the crowd. People largely ignored their attempts, but soon learned to clear a path when someone mentioned Smith. "Seems you have become notorious."

"I don't know if I should be insulted or not." His steps finally carried him to the dais where Greg was waiting for him. "Is now the time I say, 'Stillson, I knew you were behind this nefarious plot'? Because I gotta tell you, these pop culture references are really getting old."

"Nothin that simple, Johnny." Greg ran his eyes over the man's form. "Nice."

"What do you want, Stillson?"

"The world."

"Aside from that, Dr. Evil?"

"Come now, it isn't that hard to guess. You are a reasonablely intelligent man, figure it out." Holding out a hand, he reached for Johnny. It made contact with the blonde man's shoulder.

Suddenly Johnny was in a brilliantly lit room on his back, legs spread. Gasping for breath because of the pain, he glared at the person holding his hand. The smiling face of Greg Stillson came into view only to be blotted out when he closed his eyes to scream. Something or someone was crying in the background, screaming wildly.

Just as it came, the vision was gone. Johnny pulled back from the other man's touch. "Why am I here?"

Smiling jovially, Stillson gestured at the crowd around them with both arms. "To support me, why else?"

"You have lost it, completely." Turning on his heel, he started forward only to be stopped by Stillson's hand on his shoulder again.

He was back in the room. There was screaming, crying, panic, and Stillson's smiling face. The man was holding something, showing him....

Johnny reached up and grabbed the hand, squeezing it hard to remove the fingers. "You have got to be kidding me!"

"A man can fantasize, can't he?"

The whisper in his ear made him shiver. "That is sick, even for you."

"Not sick, it's normal for man to want his legacy to continue on."

Looking over his shoulder, Smith glared at Stillson. "Then pick a woman next time, a real woman. Just leave me out of your psychotic delusions."

"Fine, t'was just a thought." When the taller man started to leave again, Greg snaked a hand down his back, cupping his ass. He gave him a pat. "I'll be seeing you later."

But Johnny didn't hear him.

Looking around, his world was moving in slow motion. The crowd was being held back by police, reporters and people with pickets shouting, trying to get through. He turned to search the area of their interest.

He was outside a large convention hall, a sign toting "Stillson for Congress" hung above the door. Motion off to one side alerted him to Sarah being held back by Walt, screaming and in tears. On the other side, Dana was in a similar state but it was taking three cops to hold her back. They were shouting something, but there was no sound.

Before he could try to make sense of their lip movements, their slow motion struggles be came more frantic. This time motion drew his attention to the center, under the sign. The door was opening. Two men in blue and white EMT jackets were backing a body bag draped stretcher out.

The world around him sped up with the sound of a needle being dragged over a record and he was tossed back into reality. Gasping, he looked about at the crowd of reporters around him. They were snapping his picture asking countless questions.

"No comment! Excuse me, coming out now! Leave me alone!" In anger, he used his cane like a machete and swung it through the throng. They cleared out of his reach leaving him room to rush to the door. As it closed behind him, he could swear that he heard Stillson laughing like Dr. Evil. "That man seriously needs a hobby. One besides me."

Walking away from the exhibition hall, Johnny shook his head. One of these days he was going to stop being surprised by his visions. And one of these days a UFO could come along and abduct him because he is really one of their operatives. Same chances for both happening.

His musings were interrupted by the arrival of a black SUV blocking his path. The tinted window rolled down to reveal a winking Dana looking at him over black sunglasses. "How much, baby?"

"You can't afford my services."

"Fine, then how about just a ride?"

Looking away, he shook his head. Pulling out a handkerchief, he used it to open the door before climbing in. He settled in his seat and fastened the buckle before putting the cloth back in his coat. "Thanks."

"Well, I'm not doing this for purely selfless reasons." She ignored his glance in favor of putting the SUV in gear and taking off out of the parking lot at break neck speeds. "You see, my boss gets this interesting call from a local covering the political beat. Seems that this notorious friend of mine is whoring himself in favor of a political candidate he was rumored to have been opposing recently. Of course, as it was a person who was near and dear to moi, I was concerned and decided to come down here to see if they need rescue."

"So, in other words your editor got word I was sighted and no sooner than where left his lips you trotted yourself down here in the hopes of using our past to get a better angle on the action?"

She nodded. "And that I arrived at the same time you were leaving only seems to be fate saying that I am to get an exclusive. So what's the deal, spill and I promise you the front page on tomorrow's paper."

"I'm not after publicity."

"Oh come on, you were there for a reason."

Adjusting his position to glare at her, Johnny grunted. "You think I was actually there in any capacity aside from involuntary?"

"He kidnapped you for his rally?"

"His thugs did."

"What on Earth for?"

"I have no idea. He didn't say and I wasn't about to hang around long enough for him to. The man just needs to learn to respect other people's personal space. You know what, this interview is over."

Dana sat in silence continuing to watch the road.

"Can you please drop me off at the police station? I gotta few papers to sign. Don't worry about me afterwards, I'm sure Walt wouldn't mind giving me a ride."

"Fine." They drove on, neither saying a word or looking at the other.

Their arrival at the station was heralded in silence. When she pulled up, Dana put the SUV in park and cut the engine. "All ashore who's going ashore."

Grimacing, Johnny tried to look a little guilty. "Uh... I'm sorry for snapping at you."


"And I promise not to do it again."

"And?" Dana crossed her arms. The movement emphasized her chest.

"And I promise you an interview after this is over."

Breathing in slowly, she held it. "And?"

"And that's it."

Dropping her arms in shock, she looked over at Johnny who was busy glancing out the window. That wasn't right. "Is that all you want to say to me?"

Turning back, he stared her in the face. "Was I supposed to say something else?"

She puffed up her chest once more. "I dunno, is there something you see that interests you?"

"Yeah," she brightened a little, "I really like your hair. It looks good, you should get banana curls more often." Johnny ignored her flummoxed look in favor of opening the door. "Thanks for the ride, Dana, I really appreciate it." He climbed out and shut the door while she stared on in shock.

Johnny shook his head. Sometimes women were so vain and needy about their appearance. Dana was one of the worst. It was a short walk from the parking lot to the station normally. Today he felt like it took longer, perhaps because he was dawdling around with the cane. He heaved a deep sigh and stepped up to the door. "Time to face the music."

The door opened before he could touch the handle. Walt's scowling face looked over Johnny's shoulder towards the SUV. "Now is not the time for nooners, John. You should have been here a half hour ago. The Detective from New York has been waiting in my office breathing fire down my neck wondering why I was jerking him around."

"It's nice to see you too, Walt. Why don't you tell the nice man about my nasty habit of missing important appointments by being kidnapped. I'm sure that would have held him over until I solved yet another crime for those bumbling clowns." Johnny pushed past the glaring Walt. He didn't have the time or patience today. Things were just going to get worse, so why bother?

"Mr. Bannerman, any day now!"

"Ah, the ever pleasant Lieutenant Sandowski. What brings you to our fair Cleaves Mills?" Gesturing with his free hand, Johnny swept it over the office.

"Just sign the damn paper's, Mr. Smith, so I can get the hell out of here!" The man thrust a folded wad of papers, signature line visible, towards Johnny with a pen. His actions caused the pen to fall off.

Johnny bent quickly and caught it mid fall. Cold metal gripped in his palm, a familiar heavy weight. Slinking through the shadows, he held his breath. There was movement a head. His targets. How dare he betray me! Son of a bitch! Bringing the gun up to bare, he fired once. Twice. Three times. Screams of pain. He drops the gun and runs. Oh god, what have I done?

He exhaled painfully. Too much.

Johnny jerked the papers from Sandowski's hand and unfolded them. Skimming over them, he noted several insertions to his testimony. He raised an eyebrow as he looked up at the Detective. "What kind of shit are you trying to pull?"

"What? That is exactly as you wrote it, word for word."

He took a menacing step forward, crumpling the papers into a ball. Decorum was all forgotten. This was one step too far. Johnny brought them up and lunged at the man. Their combined weight pushed the surprised detective backwards on to his ass. He landed on top and proceeded to shove the papers in the man's mouth.

"Johnny! What the fuck do you think you are doing?" Walt was behind him trying to pull him off.

"Let go, Sheriff! This ass hole needs to learn what it feels like to have words put in his mouth!" A back hand across the Detective's face caused the man to cry out. It was long enough for Johnny to resume his paper stuffing. Before he could get half the wad in Sandowski's mouth, he was yanked bodily off the detective. "Let me go! Give me just five minutes with the ass hole," he yelled as they led him away.

"That fuckin nut! Arrest that man!" Sandowski rubbed at his sore throat. Something like this should have been expected when dealing with the psychotic. In anger, he adjusted his tie.

Walt lifted the man up by under his arm to his feet. "I suggest you leave, Lieutenant."

He looked at Walt in shock. "Bannerman?"

"Don't start. I know what you did and I won't have it. Now go."

Jerking his arm back, Sandowski glared daggers at Walt. "This isn't over, Sheriff."

"Get those papers made up the right way and it will be." He put his hands on his hips. It just wasn't fare, Johnny did what he had been wanting to all morning.

"I'll get you, Johnny Smith!"

"Oh, I'm scared, Sandowski! Want my little Bruce too?" Johnny screamed out as he was physically restrained. Struggling in the arms of the deputies, he tried to shake them off. "That's right, leave, Sandowski. Go before someone drops a house on you too!"

Walt watched as the detective fumed out to his car. Jumping in, he started it, threw it in gear, and peeled out of the parking lot. Shaking his head, Walt walked over to where Johnny was still struggling in the arms of the three deputies. "Do I need to get the shackles out for you?"

Johnny growled at him.

"How about a muzzle then? Should I have one of the boys call animal control for you?" Shaking his head, Walt gestured for the deputies to drag Johnny into his office. Their struggle was brief ending with John hand cuffed into a chair seething. Walt waited until the three deputies were standing outside the office door ready to come in at a moment's notice before entering.

He seethed, there was no other word for it. Johnny was breathing heavily and ready to kill someone. The urge to strangle Sandowski was so strong his fingers twitched. The neck would be so easy, just follow around the bends forming a natural collar and squeeze. Yes, he was getting off on this too, he noted with dismay.

Johnny wasn't the only one to notice either. Walt glared at the him with a disappointed sigh. "What are you doin? Do you want me to arrest you? Give you an even more notorious record. I'm sure Sarah would just love that."

"That's right, Sheriff, arrest the poor seer who was only trying to spare a future person's life." Glaring at the other man, Johnny waited for a response. At Walt's skeptical snort he went stalk still. "Fine, if you don't want to believe me, be that way. All I can tell you is what I saw. He was standing in shadows, jealous, watching a man who betrayed him. Sandowski shoots in the general direction of the man and whoever he is with, drops the gun, and runs when it hits him what he did. Do with it what you will, I am sick of dealing with the man."

"You aren't the only one." Walt moved up behind the bound man. His hands at his side fumbling with the keys in indecision. "Are you sure it was him?"

"I got the vision when he handed me the pen. That makes it reasonablely clear that he is the guilty party."

"So what do you want me to do about it?"

Johnny held up his bound wrists. At first there was no response. When he shook the chains, Walt sighed and started to release him. "I dunno, you're a smart man, do something sheriffy. Frankly I'd rather see him in jail then allowed to run the streets."

Freezing, Walt looked up from removing the second hand cuff. "Is that it? Insult me and let a possible innocent die?"

"The man isn't an innocent, no one is, you know that." He waited until Walt removed the second cuff, then calmly pulled his wrist from Walt's grasp. "Besides, sometimes a sacrifice must be made for the greater good." Standing, he adjusted his coat. "Don't worry about that ride, Walt. I've got a feeling you and I shouldn't be in closed quarters. Wouldn't want to tempt fate a second time today, would we?" A glance towards the other man from the corner of his eye sent a thrill of victory down his spine. "I'll see you later, Sheriff."

He watched as the blonde walked out of his office, cane tapping heavily on the floor. Each hit deliberately sounding to provoke. As it was, he could barely hold back from punching the man. Something had gotten into the other man and he needed to remain calm if he was going to find out what. Staring at the way the man moved, something else bothered him. Walt didn't recognize what until one of his deputies moved away without even being acknowledged.

Johnny Smith was strutting.

As impossible as it seemed, the seer was exuding aggression. He shook his head to clear out the mindless need to beat Johnny to a pulp. But still, where did the man get off acting that way in his station? "Ass hole." In anger, he slammed the door to his office and all thoughts of Mr. Smith.

Johnny felt good. Powerful. He had never realized how freeing it was to just tell the world 'fuck you!' Well, not the world, just Walt Bannerman. The man really was a prick. Putting the moves on a comatose man's girl. That was just low. Then again, Sarah had accepted Walt's overtures, so what did that say about.... Okay, they deserved each other, best move on.

His good mood in shambles, Johnny grumbled his way into the parking lot. It wasn't his fault, he had tried to get over it all. He really did. Just sometimes when Walt, Sarah, or even JJ did something, it really pissed him off and all the old feelings would just rush back in. Then he would feel the need to rant and rave for hours on end about the injustice of it all and.... and he really just needed to let it go.

Just as he suspected, his feelings of not needing a ride were confirmed the moment he looked up. To his right was Dana waving at him frantically from her SUV. On his left was Sarah also waving at him, but with a pissed look in her eyes. Dead center was a white limousine with the back door open and Greg Stillson standing there with a double dozen red roses. "Choices, yippee!"

"Well, let's see, which of these has today's big deal and which is the zonk?" Gripping the cane head, Johnny stared at each. "Dana wants another scoop. Probably grill me on both sides with a little lemon and barbecue sauce. Sarah probably witnessed the whole thing in the station, wants to nag, something she seems to get even better at... The zonk it is." He started forward straight into Greg's open arms.

"Johnny Smith."


"These are for you. A kind of I'm sorry, let's be more than friends thing." He smirked at Johnny, holding out the roses as the taller man closed the distance between them. When the roses were pointedly ignored, Greg tossed them in the general direction of Dana's SUV. His smug face didn't change. "So you don't like roses?"

"Not from you." Stepping past Greg, Johnny climbed into the limo sitting on the seat directly next to the door. Stillson looked at him expectantly. "Ah, yes, forgot." He shoved the other man aside with his cane, grabbed the door, and slammed it shut.

Greg tilted his head to the side, glancing at the door. Johnny seemed to be full of surprises today. Chuckling, he rounded to the other side and climbed in. As he slammed the door, he shook his head. "You know, of all the reactions I had anticipated, this wasn't one of them."

"Shut up."

"Now, Mr. Smith..."

"How is Sonny, Stillson?" Glancing at the other man from the corner of his eye, Johnny allowed his a smile to tug at the corner of his mouth.

"So he wasn't lying to me." Greg watched Johnny for a reaction, sighing when none was forth coming. "No matter, he deserved whatever you might or might not have done. He does tend to show a more heavy handed approach than necessary."

Bringing his cane up, Johnny thrilled at the flinch from Stillson. However he only tapped on the divider to get the attention of the driver. "Take me home. I am sure you know the way. Quickest route possible." And then as an after thought, "I have no qualms with taking my displeasure out on you."

Red hot rage filled Greg at being dismissed. His calm demeanor was broken between gasping breaths in an attempt to rein in his temper. This was something that always pissed him off. "Where in hell do you get off..."

"Used to be in the back seat of my car, but lately I seem to find myself alone in my bed more and more."

Another loop. Okay, he could handle this one. Reaching out, Greg cupped Johnny on the inner left thigh just above the knee. He slid his hand slowly up the blonde's leg waiting for a reaction. Greg was not disappointed when his hand reached Johnny's crotch, resting on the erection he found there. "We need to get something's straight between us."

"Then why do you have your hand on my dick?"

Stillson gripped the cock hard. "Funny is good, when I am in the mood to laugh. I'm not laughin, Mr. Smith."

"Do you see a smile on my face?" He eyed with a slant of his head. Closing them with each squeeze, he enjoyed the feeling of the warm hand on him. Time slowed downed for him as he glanced at Stillson.

The world around them rippled from early afternoon to late evening. They were standing on a balcony over looking a large reflecting pool. The sun was setting in the east casting a haze of light over them. Greg smirked, his hand still holding Johnny by the cock. Johnny leaned into him, bringing his arms up to hold the other man. Bending to kiss Greg on the neck, he nuzzled at the warmth there. Hot lips grazed his ear to form a single word. "Mine."

Pulling back, Johnny frantically glanced about him. He searched the room for any sign as to where they were. The sun's light grew brighter as winds picked up. His eyes widened. Turning to stare out over the edge of the balcony, cane in hand, he saw it coming. It was too late. Suddenly the world around him was covered in brilliant energy eradicating all life. His last moment was of Stillson wrapping his arms around him causing him to drop the cane.

Coming in the hand of his enemy brought Johnny back to the present. His body shuddered with another spurt. He realized that he had hunched over Stillson's arm and leaned over the man. Opening his eyes, he met the pleased expression of Greg.

"Had I known a while ago that you would be this easy, I might have tried it first." Pulling back his hand to sniff at it, he shook his head. "Then again, may be not. What fun is the capture without the chase?" With that he licked his hand clean.

Johnny slouched down into the seat, gasping for breath. How had he let it go on? Why did he let it happen? Would Stillson do it again? His mind balked at the last thought. It was never happening again, never!

All too soon the limo came to a stop. Greg looked at the driver then nodded. "Well, it has been a pleasure for you, I'm sure. However, I am needed else where at the moment. You will be coming to my rally at the local tonight at eight. Come early, I'd like the pleasure of your company before it starts."

The door beside Johnny opened as the driver held out a hand to help him out. Johnny ignored the man in favor of adjusting his soiled clothes. Climbing out, he turned around to speak to Greg. "I'll consider it. Give Sonny my regards."

"I'll do that. See you later, Johnny Smith." He grinned one last time before Johnny closed the door.

Turning away, he started down the walk. There was too much going on, too many visions. His features contorted into a grim smile at a thought. At lease he could answer the question 'where will you be when the world ends?' In his lover's arms watching from the Washington Monument.

Johnny sighed. Sometimes life was just too complicated for his own good.

As the time had drawn near to his meeting with Stillson, he had grown even more antsy. By six he was pacing the living room. The chiming of the clock had him jumping. Johnny glared at the face taking in the time as the sixth ding finished echoing.

"Now or never." He turned for the front door. This might be the perfect chance he was waiting for. If he was at the man's side, he could prevent him from harming others.

Besides, it wasn't like he was doing it because he was bad or anything. It was for the sake of all man kind he climbed in his jeep and headed off to screw the anti-Christ. Noble sacrifice or not, he couldn't help the little thrill that always accompanied the knowledge he was going to have sex.

The route to the convention hall seemed short by comparison. The building looked the same as it did nearly a year ago when he had watched Stillson try and seduce Sarah. He knew it was a futile yet calculated gesture then, just not why. Now he did. It was to get at him, to get under his skin.

The snake of a politician had no morals when it came to getting what he wanted.

Johnny shook his head to clear away any second thoughts and all lingering doubts. He adjusted his shirt, taking care to button the collar. A lingering mark he discovered after a shower. Apparently Greg had given him more than just a hand job in the limo.

A final once over and he climbed out of the jeep. There were reporters already arriving, news crews setting up outside the convention hall. The scene was vaguely familiar. He supposed if things went well tonight he would have to get used to the sight.

He was mostly ignored by the throng of people milling about. A few people looked his way and spoke in hushed whispers. None came near, in fact they seemed to go out of their way to avoid him. Nothing new there either. However, it was a surprise when even the few reporters that noticed him did the same.

Johnny smiled at them, waved and continued on. It felt strange to no longer be the center of their attention. Kind of relieved was what he wanted to tell someone, anyone. Well it was to be expected, something bigger must have come along to take their fickle interest away.

The doors were partially blocked by a large banner being put up by a couple men in braces. He nodded to them as he lifted up a side and walked under into the entrance. Then he flipped them off as they called out names questioning his sexual orientation.

"Can't seem to find good help anywhere these days?"

"Aint that the truth!"

Johnny spun to face the voice nearly tripping over his own feet. His moment of disorientation passed as he noted who accompanied the owner. "Stillson. I see you still haven't had fido fixed yet."

"Easy, Sonny, Mr. Smith is here as my guest." Greg put out a hand to block his guard from moving forward. "I am sure there are matters of security you need to over see before tonight."

"Mr. Stillson..."

"Go!" Johnny raised his cane. "Shoo! Bad dog!" He smiled at the sudden flinch from the man. Beat the hell out of one ass hole and suddenly every threat is respected. Perhaps he should do it more often. "Stillson, you said come early, here I am. Now, take me to your leader."

Greg moved forward, the corners of his mouth twisted up in amusement. He smiled when the blonde man didn't back away. "How about I just take you?"

"That is just lame. I expected better from you." Johnny leaned into Stillson's open arms. Bending his head, he met the other man's lips in a quick peck. He pulled back quickly. "Not here, I don't like being watched by the pets."

"Ah yes, prudish to the last." Rubbing at his lips, Greg looked down. "I thought I told you to get lost."

"This is a bad idea, Mr. Stillson!"

"I don't pay you for your opinion. Now get the hell out of my sight before I get upset, Sonny." He looked back to Johnny's face. "Some times I wish I had invested more in an assistant that was both amoral and intelligent. Sadly amoral was in more abundance."

"We should go some place more private." Smirking over Greg's shoulder, Johnny bared his teeth. "That way when I kill you, there are no witness and I can say it was an accident."

"I like how you think," Greg said as he guided Johnny by the arm towards a hall apart from the main convention center entrance. "I have a small office prepared for our use and the gym showers afterwards."

"Why, Greg, you do know how to choose a romantic setting." Suddenly, he was caught in a wave dizziness as the light bulb above them blinked then exploded. Stillson helped him regain his balance before he shook his head. "Well that was nice. What next, the door falls off the hinges and smacks me in the face?"

"Best not tempt fate, I'll go first."

"How noble." He grumbled but agreed. The frosted glass door swung open with a loud squeal. "Damn! Let me guess, the rent on this place was cheap for a convention?"

"Actually, this is a charity event. I am raising money for the restoration. Thought it would look good on my list of credits." He waited until Johnny was across the threshold before swinging the door closed. Apparently the door had other ideas as it swung back and smacked Greg into Johnny. "Son of a bitch!"

They flew against a desk, Johnny bent over it with Greg on top of him. Johnny glanced over his shoulder at Greg. "You don't waste any time, do you?"

"Not when it comes to gettin what I want." Greg took full advantage of his position and started to run his hands up and down Johnny's body.

"Uh, not that I don't mind being ravaged, but perhaps it would be more helpful without all these clothes." He pushed off the desk. His actions caused Greg to slide to the floor, pulling Johnny's pants with him. "Not like that, but whatever works." Johnny stepped out of his pants, shaking his shoes free of the cuffs.

Greg admired the long stretch of bare flesh in front of him. Running a hand up the hairy legs, he lovingly stroked each muscle. "You do have a nice ass, much better than I expected of a man in your condition."

"And what condition might that be? Just because I have a hitch in my step doesn't mean I am completely broken!" Johnny pulled his jacket off and slid out of his shirt. "I came here under the impression we were going to have sex, not play games."

"Oh, we are going to fuck, Mr. Smith, I just like to look at you before so. You know, savor the moment of victory."

Turning around, he glared at Stillson in his position on the floor. "There is no victory. There was no war. We simply disagreed on who was the better candidate."

Greg once again reached out and pulled Johnny closer to him. He forced the man to his knees, straddling him. "Now see here, another example of our long standing combat. Even when you surrender you are still fighting me. You have no idea how much that makes me want to fuck you!"

"Then get on with it!" He placed a hand on either side of Greg's dress shirt and pulled it open, ripping the buttons off.

Greg started laughing. "Patience, Mr. Smith. All in do time." Taking his shirt back from Johnny, he reached in the front pocket to produce a small tube. "As I said, I am prepared for you." He leaned up and slid his own pants down over his burgeoning erection. "I've done a medical work up; both of us are clean and I expect to remain so."

"Isn't that illegal." Smacking his forehead, Johnny rolled his eyes. "Stupid question, this is you we are talking about."

"That's right, this is me." He squeezed some of the lube on his dick and slicked it around until he was completely coated from tip to base. "This makes it feel better for a first time anyways." With a smirk, he reached both hands out and snagged Johnny's hips. His strong grip forced the man to sit on the tip of his dick. "This is gonna hurt." Then he shoved up inside as he pulled Johnny down.

Johnny gasped at the pain. Shuddering he sat still, holding on to Greg's shoulder to maintain his support. After a few minutes of clenching and squirming, his breathing leveled out. It was hard, hot, and filling. His entire body felt like he was going to shatter if he moved.

"Lean into me," Greg gasped out, "it will make it easier."

Gratefully, Johnny nodded as he draped himself over Stillson.

"Now lift your hips slowly and push back down, same pace." He sighed with pleasure when Johnny complied.

"It's squishy." He wanted to laugh. Of all the things that he had thought would come from having sex with Greg, squishy wasn't one of them.

"That's cause the lube is all in one place, the more movement the better spread it will be. Now repeat, this time add more thrust downwards."

Johnny nodded and sat up then down. This time Greg's cock slid in harder causing him to cry out from the new sensation. A tingle shot from his ass to the tip of his dick then up his spine causing him to curve backwards against Greg.

"Do it again, faster, don't stop."

Johnny didn't make any sound, only moved as ordered. Each thrust building up a straining in him. His brain itched for release. The next thrust caused him to shudder and clench around Greg. His breathing raced in tandem with his pulse. Tears ran down his cheeks from his eyes being forced closed in concentration. All he wanted was more of the contact with the man beneath him. Greg's hands played up his spine, burning a pattern over the bones and skin.

Groaning, Greg wrapped the man in his arms, holding their bodies together. Mindless feeling enrapt him with each thrust into the Johnny. He gaped with intense pleasure, kissing his way over the man's collar bone up his neck to his jaw line. He felt the pressure build up in the back of his head. A moment before it hit him full force, he bit down on the muscles between Johnny's shoulder and neck. His horse, high pitched cries were muffled in the blonde's neck.

Johnny cried out from the sudden pain. The sting spent the last of his nerves sending him over the edge. Throwing his head back, Johnny's wide sightless eyes were filled with the brilliant glow of a dying world. Heat rushed through him, over him, burning away his flesh. He came, screaming, arms thrown wide.

Then a loud explosion rocked his body, throwing him back wards. He shuddered with another cry as another pierced his chest near the first. A third caught him in the throat as reality roar back into his mind. He couldn't feel anything. Johnny blinked, fighting to look around. His body wouldn't move.

Greg appeared above him, his eyes tight with tears. His lips moved saying something but he couldn't understand. There was no sound. When he failed to respond, Greg's lips moved quickly as his face contorted in rage. Greg looked away shouting at someone else.

The world around him started to grow brighter. He tried to close his eyes to the light, but that only made the brilliance worse. Soon he gave up and let it over take him and all was calm once more.

In what felt like both an eternity and less than a second, he was standing outside the convention hall. Looking down, he felt disconnected, like he was floating. His hand was clenched around something. Lights flashed and he jerked his head up.

Police and body guards were leading Sarah out of the convention center, her hands behind her back. She was screaming, trying to break away. They handed her over to Walt, who was standing at the edge of the entrance, when a surge of reporters started to crowd in. They pulled out batons and shoved people back.

He recognized Dana in the crowd of reporters hanging back. She watched with wide eyes. She glanced around then stared at another reporter. Her eyes closed, a tear slipped down her face. Quickly, she ducked around the throng and raced for the entrance. Just before she reached the doors, a small group of police caught her.

Dana jerked wildly to get through them. However, they held her fast and moved off to the side. Two men dressed in blue and white EMT uniforms carried out a body bag draped stretcher. The throng of reporters stopped moving, their faces turned ashen at the sight. They solemnly parted for the two men and their burden.

Their thrall picked up as two more appeared at the entrance to the building carrying another stretcher. This one was covered in white sheets soaked in blood, an oxygen mask and IV bags blocked the view of the person on it.

Greg Stillson came out shortly behind them. He was dressed haphazardly once more in the suit. His face promised retribution to anyone that got in the way. He started screaming and gesturing wildly at the guards and the reporters. They cleared a path for the stretcher to the waiting ambulance.

Johnny watched them go feeling nothing. He turned back to watch Greg. The man had turned from the reporters and was stalking towards Sarah. Drawing back, Stillson slugged her across the chin. The hit snapped her head back and into unconsciousness. He would have been surprised at the politician's actions, if he could feel.

Greg then turned on Walt and was point at him. Walt shook his head and tried to get a word in, but Greg shut him up with a cutting gesture. He yelled at the taller man once more then stalked off. Storming over to the convention center, he met Sonny at the entrance and dragged the man inside behind him by the tie.

Johnny watched as Walt carried the unconscious Sarah towards his cruiser only to be stopped by the police. He tried to speak to them, but they shook their heads and took Sarah from him. They placed cuffs on her while two other cops held Walt back. The first two carried her to a waiting police cruiser and placed her in the back before driving off.

He didn't understand all of it, but apparently Sarah had done this. It suddenly occurred to him that he was still holding the pen. Looking down, he opened up his palm. A name monogrammed in hand writing spelled out Sarah Bannerman. Then the world blazed back to white.

Johnny blinked open crusty eyes then squeezed them tightly shut. The brilliant light was real and above his head. He blinked a couple more times, shifting his body to avoid the light. Suddenly it was gone.

"There, much better. So you are awake. I was beginning to think you might have actually skipped out on me."

"Stillson?" Blinking open one eye, he stared through tears at a watery version of the man. "You look like hell."

Greg gave a self depreciating laugh as he looked down at his bed raggled clothes. "I do admit, staying by your side twenty-four hours a day for these three weeks has not been good for my appearance. What will the reporters think?"

"Oh god, they are going to think I'm your lover." He tried to wipe his face but groan when his chest spasmed in protest.

"I wouldn't move my arms too much if I were you, Mr. Smith. Your body is still recovering, it has only been a month since that bitch tried to murder you. However, the hearing is under way and I assure you she is being taken care of."

"Sarah?" John stared at Greg questioningly.

"Yes, her. I shoulda killed her when I had the chance. Seems she snuck into the convention center while we were other wise occupied. She killed some annoying detective who had been bothering me earlier with questions about you and then used the same gun to kill you. Sonny seemed to think she was only there to surprise us. Thought it would be good for a laugh. You'll be happy to know he is no longer in my employ." Greg sighed as he moved a lock of hair out of Johnny's eyes.

He coughed a bit then swallowed when he felt an ice chip melt on is lips. Breathing heavily, he coughed again. Johnny sleepily watched the almost caring face of his enemy. The man didn't seem to mind, content in wiping his face clean and feeding him ice chips. He moved his face to avoid another ice chip. "What about the others?"

"Oh, you mean that hick Sheriff and your son?" Greg paused to consider something. "They are being taken care of. Of course Mr. Bannerman won't be running for another term as sheriff as it was his gun used in the incident. That brat is being taken care of, your god father has seen to that at my request, of course. They won't ever have to worry about money again. In fact, I hear they are moving into the country to avoid the lime light of Mommy Dearest's actions."

He snorted before continuing. "Your therapist best friend will be by here later on today. Since his services will be in demand again, I can't... won't stop him from visiting today. But I don't at all care for the way he looks at me or you. Perhaps it might be better if I wasn't around for his visit.

"Your reporter ex-girl friend has been by here several times. So much so she has lost her job with that rag of a newspaper. It would seem she has come over to the dark side as you once put it." Greg smirked at Johnny's raised eyebrow. "She needed a job, I needed someone who could put a good spin on recent events, we work well together. I can see what you like in her. If all checks out, I might even make an indecent proposal or two. You, her, me, a night in a sleazy hotel room."

Johnny groaned again. This time from the absolute absurdity of the other man's thoughts. "You just don't get it do you? Not everyone will bend to your will!"

"Given time, Mr. Smith, I believe any thing can be accomplished. Now you lay there and get your rest. Since you are awake again, your physical recovery will be top priority." He stroked Johnny's face with a tender touch. "As to what the press thinks, they believe what I want them to. You are my lover and the rest is history." Greg started to lean back but stopped. "Oh, it just so happens that is what Mrs. Bannerman says set her off. It seems your appearance at my rally earlier that day combined with a few statements you made on the way out convinced them before the fact. You really should be more careful about what you say."

Greg leaned forward and placed an open mouth kiss on the side of Johnny's neck. As he gently nipped his way up the neck to the seer's ear, Stillson smiled. His lips moved to form a word.

Johnny stared into space, the brilliant radiation wave coming towards them. He knew they were going to die. That it also turned Greg on. But he couldn't bring himself to care. It was only one partial future, they still had plenty of time. The Vision-Greg wrapped his arms around Johnny and whispered in his ear.


Then the wave over took them.

THE END...................

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