Goldie Locks Meets Little Red Riding Hood.

Lopaka Tanu

Rated R

Category: Slash and Humor

Warnings: If you are against slash You off my planet.

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Disclaimer: I own nata.

AN: Told from Julian's POV

I stand here, baffled. It is beyond comprehension. It can't be true. Caitlin is cheating on me, all because she caught me with Cash last week. She said she loved me. Now she does this.

It was one innocent little kiss that lasted for five minutes, but still just a kiss. She stood there and watched. I thought she was all right with it. She said she was.

No, it is something else entirely. Yes, that is it. She is just under stress. Now that I think about it, she has seemed a little bit distant lately. She has been day dreaming a lot, too. I would often find her smiling, staring up at the ceiling tiles, and worry. Now I know why.

You know, at first, she said that we couldn't be together, that she was not ready. Then she said it was her, not me. Later I find she is repressing something. I thought it was the baby. I knew she was repressing some thing, but this, who'd have thought?

"Uncle Julian, do you mind? Go away. That's right, close the door. Bye bye."

I come too, and back out of the room quickly. Then I remember why I came here in the first place "Oh, before I forget, Caitlin, I want those specks on my desk by Monday." With that out of the way, I turn and flee her apartment. Serves me right for barging in.

Now that I think about it, it really makes since. I have always secretly had a thing for blonds, so why shouldn't Sasha? I mean she is a Luna, after all. I walk out to my car and am let in by my bodyguard, who takes the seat next to me. Speaking of blonds, where were we? Oh yes, I had my tongue down Cash's throat.


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