The Jadestone Serpent

By: Lopaka Tanu.

Fandom: Stargate SG-1

Pairing: Dan/Paul

Archive: Where Available.

Rating: NC-17 Slash

Warnings: Violence, Language, Sex, Dominance/Submission.

Series/Sequel: Prequel to Jonas Season or How to Unascend an Ancient.

Disclaimer: I do not own stargate or any characters there in.

Summary: Shifu should have paid more attention to the subject of the lesson instead of the lesson itself.

Spoilers: Absolute Power. If you recognize some of the dialog, yes, it is crapy, and yes, it is from the show, I can't write anything that sappy about little shit face... I mean Shifu.

Author's Note: Some of these may be out of what you would consider character cannon, but then again, this is my fic.

For Genie, here is the back story to Evil Paul and Evil Daniel.


My eyes opened. Well, they usually do that, but this time, it was for real. That little shit had finally let me go. I can't believe it, all those months, years, just a dream. Then again, we are talking about an ascended here. I mean, look what he did, all to prove that I couldn't take care of him. All that when a simple, I am beyond you, Human, would suffice. What a fucking brat!

What is worse is I remember it all, just none of the technical details. Like I saw it happen, instead of make it happen. The least he could have done was leave me a little something, like I dunno, how to build a personal shield. It would be nice not to have to depend upon that damn sarcophagus anymore.

Okay, so yeah, I am a little angry about my habit of dying, who wouldn't be? Now back to the matter at hand. I have to go and make nice with Shit face, I mean Shifu, so I can once again be told I am too young then be left in the dust. Again. It's official, I'm a Human door mat.

Sitting up, I notice that the infirmary is close to brimming with nurses, but not a single patient in sight. They all seem to be mourning the loss of someone. Wonder who died, hope it is that new tech on Sam's generator project, I really hate that girl. Teach that bitch to say I am getting fat. Besides, if so, I win the betting pool. It would be a nice change of pace, because usually I am the sure bet.

I try to be quiet, but one of them spots me. She lets out a kind of shriek that signals the heard that I am awake. Suddenly I am swamped by crying women.

Just. Leave. Me. Alone.

I am in no mood to deal with hysterical women. My ass is asleep, my throat tastes like week old bread, and I have to give birth to a catheter before I can get up.

One of them starts to reach down between my legs. Much to my disappointment, she is only trying to grope me, not remove the piss tube. Before I can slug a few of them, there is a very familiar throat cleared. Ah, my own version of God.

"Hello, Janet."

"Daniel. How are you feeling? Any residual head aches?" She puts a hand to my head after kicking the last reluctant nurse away. "No fever, that's a good thing."

"Yeah, so would being able to get out of here."

"Not so fast, Lazarus. Keep your pants on, I still have a few questions I need answered before I can make a pass...."

I can't resist. "Well, I dunno, Janet, it seems a little late to ask me out when you already have me in your bed, completely naked and at your mercy." There is a few gasps, one nurse hits the floor, and Janet looks at me with that evil glint she gets when she is about too... "Uh, Janet, what are you DOING?"

She holds up the now freed catheter. "Just making it easier for you to get out of my infirmary quicker. Now, where were we?"

I was holding my dick, trying not to scream from the pain flaring through it.

"Ah, yes. Okay, you were about to tell me just what the hell happened to you this time." Hand on hip, other holds clip board. I just know she is waiting for another chance to get those claws on my body. Sorry, not this time, Janet.

"Shifu touched my forehead and sent me through what felt like a year of hell just to prove a point."

At this she raises an eyebrow. "And what point would that be, exactly? It would have to be pretty big for him to go to such extreme measures..." She is rambling aloud, something we all have the tendency to do for no apparent reason. I will let it slide, this time.

"Actually, no, it wasn't. It was about being a good, moral little boy, and not to ask for something I am not yet ready for."

She gives a suppressed groan. Yeah, we've been here before. So when I say it, she chants along, word for word. "Though you have advanced further than we had expected, you are still not far enough. Your species is much too young, perhaps in a thousand years."

"That's enough, Daniel, I get the idea." She checks over her charts again, sticks a stethoscope to my back, cold, makes me breathe, then does it again. "Well, it seems everything is in working order, but I want to do a complete check up on you tomorrow just in case. Right now, I am sure the others need your assistance."

That reminds me, I have to thank Shifu for opening my eyes to something I had no idea was there. Which is funny, as I pride myself on knowing about these things. It kinda helps keep me sane. I smile as she helps me stand, but frown as she grabs my ass.

"Here, might want to cover that up. Just helping you," she says as she passes off into my grasping hand the ends of the medical gown.

"Sure you were." I ignore the disappointed sounds from the nurses while I march out the door towards the locker room. There is no use asking for my clothes back, if they weren't destroyed in the struggle to get them off, they were in the ensuing fight to get a piece. Damn nurses. I feel anger surge in me and picture my eyes glowing. Oh to be a god.

The walk seems to be taking longer than I remember. A glance to the hall markers says I am going in the wrong direction. But I keep going anyways. There is something more important to take care of than simple dressing. Ah, here we are at last. The door is closed, so I open it, silently.

His head shoots up as I click the door shut behind me. That shocked expression fills me with such a yearning my body shivers. "Dr. Jackson?" He swallows as I quickly make for his side, gown flapping. Standing, he drops the pen he was using to fill out something. "What are you doing..." My hand over his mouth cuts off all words.

"Silence!" His eyes wide, he reaches up to grab me. I stop him by slapping his arms away. Turning him around, I swipe his desk clean and shove him over it backwards. I bend over him, spreading his legs, staring into his eyes. With a slow forward curl of my hips, I grind my erection against the crotch of his pants. "Tau'ri, Kree! Shel Krek, Davis, Kree!" My words cause him to shudder as his eyes roll up under heavy lids.

Finally letting go of his mouth, I kiss him hard. I pull back long enough to take a deep breath, then dive back into his face, pecking along his cheek down his neck. Once I reach the collar of his uniform shirt, I grab it the hand not groping his body, and yank it open. There, I lick the perspiration from his pulse point before gently biting down. It only takes a minute of hard sucking before I know I have left a mark.

This time when I let go, I stand up and back to admire my handy work. The front of his pants are soaked from the orgasm, of which he has yet to recover from. There is a hickey forming just under his collar top, and he is bonelessly sprawled over his desk, on his back no less. Taking all this in, it is all I can do to not just take him here and now. But that would be very bad, as I would have to explain why the Major was calling me, my lord.

Soon, my pretty, little Krek, very soon.

I slip out of the office like I own the place and make my way towards the locker room. This time I really do head for the locker room. I make it there with only the minimal of stares. I would have beaten into submission all those who would challenge me in such a manner, but I need to maintain the persona of being Dr. Daniel Jackson, Boy Genius. Which brings up another point of interest. Note to self, have Teal'c smite Jack next time he suggests watching something as inane as Cartoon Network.

In the locker room, I throw on the usual casual version of the Air Force uniform for civilians. This pathetic garment is hardly what I am used to. Or would be, if it hadn't all been a dream. Sighing, I finish tying the laces on the durable boots. It just seems so disappointing, I mean I was the most powerful person on the planet, I was a god! Now look at me, reduced to cotton grown in a third world country by migrant farmers for table scraps. Okay, so I wasn't really, but damn it, I want to be.

I glance at my reflection, harmless Daniel persona is now in place. Another sigh. My eye catches something on Teal'c's personal storage shelf above his extra uniforms. Kohl. A grin lights my features as I take it. He can get plenty more from Chulack when he goes back for a visit with Bray'tac.

I make my way to the examine room I can feel hosts Shifu. Don't ask me how, I just do. Arriving just in time to hear him spout some platitude, I swallow on the bile trying to escape. Get over yourself, you little bastard. He looks at me with that dim witted smile, and I wonder what the hell I ever sought to raise him for. Just because he was born of my Sha're, does not make him worth the effort.

Here it comes, time for me to spout about a lesson learned. "The only way to win, is to deny it battle." blah blah blah.

He blathers back, "as Ohma teaches."

As Jack would say, 'really, who gives a flyin fuck?'

Janet hurries in looking a little harried, wonder what she was doing? 'Or who,' I think to myself. "He woke up just a few minutes ago." Not really, try more like ten or fifteen.

"One of these days I am gonna figure out if she's worth listening to." Walking towards the boy, I try not to reach out and strangle him. I'll teach you a lesson about fucking with people's minds.

He blinks like he is being benevolent, but I really think he is trying to remember some more of them ignorant platitudes that sound like they came from a fortune cookie.

"What happened," Sam butts in trying to be the caring voice of deep concern, but comes across like she is about to strangle me for being alive. Probably pissed she won't get to cross examine the little shi... Shifu. Like I haven't forgotten about your betrayal in my dream world. You got off so easy on that one, bitch!

"I was having a dream." See, I too can be vague, yet oddly insightful.

"But what?" That's the way to ask them hard hitting, ground breaking science questions, Sam.

"That's not really important right now." Dismissed, Blondie. I look back to shitface. "But what is important right now, is that I chose a new path."

"And it is time for me to continue on mine." Yeah, whatever. Just go, glow some where else.

"Wait a minute, if he really is, Harsessis..." Ah, Aldwin, the planet killing while you are on it, Tok'ra.

"He is." Did that come out as a little snappish? A quick look shows them all still stunned over recent revelations to care about my pissiness towards the snake.

"We can still extract some very valuable information from him."

"No, you can't." TeeHee. Okay, time to rein in those evil instincts. They weren't real, I was not a god on Earth. But I so want to be!

"I don't understand."

No shit, Sherlock, I want to say, but instead I just give him a simple "I know." Which is very disappointing, yet satisfying in a petty little way.

Shifu looks at me again. "Thank you for telling me of my mother."

"She would have been very proud of you." And if this keeps up, I will have to trade in these boots for hip waders.

"Of you as well."

Of course you dumb fuck, I was her husband, you were the product of a rape, so just get the hell out of here before I... You know what, just go, now, before I lose my composure and terminate your annoying existence. "Will I see you again," I have to look down as I ask, trying to keep the hatred out of my eyes is too much, even for myself.

"All roads eventually lead to the great path."

"Eventually." Great, that means I will *eventually* kick your ass.

"Many cross along the way." He smiles.

I give a sad smile, hold back on the gag reflex.

Aldwin interrupts again with another intelligent observation. "What's going on, we can't just let him leave."

Sam finally gets it. "I don't think we have a choice."

And finally he has gone glow worm on us. About damn time.

We follow the little shit face out through the halls as he floats along like a gooey squid. Over the announcement system I hear the General. "All personnel, this is general Hammond. There is a... Glowing energy being heading for level twenty-eight. We believe it is heading for the gate room. Lower your weapons, and do not attempt to intercept."

About the time he finishes, we, as in the rest of SG-1 and me, reach the control room. Sergeant Davis at the controls states the obvious, as usual. "The gate just opened sir." Well thank you for informing us people, I mean, we could see it, but we just didn't know what the hell it was until you told us.

Shit face pauses on the ramp before the activated gate, then turns to look at me with those glowing eyes. Ah, yes, thank you for reminding me who your father really is. Now go on, scamper away with your other glowing, woodland friends like some demented Bambi. Go! Shoo! He just stands there, until after a full minute, he turns and drifts away.

Damn glow worms, where is a bug zapper when you need one? When he is gone, the gate shuts down leaving us in silence. We all stand there, trying to look profound. I believe only Teal'c and I can achieve it. The other two can just kiss my hairy ass.

Speaking of kissing ass...

I can feel my eyes becoming hooded as I turn to go.

"Do you wanna talk about it?"

I ignore Jack as I continue walking out of the control room. I am sure he wasn't talking to me anyways. Turns out I was right, I hear him and Sam the slut talking. Me, bitter? Hardly. Okay, just a little, but I intend to make both their lives hell from here on out.

As for now, I believe I have some unfinished business to take care of. First I make a stop off at the small armory in the science department and grab a few needed tools. A delightful smile graces my face. It is only a small thing really, but it still feels good.

The short walk from there back to the office fills me with anticipation. By the time I reach out and touch the handle, I feel practically giddy. I twist it quickly and walk shove the door open.

Major Davis is standing behind his desk using a rag on his pants, trying to clean up the spunk stain. "Davis, Kree!" He drops the rag as he crouches into an attack posture. When his eyes flit to mine, actual fear fills them.

Lust fills mine.

He reaches up to his collar to my mark, an accusation on his face.

This makes me angry. My Krek should be grateful to bear my marking. I advance towards him with my hands raised.

He reaches for something on the desk but I am faster.

I shove him against the wall, knocking the air from him in a vocal whoosh. My smile is practically feral as I rip open his uniform jacket along with his shirt. Bare chested, he is a beautiful sight. Running my hands down that tone body, I reach the buckle and quickly undo any restraints on his pants.

By now he is breathing in shallow pants that have nothing to do with being forcefully shoved into the wall. I look up from my hands into his eyes to catch the pure lust and acceptance written clearly on his face. That little bit of confirmation is all I needed to know he agrees to be mine.

My hands are now into his boxer shorts, which are still sticky from earlier. I pull one out, holding it up so that he can watch me. The other I use to wrap around his hardening cock. Slowly, I lick up one side of my hand while I stare in his eyes. He groans, then thrusts into my hand. I twitch my free index finger at him then squeeze his erection hard.

"Krek, Kree! Jole lo rec, Kree."

"What," he gasps out.

I squeeze him hard again causing him to cry out. "Krek, Kree! Jole lo rec, Kree."

"I don't understand... AH!" He cries out at another grip. "Please, Daniel... Gah! Please, master!" Good, it proves he can be taught. I reward him with a slow stroke of his long erection, paying special attention to the head with my thumb.

"You are mine Krek. You will do as I say, when I say, how I say. Is that, clear, Krek Davis?"

"Yes, master."

"Good." I give him my sweetest smile. "We are going to start your education, Krek Davis, so that you may please me better. You do want to please me, don't you?"

"Since I first laid eyes on you, master."

"Good." I let him go and he falls to the floor. Apparently I had been leaning into him, holding him up against the wall. I drop the can of Kohl at his feet. "Clean yourself up, and put some of that on." Taking out the decorations we took from the Goa'uld in the hopes they might be weapons, from my pocket, I drop them too. "When I get home, I expect you to be decorated accordingly, Krek."

"Yes, Master." He is looking down at his body, eyes hidden from sight.

He is submissive, too submissive. "Stand up."

"Yes, Master." Like a good Krek, he complies. As he attempts to pull up his trousers, I block his grip, going down on my knees. "Master?"

A look from me silences him as I take the tip of his cock in my mouth. I start to hum as I suck on him. He likes it so much he starts to whimper my name over and over. My Krek shows restraint by not doing the obvious of taking my head and fucking my mouth like some dog. For that, I reward him by finishing. He cries my name as he comes. Swallowing, I look up at his lust filled eyes.

As he tries to pull back, I gently bite down on him. His eyes meet mine. A quick nod and I release him. Good, he understands even now I am the one who has control. It is my will to give pleasure or pain. He knows and accepts. Of course he does, he is mine after all.

His grunt causes me to realize I have been nuzzling his crotch while I was thinking. I can't help it, he smells good. Growling, I pull up his boxers, followed by his pants. He yelps as I zip his pants over his dick bulge. Teach you to interrupt my thinking!

It takes me a second to stand as my knees are weak from all this kneeling. This gives me special insight for future preparation. Note to self, have Krek do leg strengthening exercises for proper kneeling. My legs are still a little wobblely so I fall forward to land in his arms. He offers me a shy smile, my dark one turns his into a fearful plea. I give him one last kiss of promise then go. "My place, tonight, be prepared." He whimpers so sweetly, just like he did in my dream.

Shifu, you little shit, thank you for helping me realize my inner megalomaniac. Though I doubt that was the lesson you had in mind, thank you none the less. Perhaps, when I next see you, I won't kill you. At least not immediately. Until then, I have bigger fish to fry. Walking back to my office, I make plans on which system lord to kill next, which Tok'ra to expose to the goa'uld, and how most to annoy Jack Ass and Sam the Slut.

The End............ For now.

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