Chronicles of a Lunatic

Lopaka Tanu

Disclaimer: The characters are not mine, story is.

Summary: Midnight encounters bring Benton his greatest fantasies.

Author's Note: Yes, it is a Panthera Tigris! Some of the aspects of this story are derived with permission from a story written by MR. Thank ya kindly, Sweet Heart.

For Connie.


Benton Fraser was not one to make mistakes of this nature, but he could hardly believe his own eyes. There had to be something wrong. These things did not just wonder around freely in cities. Even if they did, they don't here. He stopped walking, rubbed his eyes, and checked again. It was gone this time.

Smiling, he felt better about himself, at least the illusion was gone. It really was past his bed time, and he shouldn't have had all that pizza, or those beers Ray seemed so intent he drink. There is, after all, a courtesy in refusing something you know will ill effect you. Such as it was now.

There came a growling behind him and his back became more rigid. Closing his eyes tightly, he began muttering the rules of the Mountie under his breath. Some time ago it had become his prayer and mantra. His mind couldn't help making the connection.

A mantra, a repeated hymn used by monks to settle their minds into a state of calm and relaxation. A state that allows them to see and think clearly even on a deeper plain of existence. This belief came from the Hindu Monks of Northern India. The same home of the Panthera Tigris that was making its presence known again with a growl.

He shuddered as the big beast's voice rolled through his bones. There was no Bengal Tiger running through the streets of Chicago loose. He was sure that Ray would have received word of it, and by default, himself. No, it was merely a figment of his very drunken and over indulged imagination. It was a penance for thinking such thoughts as he did. After all, he was a very bad boy, no one should be thinking about people in such a way unless they are in a relationship with said person.

This tiger was only a... Very real creature as it was now attacking him.

Well perhaps attacking was not the correct word. Molesting would be more accurate. The Tiger had him down on the ground and was mauling the crotch of his pants. Kittenish was the only word that sprang to mind. Though he doubted very much kittens were so... amorous! Much to his despair, he found himself growing aroused.

"Um.. excuse me... Would you mind not doing that?"

The Tiger's ears twitched in his direction but other wise made no move of acknowledging him. In fact it was now starting to rip open the front of his uniform with much enthusiasm.

"Please, not that. This uniform is very expensive and...." The Tiger fixed him with it's slitted eyes. "Right! Well, best go right on ahead. Good luck, have fun."

The Tiger resumed tearing open his uniform until there was nothing but shredded fabric over his starched white boxers. It stopped biting and started sniffing. Heat from the moist breath made him shiver. It nuzzled the flaps open, snapping the button at the waist.

Benton's eyes went crossed as he groaned. The hot tongue had licked down the shaft of his erection. The rasping heat flicked around the tip and he arched up to curl around it. Needing more contact, his body wished to protect that sensation.

What was left of his mind recognized the madness of his position. There was something very wrong with getting off to having a tiger fondle you with its tongue. When the tongue licked him again, he promptly forgot all reasons why this was a bad idea. The reasoning returned in full force when the Tiger's head had turned and started to nibble at his erection.

"Uh, no! Bad Kitty!" The Tiger ignored his protests and continued using teeth. When one large canine nipped the tip, he screamed, and the tiger bit him. Its teeth dug deep into the muscles of his pelvis and he cried out from the pain. Shouting was heard in the distance, distracting the cat from licking the wound. When there came a siren, the Tiger took off at unbelievable speeds.

Fraser felt weak as he sat up. Wincing from the pain, he looked down at the cuts in the skin, pubic hair mixing with the wound. His penis was still there, he noted with some relief. When he saw the blood, he promptly passed out.


Fraser awoke in his cell, a blanket thrown over him to protect his modesty. What had awoken him was the clanging of the door on his cell as it slid open, his annoyingly cheerful expartner was there. Groaning, Benton put an arm over his face. "Please tell me I am dreaming, Ray."

"No can do, Benny. So who was she?"

Fraser lifted his arm to peer at Ray Vecchio. "Who was who?"

"That blonde chick the witness says he saw running from you. It was a nasty site, coming upon my best friend with his uniform all tore up." Ray shook his head as he sat on the bunk across from Benton. "I was the first cop to the scene, God must have a sense of humor. You, Benton Fraser, a Mountie for our lord Jesus Christ's sake found naked in the street, pants in shreds, after having sex with a hooker. That's low, Benny. I mean as seven deadly sins low."

"Pardon me, Ray," Benton sat up, "but I did not fornicate with anybody last night. I was... attacked by some wild animal."

"Yeah, well keep that part about last night's escapades to yourself, her frozen highness is on her way to pick you up. May be you should contemplate the moral status of your soul."

"Ray, I am serious, it was a Panthera Tigris..."

Vecchio held up his hands. "I really don't care what her name was. Just get yourself presentable. Really, Benny, a hooker?" Shaking his head in disgust, Ray walked out of the cell. He continued past the edge of the block and into the station itself beyond sight.

Fraser sat up, shaking his head to clear it. He looked down under the blanket to make sure he was still... whole. There were no bite marks, no scars, just a sticky mess where it looked like he had deflowered a virgin. He ran a hand over his forehead and down his face in anger. This was going to be a problem.

Starting with Inspector Thatcher.

Grabbing the blanket up tight around his waist, he started for the cell door. A quick look around revealed nothing in the corridor. Feeling secure enough, he ran down the hall to the bathroom, slamming the door behind him throwing the lock in place. Putting his weight on the door, he released a deep breath.

"That a new part of the uniform?"

Fraser's eyes went wide at the voice. Turning in horror, he came face to face with Frannie Vecchio. "Francesca!"

"Fraser!" She smiled as she saddled up closer to him, resting on her hands which were on either side of his head. In a low, throaty voice, she whispered in his ear. "I thought the rumors of your arrest were only that. Color me surprised to find you really are a horny Mountie."

He swallowed hard as he tried to pass through the door via osmosis. "I assure you, Ms. Vecchio..."

"You ass-sure me?" She gave a light giggle. "Have you come in here to ravage little ole me, you big, strong, hunk of a Mountie?"

"That is quite enough!" He stood up straight, forcing her back from him. "I came in here to escape the prying eyes of the station while attempting to correct my most unfortunate of circumstances."

"You make it sound so... dirty." Her eyes lit up, then hooded as she slunk her body over his. "Tell me more."

"Please control yourself. I don't think you want to be doing this."

"Fraser, don't worry, I won't tell my brother," she whispered into his neck. "I have wanted this for so long." She pulled back a little. "Speaking of long, how big are you? Because I only have medium sized condoms in my purse. Let's find out, shall we." Her nimble fingers started on the knot he had made of the blanket around his waist. She stopped when the door they were leaning against started shaking from a pounding.

"Get yer han's off my Mountie! Frannie, I'm warnin ya, don't make me come in there!" The door shook violently under a second pounding. "Ya got to the count of three and I am knocking this door down!" Both occupants barely had time to move before the door came crashing down. Kowalski stood there with a smile and a battering ram from SWAT. "Three."


"Kowalski, what in hell do you think you were doing? You almost crushed us... I mean poor Fraser under that door!" Frannie tried to pass her rumpled look off as shock as she clutched her chest.

"Oh give it up, Frannie. You aint in no shock, or a blushin virgin. Like I said, keep yer hands off the Mountie. Come on, Frase, pitter patter." He turned and started off, handing the battering ram to a uniform.

Fraser looked Frannie's angry glare, shrugged and scuttled along holding the blanket tight around him. "Ray!" He tried to wave, but when the blanket let loose, he immediately gripped it again. "Uh, Ray. Please wait, Ray."

"I don't have all day, Frase." Ray continued on through the station at a quick pace, Fraser following as fast as the blanket allowed.

Shaking his head in embarrassment at the cat calls, Fraser groaned. He knew this was going to be a bad day.


How right he was. The inspector was on his hide the moment he walked through the consulate doors two hours later. First for not being there when she came to get him. Second for being there in the first place, and third for damaging the sacred uniform of the RCMP.

He had sentry duty for the rest of the month, and 'no time to play with his friends' as the Inspector had put it. She was 'more than a little pissed' at him as Ray had stated. Come to think of it, the only person who hadn't been mad at him was Constable Turnbull, whom just kept bouncing off things and blushing every time he came in the room. Diefenbaker had been notably absent the entire day.

However, his job prevented him from searching for the wayward half-breed. At the end of his shift, he was feeling slightly disoriented. Something was slightly queer... more than usual. As the sun was setting, he decided it was best not to search for Diefenbaker that night, but wait until the following morning.

As soon as his head touched his pillow, he was transported to a weird world of creatures with reflective eyes and long tails. They were all about him, in many colors of orange, white, gray, silver, and even blonde. Their eyes glittered in amusement as he tried to stand up and kept falling on his ass. Finally giving in, he sat down and stared at them. It was only then that he noticed their positions around him.

The white ones, two of them, laid side by side, play fighting over to his right. The normal orange and white two stared at him with an emotion that made him shiver when contemplating from his left. The gray one kept flicking his tail about, and rolling on his back. Another gray one reminded him of someone, glowering off to his rear. The silver seemed to be laughing at all this from his perch above them all. And the large blonde one sat in front of him, the big blue eyes just daring him to move.

When the large blonde one showed a little fang, Benton knew what was happening. He displayed his teeth, twitched his tips, and pulled back his ears. This time the blonde mimicked his movements and added a low growl. His ire was up, along with his fur, and he snarled at the blonde tiger. Blonde snarled right back, flicking the tip of his tail. Before he could snarl again, a shout rang out from behind him.

The big cats scattered, he with them. Catching the eye of the blonde tiger, he made sure to let it know this wasn't through. Blonde Tiger snarled at him and ran off. Benton made to follow but sirens were heard in the distance and panic set in.

Before he could run anywhere, Benton's eyes popped open as he laid in his bed, panting. The disturbing dream seemed to fade only a little as he tried to calm his pounding heart. It was almost real, except for the fact that he was a big tiger in the dream. Noting that it was only three am, he went back to sleep.


At five am exactly, Benton shot up in his bed, arching his back. First forward, then backwards he stretched his body while straddling the cot. It felt so good, he did it again before standing up. The haze of his warm, sleepy body did not deter him from the morning exercises. He was at the door in his RCMP sweat suit before he noticed that Diefenbaker was not waiting for him.

It took him a moment to recall the last time he had seen him. It had been two days before, he had run off when Ray came to pick them up. The wolf told him in no uncertain terms he had a date with a local bitch and would not be deterred. As he had taken off, he taunted Benton about his date with a little blonde bitch. That was when Ray chose to pull up, so it had been pointless to chase after and correct the wolf.

Now that he had his priorities straight, he would search for the missing Diefenbaker and have that talk with him. Grabbing a leash from out of his desk just in case Diefenbaker decided to be difficult, he set off. The walk through the consulate was quiet as Constable Turnbull was not yet present.

At the front door, he opened it to find the Inspector fishing out her keys. He smiled at her frown. Something inside prompted him to show her his teeth and stare her down. Her reaction was to do the same. After a few moments they broke off, both with a mutually satisfied smile that they were equals.

Now he was off. There were few people out at this early in the morning, mostly joggers and the night shift going home. What few he passed were too focused on their own rhythms to notice him. This was for the best, he needed to concentrate on his own search. To that end, he picked up the scent of Diefenbaker and started off.

It was old, probably from where he ran everyday. But it was still a track. He fallowed along until he came to a dead end alley. There he saw large cans of trash thrown about as if from a struggle. Cautiously he walked into the dark inlet. "Diefenbaker?"

The wolf came out from behind a dumpster, fangs bared. He growled a warning at Fraser.

"What is the meaning of this?"

A growl and a yip.

"I am not acting strange. I'm not the one running away and threatening friends." When Diefenbaker stepped forward, Fraser did too, baring his own teeth. "Diefenbaker, you will not threaten me," he growled out. He felt disoriented as he watched the world around him seem to brighten then reorient itself.

The threat had the desired effect. Diefenbaker backed away, ears down and tail between his legs.

"That is better, now get back to the Consulate, no stopping along the way!" Satisfied the wolf would do as he bade, he continued on his morning run. Several times along the way, he smelt something that drove him crazy with rage. Something was in his territory marking it as their own. Making sure no one was watching, he untied the draw string on his sweats and proceeded to reestablish his ownership. This was repeated for the entire three mile radius of his jogging route.

By the time he arrived back, the Consulate was already open for business and Constable Turnbull was standing sentry duty. This also gave him pause. Last recollection had him at this post for the next month. Curiously, he walked up to the at attention form. "Good morning, Constable Turnbull." Circling around his subordinate, he sniffed at his general air. There was no reaction.

He felt challenged by the unyielding presence. There was here one who was not yielding to his superiority. It must be dealt with immediately. Growling slightly, he bared his teeth at Turnbull. "I said, 'good morning, Constable Turnbull', you are supposed to respond." Still nothing but that constant dead ahead stare.

Incensed by this sheer act of rebellion, he grabbed up the insolent Constable and hauled him back into the Consulate over his shoulder. Snapping at any who would get in his way, he stormed into his office, setting the Constable on his feet. "You will greet me according to my status as your superior."

Turnbull continued to stare straight ahead, no signs of stopping.

"Very well, Constable, you leave me no other recourse." As his hands reached out for the Mountie, the door swung open. He whipped his head around to glare at who would dare interfere with his actions.

"A little early for a nooner, Frase."

"A nooner?" The blonde detective had a way with confusing him.

"Sex in the middle of the day."

"Sex? I was not..." He looked at his out stretched hands, reaching for the uniform of his subordinate. "This is not what it looks like."

"What does it look like?"

"I was about to dress him down..."

"Ah ha!" Ray crowed his triumph as he walked into the office.

Rubbing an eyebrow in consternation, Benton looked away. "Ray, I really wish you would not do such things. This was a private matter of discipline..."

"Fraser!" Moving through the office, he picked something off the shelf beside the desk. "S&M, Frase, I knew all that leather was going to be a bad influence on you."

"Please, Ray..."

Ray turned to look at him, smacking his hand with the previously taken riding crop. "That's right, beg me." His eyes roved over the sweats clad body of his partner, stopping at the parts where they were stretched from use. He grunted and adjusted his stance. "Time to get ready and go, Frase. Let the decorations alone."

"Ray!" Fraser snapped out his anger and frustration. "I will do as I please. I have other duties to attend before my shift starts. Now please leave."

"Sorry to disappoint, but the ice queen and Lieu had a few choice words and you are free to go. Now hurry and get out of them sweats cause your ass is mine for the next eight hours." Strutting up to the furious Fraser, he smirked. "Now leave the Mountie alone and come with me." He swatted Fraser with the riding crop. "Now."

"Out of respect for our partnership I will not harm you for your actions. Please leave my office."

"I'll take that as a yes." He passed behind Benton and swatted him again. Pausing at the door, he gave one last smirk. "Any time you think you can take me, Frase, yer more that welcome." Then he walked away.

"I'll be sure to take you up on that offer, Ray." With-out looking, he reached for his uniform and left the office.


He found staring at the Consulate with an impatient look, hand on the horn. As he opened the door, Ray glared at him.

"About time!"

"Bite me, Ray."

"Don't tempt me."

Fraser stared at his partner as the man put the car in drive. His attempt at shock had failed miserable. Holding on to the dash, he silently cursed whatever deity that had stuck him with one Stanley Raymond Kowalski. The man was irritating to a fault, hyper as a two year old, and to top it off, drove like a blind man with a lead foot.

"Get the fuck off the road, shit head!"

"Ray, I do not think that flashing your lights and honking the horn will make him go any faster."

"Who asked you? Move that piece of shit!"

Ray was clutching the wheel with one hand, while alternating slamming on the horn, flicking the light knob, and signaling his anger with the other. This served no purpose but to make the driver ahead of them to slow down and sign back. The driver held up a hand gun and Ray did the same. Only Ray leaned out his window and fired, forcing Benton to grab the wheel.

"Ray! What are you doing?"

Ray pulled back inside and glared at him. "What's it look like, I'm gonna make this sucker sorry he ever threatened a police officer with a gun." He went back out, glasses on, and blew out the back tires on the other vehicle.

Benton, having put most of his body in the driver's side, stomped on the brake and pulled over onto the side walk to avoid hitting the guy. A few street venders where taken out by their car, but nothing else was hit, much to his relief. He jerked the blonde detective back into the car, and was about to tear him a new hole. Was being the operative word.

When Ray came back in, he sat on Fraser's lap and wiggled around. "Feels kinda lumpy. Like I have a Mountie shaped seat cushion." Flexing his ass, he smiled. "Is that something in your pocket or are you happy to see me?"

"That is my Sam Brown, Ray."

"So you named it, eh Frase?"

"No. I believe it was the names of the makers, Ray."

"Uh, that is gross in a weird incestuous way."

Fraser rolled his eyes skywards and sighed. "The Sam Brown is the official belt of the RCMP Uniform." Grabbing Ray's hips, he slid the man forward.

Ray stopped wiggling the moment his ass touched the large cock.

He leaned into the blonde detective's neck whispering into his ear. "That is not, Ray."

Ray tried to get away, but was held down by the arms that went around his body. One tightened across his chest, the other over his abs. "Frase, let me go."

"Why should I do that, Ray? I like you in this position." The arm around Ray's abs slid down to cup his groin. Purring softly, he nuzzled Ray's neck. "You smell good."

"This isn't happening. I'm goin ta seriously hurt ya, if you don't let me go." Ray gasped as the hand about his crotch gripped him hard. "Let go, Fraser."

"I don't believe that is going to happen, Ray." Easing his grip, he gently massaged him through the denim. "You see, I am not feeling myself today, and I really don't care what others want or consider right. None of that matters to me. Which is odd," He trailed a finger up the button fly, undoing them slowly. "because normally I would more self restraint than this. Do you think," When only the top was left, he slid his hand between the flaps. "I should show more," Wrapped his hand around the hard cock and stroked the tip. "self restraint?"

He moaned unashamedly as he thrust into that hot hand. "Oh god, yes, Fraser, more!"

"All right." Benton let go and pushed Ray off his lap.

"What the hell?" Ray nearly screamed as his cock was forced into the cool when Fraser let go.

"I believe we have a criminal to deal with, Ray. Perhaps it would be best that you buttoned up before we got out. I would hate to have to arrest you for indecent exposure."

"What the fuck was that, Fraser?" He was burning mad at the calm voice of his tormentor. "You start stroking me off and then quit just before I cum. That is mean, Frase, just mean. No body likes a cock tease."

"Really, Ray. I do not think such language is appropriate. Perhaps we had better have this conversation when we get to the station. As now we have a suspect with a gun and a temper to deal with." He put on his Stetson and opened the passenger door. "And, Ray, button up, it is a little cold out." With that, he was out of the car and walking towards their perp's.

Ray stared at him dumb founded but did as told, growling the entire time. He buttoned up and then climbed out of the car through the passenger door, the driver side blocked by a clothes rack just under the handle. He showed his badge to the upset vendors, and shoved his way through. With a sour look, he noted that Benton was unmolested by the venders. The thought of being molested and Fraser made him shift in his pants.

Benton walked up to the driver side door where the perp was climbing out, gun in hand. "Please drop the weapon." Kicking the door shut on the gun hand, he smiled when it fell. "Thank you for your cooperation. Now please exit the vehicle and assume the position." He jerked the guy out by the lapels on his leather jacket. Then slammed him face down against the car. "Sir, do you have any weapons on your person or any other illegal possessions with you?"

The guy started to mumble a curse.

"Really, sir." He slammed the man's face into the car roof. "It is not polite to say such things in the presence of a lady. I'm afraid my partner is going to have to arrest you." When Ray reached his side, he let the man go. "He is all yours, Detective Kowalski."

"Thanks a million, Frase."

"It was really no problem." He walked away as Ray cuffed the man and read him the Miranda rights. Some wonderful scent had caught his attention. It was coming back from the way he had come, one of the vender stalls. There were tied oriental objects and incense all over the Chinese vender's table. Walking slowly, he stalked up to the table. Catching sight of his target, his hand snatched out and grabbed the dried plant. Holding it to his nose, his eyes rolled in pleasure.

"Do you like it?"

Fraser had to force himself to acknowledge the little man. "Yes. It smells heavenly. What is it?"

The man made a gesture as he backed away. "Take it, for you it is free." Bowing, he disappeared in the crowd of gawkers.

Fraser frowned at the space the man had been, but was soon distracted by the plant again. Shrugging off the strange encounter, he walked away back to the car just as Ray tossed the perp in the back. "Find anything of interest in the car?"

"The usual, three bags of pot. I could ask you the same about the locals." He pointed to the dried plant. "What ya got there?"

"I'm not quite sure, I find myself too distracted by it's scent to make a comparison."

"Really?" Ray made to grab it, but Fraser growled at him. "Fine, keep the damn weed. Just get yer ass in the car, I wanna take him down town before some smart ass uniform decides to play detective. I don't need you doin any more of your dirty hairy impressions."

"I find your reasoning to be flawed, for it was not I who hung out of the driver side window while firing at a moving vehicle."

"That is more Mel Gibson, Lethal Weapon style."

Fraser looked him up and down. "I believe that your reckless nature and physical appearance more resemble Clint Eastwood then Mel Gibson."

"What, are you sayin I'm some old man with a gun and a bad temper?"

"I believe the saying is, 'if the shoe fits, wear it'." Fraser gave him an innocent smile and climbed in the passenger side.

"You are really askin for it, Frase, you know that." Grumbling to himself, he joined Fraser in the car. "I sometimes wonder about your mental stratus."

"I believe you mean, status, Ray."

"Whatever. Point is, yer a freak."

"Coming from you, I shall take that as a compliment."

Ray cocked an eyebrow, but otherwise remained silent. He checked on the battered perp once, making sure he was still bound. Satisfied, he put the car in gear, and pulled away from the venders, running over a few more. Noticing their supplies, he shrugged and backed over them, then drove away. "What's a few more hours of yelling compared to removing that great evil?"

"Agreed," Benton nodded.

"You sure you are all right?"

"I told you, I do not feel completely myself this morning. Besides, I find that song to be of great annoyance, and the character merely a tool to pander to the ignorant. There for, I find your actions justifiable and in fact, even admirable."

"What does a navy guy have to do with backing over Barney?"

"Never mind, Ray, just drive." Rubbing a thumb over his eyebrows, he licked it, then repeated the gesture several times.


At the station, Ray parked the car and dragged the perp inside with a minimal of fuss, having threatened to let Fraser handle him. Once inside, he handed him over to a uniform for processing. After he made sure the guy was not going to be anymore trouble, he lead Fraser to the squad room.

Fraser stayed closer to his partner, the other people of the station making him agitated. There was an air about them of hostility, he wanted to protect his Kowalski from them. Of course he kept this thought from his Kowalski, the man had a tendency to do stupid things when it came to being protected. It never occurred to him that thinking of the man as his might be wrong. So he stayed no further than three feet from his detective.

Ray noticed the stares he was getting from the other people. They had seen the way Fraser was on his heels like a lost puppy. Then again, this was nothing out of the ordinary. Fraser did this sorta thing whenever he felt threatened. That in turn led to him feeling suffocated and needing to escape. Which ended them both up in trouble. After a moment's deliberation, he decided that it was okay to blow a gasket, how much trouble could he get in a police station?

"Frase, would you back off! I aint no chick in need of a mother hen."

"Lower your voice, Ray."

"No!" He turned on the Mountie in anger, staring him in the eyes. "I will not lower my voice! You been on my ass since we got here."

"I'm warning you, Detective Kowalski, lower your voice."

"Oh, so now I am Detective Kowalski..." was all he got out as the hand clamped over his mouth, holding his jaw tightly shut. Murder was in his eyes as he struggled to get free.

Benton merely spun him around and brought him up flush against himself. His arms crushed the slighter man, preventing any movement but a shaking of the legs. With Ray's back to his front, Benton felt the resurgence of the earlier heat. His world seemed to get brighter as his strength increased. Growling softly, he whispered in Ray's ear. "If you do not do as I say, Ray, I am afraid I will have to do something drastic."

Kowalski shook in his arms, his muffled voice came out as incoherent snarls.

He shook the blonde once, snapping his long body like a whip. "Don't struggle, it only makes me harder." A moment of silence from the other man made him review his words. "I meant your actions make this all the more difficult. If you do not cease, I shall be forced to take more appropriate actions.

By the time he was through, Ray was slack in his arms. His breathing labored, eyes glazed. When Fraser set him down, he pushed back into the arms. Then he realized they were surrounded by people. Looking over his shoulder, he smirked. "Did ya know how dirty that sounded, Frase?"

Flushing, Fraser sputtered his reply. "Why... I did... Ray!"

He reached over his shoulder and pinched the Mountie on the cheek. "You are so cute when you blush."

"Ray, I must ask that you refrain from grabbing my cheeks in public."

The shorter man rubbed his back side against the Mountie. "Oh that's what I'm talkin about. Do somethin else."

"Remember, Ray, you did ask." Purring softly, he slid one hand deftly down the back of Ray's pants between his cheeks.

Ray squirmed as the large fingers stroked his bottom, leaning against Fraser to give him better access.

"That is quite enough!"

Fraser stiffened at the growled voice. He did not like being on the end of that anger. Far too often he had been a party to the receiving end. "Lieutenant Welsh!"

"Constable Fraser. I thought you two were supposed to be working together, not making out in the middle of my station."

"I was just getting a handle on my partner's abhorrent behavior. Isn't that right, Ray." Fraser gripped Ray's balls, giving them an extra squeeze as he said it.

"Oh, yeah, hand on, gripping tight, hard." Nodding, Ray closed his eyes and squeezed his legs together. "Lieu, would you excuse me, gotta go take care of somethin, just a minute in the little boys room." He started forward.

Benton pulled back his hand quickly. Then made a quick look around to make sure no one had seen his little actions. Folding his hands behind his back, he stared straight ahead. "Is there something I can do for you, sir?"

"Go take care of Kowalski and make sure he doesn't get into too much trouble before I get a hold of him. I just heard about your little adventures in Lethal Weapon land. You and Riggs there get your act together and in my office in fifteen or else I'm calling the Inspector."

"Yes, sir! We will be there." When Welsh was out of sight, he headed off in the direction his marching partner had gone. Looking around, he glared at the people who stared at him. He followed Kowalski's scent to the bathroom where he lost it in the strong stench of urine. There was a sound of half sobbing coming from the other side of the door. When he pushed it open, he was shocked by the sight that greeted him.

Ray was standing over the sink, staring into the mirror, eyes red. It took him a few moments before he noticed Fraser staring. He watched Fraser through the mirror, an unknown emotion in the blood shot eyes. "I can't do it."

"What is that, Ray?"

But the emotion was already gone, and Ray was slipping on a pair of sun glasses. "Nothing, Frase. Forgettabout it. What did the Lieu want?"

"I do not think it is nothing..."

"Drop it! I have other things to worry about. Like an irate boss, so whip it out." Licking his lips, he tilted his head a little. "How long did he give us?"

"Fifteen minutes..." Then Ray was on him. His mouth was being plundered as his body was ravaged, hands finding ways past the fastenings on his tunic. Fraser didn't know what to do with an arm full of wild Chicago Detective so Ray made it easy on him.

"Hold there, your weight will block the door in place." Pulling back to breathe, Ray grinned. "So, are you a screamer or a grunter?"


"I'm betting a grunter, but there is only one way to find out." Humming to himself, he slid down the front of Fraser's uniform, kissing along the way. When he was on his knees, he looked up at Fraser. "Is that a gun in your Jodhpurs or are ya happy to see me?" His hands slid over the zipper, quickly dropping it. "Why, Fraser, I didn't know you cared."


"Come on, you should've guessed by now. God, if that aint a pretty sight. All bright red and peach, skin over flesh." He seemed to hesitate a moment, then wrapped his mouth around the tip.

Fraser bit his fist to squash the scream that threatened. It just felt so good, like he was being sucked down a drain, only a hot, intensely strong drain. Then that set him wondering where in hell Ray learned to suck like this. But that was soon forgotten as the blonde started to hum and deep throat. It took all his reserves not to just grab that wonderful face and just hold there.

Ray was enjoying this. Fraser was making all sorts of whimpers and squeaks as he tried not to alert their fellows. Not only was he getting Fraser's cool, he was also getting off on it. The earthy, salty taste was strangely familiar, yet oddly strange at the sametime. As he started to hum in earnest, Fraser's hips suddenly bucked wildly and he was swallowing the warm fluid.

His scream when he came was choked off. There would be no sound as he could not breathe. Ray's mouth was doing things to him that only two days ago he had been fantasizing about. Through bleary eyes, he looked down at his smirking partner. It took all his will not to become hard again from sense memory.

"Ah, feeling refreshed?" The shit eating grin grew into full blown goofy as he tucked Fraser back in. An evil thought hit him. Before he knew it, he was zipping up his partner with his teeth. He felt the warmth from the cock as it began to grow again, nestled against his nose. Letting go, he looked at Fraser's face. "Sorry, Frase, gotta deal with the boss man now, may be later." Then finished zipping and stood up.

Benton almost protested as he was forcefully moved from his door. Ray's hand settled on his uniformed arm and pulled him out of the bathroom. Following along, he finally recognized the song Ray was humming again. Lolli Pop.


"And if I ever hear about another thing this reckless... this stupid, I will have both your asses in lock up so fast, your eyes will still keep spinning long after your heads stop! Am I making myself clear?"

Benton felt the need to correct the Lieutenant's grammar, but decided against it. He merely nodded his ascent.

"I can't hear your marbles rattling, Constable."

"Yes, Lieutenant Welsh."


Ray smirked at his growled out name. "Sure thing, Lieu."

Outside the office the others cringed as another string of obscenities filled the station. They made a great deal of importance of ignoring the two as they quickly exited Welsh's office. When the two had passed beyond the entrance, they were suddenly animated again.

Ray shook his head in disgust, watching them through the open door way. "Come on, Frase, lets leave these prairie weasels to their gossip."

"I believe you mean Prairie dogs, Ray."

"No, I meant Prairie weasels. You know those black masked thieves that eat prairie dogs."

"Ah, the black footed ferret, yes, I remember."

"So, ya know what I meant then." Ray ignored the sigh as they walked out of the station and down the curb. Taking one look at his car, he paused, turned around, and stormed up the steps of the station.

"Where are you going?"

"I'm gonna scratch that bastard! Gonna scratch him until he bleeds too death!" In the next instant, Ray was in the air, kicking out, trying to get free. "Let me go, you bastard, that bastard has to pay for scratching the Goat!"

"Ray, this is not the time or the place. Besides, it is your fault." Benton had him pulled back to the car, pressed bodily over the trunk.

"My fault! That bastard causes me to wreck and it is my fault!"

"Yes, your fault for climbing out of the window, pulling your gun and blowing out his tires. Your fault for leaving me to suddenly take the steering wheel and leaving no room on the road for your car to park. So you see, your fault."

Ray stopped struggling. "You know what, sometimes I really hate you."

"I hate you too, Ray."

"Good. Now how about letting me up, that is unless you wanna go at it here for the whole world to see. Cause, gotta say, Frase, that is even weird for you."

"Why are you flirting with me?"

"Who said anythin' about flirtin? I thought I was offering my ass." He flexed his butt cheeks. "Here or home?"

"I believe I will walk today." Suddenly he let go, ignoring the disappointed moan from Ray. "Yes, today looks like a good day to walk. I shall see you tomorrow, Ray."

"Oh, so my ass isn't good enough for ya?" The detective slid off the car, and was following him, strutting his body.

"I don't understand what is happening, but this is not you."

"Don't try that crap on me, Fraser. I have seen enough women do that to guys, don't you try that 'lets just be friends' bull on me." He over took the long stride of the Mountie. A graceful leap brought him face to face with Benton. He put out a hand, stopping the large man in his path. "I am offering you everything you have wanted. Don't lie to me, I have seen those hungry stares you send my way."

"Get out of my way, Ray."

"No, not until you say you will fuck me."

"I will not."

"Then I'm not going, un uh, no way." To prove, it, he crossed his arms. "Gonna have to go through me, Frase."

"That will not be a problem." Reaching out, he grabbed the slighter man, and lifted him out of the way. He pushed Ray away as he tried to rub against him. After the man was out of his way, he took off at top speed down the block and out of sight of the man calling his name. When he was sure that Ray would not catch up with him, he slowed his pace to a brisk walk.

There were still some blocks between his current location and the Consulate, so he decided to do some thinking. Many things were going strange today. Well, to be quite honest, the past few days had been a little more than unusual. Ray acting like a person of loose morals, Ray acting like a devote Catholic, Francessca even more aggressive in her attempts at seduction and Lieutenant Welsh, to use a term he had heard quite often, 'growled like a bear with a tooth ache'. Something was definitely strange going on.

He paused long enough to growl at and stare down a rotwieler that had bounded at him from a run down building. When the dog wet itself out of fear, he continued on.

People and animals alike were behaving weird today. Diefenbaker's rebellious nature had been even more so this morning. That was something intolerable.

Speaking of intolerable, he had yet to finish dressing down Constable Turnbull for failure to acknowledge a superior officer of the RCMP. Again, something to blame on his erratic partner.

One moment the man was breaking down into tears, the next he was sexually assaulting him against a men's room door. Most disconcerting. This all spoke of mental duress. Perhaps something bad had happened to Ray. It would explain the varying degrees of emotional extremes. He would have to inquire later, if he could keep Ray off him long enough.

His mind drifted from one thought to the next not staying for long. Soon enough, he reached his destination, Turnbull was not at his post. This incensed him, dereliction of duty was an offense that would be brought up in front of a triumvirate. It was inexcusable.

Feeling the cold fire of rage rush through him, he stormed up to the building, threw open the doors, and marched down the halls. Following his nose, he traced the scent to the strongest point. His office. There the larger man still stood at attention, eyes facing forward, unmoving. That stopped any words he might have had.

Curiously, he circled round the 'stuffed Mountie', another term of his Ray. Both Rays. The Constable did not acknowledge his presence, yet again. But this time, common sense prevailed. The Mountie was not to acknowledge anything that did not pose a threat to the Consulate. It made perfect sense, so why did it still bother him? While he was contemplating an answer, the clock struck four.

"Ah, good afternoon, sir. If I may inquire, just what am I doing in your office?"

"Good afternoon, Turnbull, and no, you may not. I am sure you have other duties to perform, good day."

"Yes, sir, and a good day to you too, sir." Saluting, Constable Turnbull marched out of his office.

Sighing in relief, Fraser sat down on his desk. The day had flown by and he hadn't even noticed. It must have taken him longer than he realized to walk back to the Consulate. That would explain his sudden fatigue. Quickly he slipped out of his uniform, for once not caring where it landed. All that mattered was laying down. When the floor became to tempting, he gave in and fell flat on his face, asleep as soon as he touched down.


The world was bright again, even though it was night. He was back in the alley with the large cats. This time, the normal Bengal Tigers were keeping their distance, the blonde cat hissing at them every move they made. He paced forward towards the aggressive cat. When the cat caught sight of him, it lowered his tail, stretching it out to reach for him.

They linked tails as the blonde rubbed against him. First cheeks, then foreheads touched, marking each other. Benton felt a purr start deep in his chest and rumble out into the night. It felt right, just like what happened next.

The blonde tiger ducked its head under his forepaw, followed by his body. He knelt down, and stuck his tail out to the side, meowing repeatedly.

Benton bit the neck of the big cat beneath him and mounted.


He awoke to the taste of wolf and carpet. Diefenbaker was licking his face and he had been sleeping with his mouth open. Gagging, he pulled away from the hybrid and scooted back against his desk.

The wolf-dog stared at him curiously.

"No, Diefenbaker, I don't think I am all right. In fact, I shall request that time off you are always pestering me about. It will be good to see home again."

Diefenbaker yipped at him.

"I know, you think it is about time. You don't have to tell me. Go eat some tooth paste while I inform the inspector."

A growl.

"Because your breath stinks and I don't feel like having to smell you constantly today."

With a grunt at the annoyed Human, Diefenbaker walked away towards the bathroom.

Fraser had his hand on the door knob before he realized he was completely naked. Though he was sure the inspector would later berate him if he had gone out, she might not be able to think clearly while around his current state. He almost decided it would be worth the trouble. Almost as he wanted to get out of Chicago fast. Something was wrong here and he felt that he couldn't get away quick enough.

Quickly he stepped into the sweats he had disguarded yesterday in an uncharacteristic sense of nonchalance. They would have to do for this needed to be done quickly. This time he walked from he room without a second thought. Heading towards the inspector's office was more oppressive than usual.

He discovered why when he reached her office, the door was standing wide open and the Inspector was displayed across her desk. She was caressing her self, an ice cube running down the center of her bared breasts. "Come in, Fraser."


"Don't keep me waiting."

"I am afraid I don't understand what is going on..."

She looked at him sharply. "For the Queen's sake, tell me it really hasn't been that long."


"Since you had sex."

"Oh dear!" He ran a thumb over his eyebrow in a nervous gesture. "Ah, yes, well, not quite. Um, you see, I didn't come... That is I am not here for... I wish to request time off from my duties. I feel it imperative as I can no longer perform them with any margin of success."

Thatcher sighed with disgust as she stood up from her desk. Walking around behind it, she grabbed her uniform top jacket and put it on over her shoulders. She rambled through the desk drawers, pulled out a form, signed it, then place it back in the drawer. "Go."


"Go, as in leave, vacate my presence. You have six weeks. After which I expect to see you back at your post to resume that guard duty I had assigned you, only tripled in length. Do I make myself clear?"

He avoided her scathing gaze. "Yes, Ma'am." Then he saluted and walked away. It had been easier than he thought. Perhaps he should have spurned her advances two years ago. It would have definitely saved on some of the problems.

Once he reached his office door, he stopped trying to figure out what was going on for the sake of sanity. There were just something's a man just shouldn't know. A sex crazed inspector was one of them. He opened the door and there stood another.

Frannie was seducing his wolf. Or at least it looked at that was she stripped in front of the lulling Diefenbaker.

He didn't wait to find out what her problem was, he simplify grabbed her, her clothes and forced both of out the door. Slamming it shut, he leaned against it glaring at the wolf. "Just what were you thinking?"

A wolf smile.

"Get that look off your face. She would never have gone for it. Then again, as things have been strange of late, who knows. Get your things ready, we leave in ten minutes." With that, he rushed through his office gathering his personal belongings, extra clothes, and his father's journals. When he was done, there was a small shoulder duffle filled and his travel bag was slung over his other shoulder. "Are you ready, Diefenbaker?"

In answer, Dief walked up beside him, saddle bags over his back.

"Right, let's go." As he opened the door, a familiar after shave wafted up to his nose. "Ray, what a surprise."

"Surprise nothing, Benny!" The irate Italian pushed past him into his office. "Just what the hell is goin on with you? Didn't I tell you to stay away from whores?"

"I have no idea what you are talking about, Ray."

"You're lying to me, Benny, and liars go to hell. Do you wanna go to hell?"

"Well no, but..."

"Then quit lying. I know you were with that whore last night. I was there, I saw the whole thing."

"Ray, I assure you, I was here the entire time. I was, at no time, with this woman of loose morals you are talking about."

"Who said anything about a woman?"

"But you said..."

"I said a blonde whore."

"Oh dear. I've got to go!" He backed out of the office and slammed the door shut. Holding the knob, he jerked back and pulled it off. "Oh my, sorry, Ray. Slippery fingers, I guess. But I have to run, and I don't have time to fix it."

The door shook as it was pounded from the other side. "Benny, I am warning you, don't make me get ugly. Benton! You are going to hell, I hope you know that!"

"That's nice, Ray, and thank you kindly," he called out as he dashed down the halls towards the front exit of the Consulate. The front door was standing open and Turnbull was sweeping the entrance. "No time to talk, Constable. Good morning, good day, and good bye."

"The same to you too, Constable." Turnbull sashed as he continued to sweep.

Fraser only shook his head at the man while heading on. At the curb was the familiar black car. Heading up one side of the walk was Frannie, and she was looking pissed. On the other side of the walk was Ray having escaped some how, now minus his suit jacket looking very shabby in a torn shirt. It was literally a rock and a hard place. He decided to go for the hard place and opened the GTO's passenger door.

Quickly he motioned the wolf in the back seat, and jumped in. Slamming the door, he turned to Ray. "Drive!"

"You got it, partner, just you and me." Ray put the GTO in gear and floored just as Frannie made a dive for the windshield. She slid off with a loud squeak and they pulled into traffic. "Wanna tell me where we are going?"

"Uh... I'm not exactly sure. Something came up, actually several things, and now I have to get out of town for a while."

"Sure, no prob. Any direction in particular?"


"Ah, gotcha, gonna have to take the China Town express way."

"I have no problem with that, perhaps we should obtain some food before leaving." Benton glanced at Diefenbaker over his shoulder. "Lots of it."

Ray swerved through traffic like a mad man, smiling behind his glasses. "Notta problem. Give me ten, and we will get there fast."

Benton started to regret his decision on picking Ray as the blonde nutcase in the next seat grinned at him wickedly before flooring the accelerator.


The car pulled up in front of a Chinese shop/restaurant. Well not so much pulled, as crash landed. Benton was holding the dash board in what he was sure qualified as a death grip. Ever since he had been thrown against it during a quick stop, he had not let go. Opening his eyes, he saw that Ray was grinning at him in that maniacal way of his.

"You okay?"

"Fine, Ray, thank you for asking."

"We're here."

"I see that."

"You going to get out?"

"Actually, I thought I might let my body rest for a moment before I did."

Ray's grin grew three times larger. "'Kay, buddy, see you inside. When you're ready." With that, he climbed out and slammed the door.

Fraser's already over sensitive nerves screamed louder at the noise making him jump. He sat with his head pressed against the dash over the glove compartment, hoping the world would just go away. Silently he swore to never let that blonde evil kinevil drive again. When he was sure he could walk again, he opened the car door.

It took all his energy to climb out of the vehicle. The ground seemed to quake under his feet and he grabbed onto the nearest thing for support. A thing which happened to be a Chinese shop keeper with a broom and apron. Letting the startled man go, he tried to smile. "I must apologize, I am feeling a little dizzy."

"Watch where you are going, asshole!" The young man flipped him off as he went back to sweeping the dead leaves from the sidewalk. "People like you are the reason this country is going to hell."

"I am afraid I don't understand what you mean. I was just a little dizzy from..."

"I know what you are dizzy from." He put two fingers to his lips making sucking sounds. "My cousin is one of you lousy dead beats."

"Yolow! What have I told you about talking to strangers?" An older Chinese woman came out of the store ringing her hands on her apron. "Have you no curtosey, no since of family honor?" She stopped glaring at the young man and stared at Fraser.

"Momma, this druggie nearly knocked me over from his stumbling!"

The woman ignored her son, eyes wide as she made a gesture towards Fraser. When her son started towards her, she grabbed him placing herself directly infront of him. "What do you want?"

"My partner and I stopped for food and supplies, I am taking leave, ma'am."

"You can not have my son."

Now it was turn for Fraser to stare. "I do not want him."

"What is going on, Momma? Why are you acting this way?"

"Silence, Yolow!" She pressed his reaching hand behind her back. "Then why did you attack him?"

"I did not, as I was attempting to explain to him, he was the closest thing I could grab before I fell. I was dizzy from a drive." He ran a thumb over his eyebrow, a nervous gesture from habit.

Staring at the Mountie, she backed her son towards the shop. "Go inside, Yolow. See that his partner gets what they came for."

"But, momma..."

"Do as you are told, undisciplined child."

He huffed and flipped Fraser off again before complying.

The mother watched Fraser, listening for her son to leave before doing anything else. When the bells stopped jingling from the handle, she stepped cautiously toward him. "You must forgive us, we did not know your intentions. With your kind, it is always best to err on the side of caution."

"I do not understand, I am a member of the Royal Canadian Royal Mounted Police, there is no need to practice such caution in my presence. That is unless you are running an unlawful business. If that is the case, I am afraid I must ask you to cease at once."

She smiled at him. "You have no idea, do you?"


Taking pity on him she grabbed his hand and pulled him along towards a shop three spaces over where the stands out front were loaded down with assorted merchandise. Grabbing a mirror, she held it up for him to see his face. "Your hair line, it is shaped like an M. It is the mark of the Demon Tigara."

Confused at her words, he looked at his reflection. Sure enough, his hair line was forming an M. "A widow's peak, I hadn't notice."

"It is not a widow's peak, that is less developed. You are a demon, spirit, protector of the temples. Your shapes very from human to a large tiger, very beautiful. You bring good fortune or grave punishment. My son has been in trouble with his cousin lately, I was afraid you were here to take his soul to the dark realm."

"Ah, yes, well, no, I am not. I am afraid you must be mistaken." He looked back towards the shop seeing Ray being added by the Yolow to the car with three large bags. "Excuse me, but I must go before Diefenbaker cons Ray out of any food."

"Diefenbaker? Ray?"

He pointed at the wolf jumping out of the car towards Ray. "He thinks he is Human and Ray only feeds his delusions."

"So this Diefenbaker is a Demon too?"

"Sometimes." He then smiled kindly at the woman, Stetson in hands. "Look, I must be going, I can no longer stay here."

She nodded as if it were sage advice. "I agree, the crime here has gotten bad. Perhaps it is time to move to another city, open another shop."

"No, I mean I have only six weeks leave before I must come back and I wish to waste as little time as possible."

"So you will be returning to guard the city?"

"Yes, it is my sworn duty."

"Perhaps upon your return you might deal with the crime here, I don't feel safe anymore. But with you around, it might not be so bad." She gave him a toothy grin. "Free egg roll with any wanton soup."

"That is a tempting offer, I promise to take you up when I get back. Good day." He placed his hat back on and started off to the GTO. "Diefenbaker, leave Ray alone. Ray, don't feed him that."

"Oh come on, Frase." Ray put the box of take out in the bag and then placed that in the car. "He says he likes it."

"I don't care what he likes." Out of sheer morbid curiosity, he pushed back the spikes on Ray's head. "A M."

"Uh, Frase?"

"Your hair, it forms a M."


"The young man's mother, she said something about... that..." He trailed off as Ray bent forward to place something in the car, his ass rubbing against Fraser. Benton watched as the shorter man rubbed against him, purring. "Blonde whore, of course."

Ray shot up. "What did you call me?"

"Not me, Ray Vecchio."

"Fuckin spaghetti dicked balding shit! I'll kill him!"

"Ray, get in the car. We have to talk." Fraser climbed in the passenger side and watched as Ray sulked to the driver's. When Ray had settled in and put the car back on the road, he started. "What are you?"

"Samething you are."

"That doesn't answer my question."

"Fine, we are basically Were Tigers. Know the thing about were wolves? Well samething, only with Tigers and it is every night, not just full moons in which we change."

Fraser nodded. "Why me?"

"You wanted me. I can't have sex with a human without turning them, this was the best of both worlds."


"I asked the Pride Elder's permission, the Lieu, and he said go for it. So one night I followed you home like the big bad were kitty I am, and attacked you. I tried to make it as painless as possible, but shit face interrupted us by calling the uniforms. Turns out he wants you for himself. So did half the pride. Frannie and Ice Queen are major contenders. But last night sealed any question of who I belong to."

"Last night?" He groaned as the memories came to him. "Oh dear, that dream was real, and that tiger was you?"

"Yep. Been tryin to get you to take me for three days. Tried hard old fashioned dating, hard to get, and then yesterday I went for the who gives a damn."

"Wait, you said who you belong to, what do you mean?"

Ray sighed as he thumped the wheel in time with the radio. "Vecchio challenged me. I had to claim protection or fight him, if I lost, he would become my new alpha. I am not Vecchio's bitch!"

"Why would he challenge you?"

"He wanted you for himself. I wanted you. He challenged, I offered myself to you, and you accepted last night. By the way, next time, try not to be so rough when you pull out."

"So that whole cat in heat routine was..."

"A ploy."

"Ah." Fraser nodded. It gave him ideas. Wicked ideas. "You are now my beta?"

"Yes." Ray sounded nervous, not so cock sure as he had been a moment ago.

"Does that mean you have to do as I say?"


"Good, I think I shall enjoy our trip through the North Western Territories."

This time he audible gulped. "North Western Territories?"

"Yes, Ray, I am going home for six weeks, and you get to come along."

"Uh, Fraser?"

"Yes, Ray?" Benton looked at Ray as the world started to go black.


"What is it, Ray?"

"Wake up, Fraser."

"I am awake."

"No you're not. Come on, Pally, time to get up."

Fraser opened his eyes. He wasn't in Ray's GTO, and his Ray was no where to be seen. A figured moved closer to him in the dim light, holding out something to him. "Who is there?"

"Fraser, don't be silly, you know very well who I am."

"Ah, Francessca."

"Yes, but you know to call me, Sister Mary Vecchio. Now it is time to take your meds, you have been asleep all afternoon so you missed the last dose. Come on, be a good boy." She held out the little pill container with a cup of water.

"Where am I?"

Frannie sighed as she rolled her eyes. "So today is one of those days. Okay, You are Benton Fraser, resident of the Chicago Home for those who survived the gulags. Turns out that McCarty was a right, the Soviets were planning an infiltration of the United States back in the fifties. It started with the Korean War, and went down hill from there. We lost over two million in the first days back in seventy-two. Early one morning in October they landed in all the major cities from New York to San Fran.

"Rebels fought back, but they suffered heavy casualties. You were a child caught by rogue US military men who had strayed off into Canada to avoid capture. The Russians followed them, killed them and sent you to a gulag as a conspirator. You spent the next ten years there until they were driven out by the Canadian Rebels. Since then we have tried to rebuild what little we have, unfortunately some were beyond repair or help. So they built this and sent you all here."

Fraser stared at her in a daze, memories fitting her words coming back. "What of my grand parents?"

"Dead before you were born. Your mom shortly afterwards. You were raised by wolves, well, a wolf. He pulled you out of a stream when your father left you for dead. A group of Mounties found you two years later mourning the death of your protector. From what they said, Diefenbaker was a great wolf."

"Half wolf, and yes, he was." Fraser nodded as a tear slipped down his cheek. "So I was never a Mountie?"

"No, though sometimes in your more cloudy moments you think you are." She forced the medicine in his hands. "If you want to continue talking, you have to remain lucid, that means taking the meds. I know they make you weak, but Fraser, you have to take them."

Nodding, he accepted them, cupping them, but not placing them in his mouth. He pretended to swallow them and placed them in his shirt sleeve. "Now please go on."

"What do you want to know?"

"Where is Ray?"

"Father Vecchio will be by later to say nightly mass. If you want to see him..."

"No, Ray Kowalski."

She stopped her motions. "Oh, you aren't asking the easy questions today, are you." Folding a bed cloth over her lap, she sat down in a chair across from him. "Ray Kowalski was a room mate of yours. He died three years ago. You found him in the bathroom looking in the mirror crying as he slit his wrists. Or at least the orderly on staff said you told him that. You were absolved of any wrong doing. He was simply too tired of the meds and depression to live. I'm sorry."

"Thank you kindly," he said in a daze. "I think I would like to be alone."

"Okay, if you need anything just yell for Huey or Dewey, they are on duty after dinner. Good night, Fraser." She stood up, kissed his brow and left pushing her cart.

He sat alone in the darkened room in a daze. His Ray was gone. Just as he gets him in one place, he loses him in another. But everytime he tried to get his muddled mind around it, it didn't ring true. All he could remember was watching 'The Wolf Man' on the late late show and then falling asleep. His usual dreams were tempered with the movie and his preoccupation with cats.

He looked around, and sure enough on his walls were picture of cats. All hand drawn. There was one of Diefenbaker, one of his Ray, but the rest were cats.

Climbing to his feet, he put on the hospital slippers and walked out of the room and down a hall. At the end was an orderlies' desk with a security guard sitting there watching a TV. He waved at Turnbull, and walked on past to the commissary. Dinner had already been served and he was allowed to raid the fridge.

He smiled at the words scratched across the freezer door. Ice Queen. Patting it gently, he smiled. "Good evening, Inspector Thatcher." The refrigerator motor kicked on in response, chilling the insides. He was bent over grabbing a plate of dinner when something rubbed against his leg. "Just a moment, Ray."

There came an impatient growl/meow.

"Language, Ray."

The cat growled at him again then stormed away.

"Patience was never one of your strong points."

"What's takin so long, Frase. Jeese, pitter patter already, I'm hungry."

Fraser went ram rod straight, afraid to turn around. "Ray?"

"The one and only. Except that other guy, only he don' count. Don't think he knows how."

Fraser didn't stop the laugh.

"Well whattaya know, the Mountie has a dark side."

"I'm not a Mountie, Ray."

"Yeah, and I am the pope, quit foolin around and bring the damn turkey already."

Fraser nodded, grabbed the plate of Turkey and turned. "I apologize... Ray?" He dropped the plate.

"Oh great, now I have to eat if off the floor." Ray jumped off the table, graceful as a house cat, landing near the turkey. He waved his naked butt happily in the air as he bent over to pick it up.

Fraser stared in awe as the man ate. Gently he ran a hand down Ray's back, smiling when he arched into the touch. "How is this possible?"

Ray stopped eating and looked at Fraser. "You been taking that poison they call meds again?"

"I missed the afternoon because I was asleep and here," he handed Ray the ones from his sleeve, "I didn't take them tonight."

"That's good, Frase, real good. You need to get that crap out of your system, it rots your brains. That night you said you found me committing suicide, I wasn't. Damn hospital cat scratched me and I was rushed to the emergency room because of blood loss. I changed in the middle of the night into a friggen tabby and been hauntin these halls ever since. Huey and Dewey think they have a ghost, driving them nuts is my number one source of amusement." Ray looked him over. "That is until you are awake."

"What happens when I am awake?"

Ray wiggled his eye brows, but before he could do anything, a big gray cat hissed at them. "Oh come on, Lieu, do I interrupt when you and the rentacop go at it?"

The cat hissed and growled.

"Okay, one time, one! So we are even, now get the hell out of here!"

The cat hissed but ran towards the guard desk.

"That should keep him busy for a while. Ever since he scratched me, he thinks he owns me. Now where were we?"

Fraser put a hand on Ray's shoulder, stopping him from advancing. "What are you doing?"

"Tryin to ravish you, what does it look like?"

"But Ray, you're a cat."

"Are you discriminatin against me, Frase?"

"No, Ray, merely stating a fact."

"Oh, well, in that case," Ray dragged his finger nails down Fraser's arm, braking the skin in several places, "the same to you pal. Now get that ass exposed, I'm feelin frisky."

"You are being completely unreasonable, Ray."

"And you like it. Enough chit chat." He grabbed Fraser's hospital bottoms and yanked them down. "Kitty wants some tail." As he settled between Fraser's legs, he kissed him thoroughly into a dazed state. "Merow, Frase."



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