Mothers Day.

Lopaka Tanu


Rated: G

Warning: Happy Mothers Day all.

Sloan sat behind her computer, updating her website about the Dominants. Today was the first chance she had had since Tom's and her wedding and honey moon last month. "Damn it!" She cursed over the same little pop-up window that came up every time she tried to access her work. A little heart floating around the screen saying ‘press me’ and ‘be my baby soon’ became too distracting for her to ignore.

Quickly she looked around the office too see if any one else was around. Noting the lack of traffic, she pressed the button and all the lights in the building went out. "Oh crap, they're gonna kill me!"

Just as the last word left her mouth, the computer released a cry that sounded an awful lot like a baby. Crying babies that were crawling in their diapers soon covered the blank screen. Soon, a new image appeared: the silhouette of a man bending down to pick up the babies. All of the babies quieted down and, in an orderly fashion, lined themselves in to four words. "Happy Mothers Day, Mommy." The man stood again and waved his hands around to the beat of the song 'Having My Baby', and the babies started to sing the words.

As the last of the words finished, the man bowed to his little chorus that started to scatter about the screen again. He then turned to face Sloan, and his form lit up. The computer image of Tom smiled at her. "Hey mommy. Come home soon. I miss you and the little ones."

Sloan looked down at her waist, stunned. She placed a hand over her lower abdomen and smiled, "I'll be right there, daddy."

The image of Tom started to do a little dance that looked more like jerky movements of a puppet. As he rolled his hands, he began to point to the door. Music began to play in from the overhead announcement system as the lighting began to turn off and on in the direction it wanted Sloan to go like a runway. "Do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight...."

She barely made it down the office hall in the direction the lights wanted her to go from laughing so hard. As she rounded the corner, she ran smack in to a dancing Tom in front of a computer camera and blue screen. He stopped moving and eyed her suspiciously. "What took you so long? You humans have no idea how hard it is to pull off these moves."

Sloan Danials smiled at her husband and encircled him with her arms. "Is that all you got, daddy? Cause I would be a little disappointed if that is all you chameleons were capable of."

Tom did the moon walk back out of her arms, did a 360, and proceeded to do the Hustle. He stopped as she bent over clutching her stomach. "Is there some thing wrong, Sloan?"

She fell on her butt shaking from her laughter. "Next time Tom, just send flowers."

Tom watched her like a psychiatrist with a mental patient. "I see human pregnancy has affected your judgment. Very well, I shall do as you wish. Humans! No wonder they want you gone, no taste what so ever." He then proceeded to finish his dance as Sloan rolled on the floor laughing.


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