Lopaka Tanu

Fandom: WitchBlade

Coupling: Jake McCartey/Isaac Sullivan

Warning: Violence Slash m/m sex, male pregnancy.

Rating: Nc-17

Disclaimer: I own nata.

Archive: Yeah Sure You Betcha, just tell me where.

Status: Complete.

Based on a Challenge from Challenge the Muses.

10. Outdoor Sex - or sex in any public place for that matter. Time to bring on a bit of the wild side. An element of danger to add to the excitement. But... will they get caught in the act?

Author's Note: AU at the point where Jake is in the club and runs in to Isaac. Anthony Lemke makes a cute psychopath.

Spoilers: Relies heavily on the episode Diplopia, contains spoilers for the rest of the first season.

Summary: Dr. Peter D'Angelo created Isaac Sullivan and his like for the purpose of furthering his own greatness. His research into genetics was further than any man of his day, only no one knew how far. When the WitchBlade brings them together, Pez finds herself asking the question, 'why Jake?'

Part 1 "A kiss from death's lips/The devil's caress of skin/Hell's fire burns where touched!" - Forbidden Passions Haiku

The music pulsed through Badlands as the crowd vibrated in harmony with the beat. Jake McCartey stood dazed as Pez left his side to walk out of the club. His mind reeled back to the kiss and he wondered why the mustache was such a turn on. Shaking off the feeling with a thought of 'let's not go there', he turned to follow her out. Someone bumped in to him, body to body. "I'm sorry, I should..."

"No need to apologize." Isaac dusted off the man in front of him checking to see if he was all right. With a feline grin he looked into the blue eyes of the gorgeous creature in front of him. "Detective, how good to see you. I knew you were one of us the moment I saw you."

Gaping, Jake fished for words and pointed towards the door. "I... I... ah... It's not..."

Isaac leaned in to Jake and seductively whispered into his ear. "Did any one tell you, you are cute when you get that deer in headlights look?" With a purr he licked the outer edge of the detective's ear.

Jake shuddered as the moist heat sent a jolt through his body, awakening his fogged mind. Gently, yet forcibly, he pushed Isaac away from him. "I'm not that way."

Isaac grinned conspiratorially at him. "Oh yeah, then why did you just kiss Mr. Mustache?"

"That was a woman, my partner, you know Sara Pezzini."

Nodding, Isaac grabbed the broader man by the shoulders and pulled him close. "Sure, and I like to dance the Macarena in pink taffeta."

Jake put up his hands to knock Isaac's off his shoulders. Backing away slowly, he thought on possible escape routes. "Look, I said I wasn't interested."

"You said no such thing. In fact, your body has been sending take me now vibes since you first saw me." When Jake opened his mouth to deny it, Isaac took the advantage to cover it with his own. His tongue searched every nook and cranny of the other man's mouth.

Jake felt his body start to harden in certain places and melt in others. The next thing he knew he was backed against a pillar on the opposite side away from the dance crowd. As Sullivan kissed down his face to his neck he let out a strangled moan and looked at the ceiling. The flashing lights reflected off the painted surface causing a hellish look. He turned his head to the side to see a few other men and two women in various states of making out.

Isaac felt his heart beat in time with the circadian rhythm of the music. Franticly he clutched at the man in front of him and started to tear open his shirt. Jake grabbed his hands trying to force him to stop, but Isaac ground his pelvis in to him, making sure he could feel him through all the leather. He growled when he felt Jake's erection through the front of his pants.

Jake stopped fighting and gave in to the stimulation. His body responded in ways he had not thought about in years. He allowed himself to feel the denied pleasures for the first time. When he threw his head back and groaned from having a man's hand in his pants a new sensation took hold of him. He wanted to be fucked, hard! With a deep look he stared Isaac in the eyes and conveyed his need.

Isaac nodded, and turned Jake around, crushing him bodily in to the pillar. He gripped the man from behind fumbling with his belt and button. When Jake tried to help or interfere he slapped the hands away. After a few moments of frantic struggling Jake's pants were open and being jerked to his knees.

Even in the deafening club, he heard the unmistakable sound of a zipper. Jake shivered from a mixture of emotions and the slight chill of the outer rim of the club. Suddenly he felt a hot, moist hand between his cheeks and he was in heaven. Mind started to forget why this was a bad thing. When it pulled back he felt like crying. The monster that replaced the delicate fingers made him panic.

Sullivan smiled at the movements of the suddenly scared detective. "You flutter like a butterfly in a net that knows its fate." He huskily whispered in Jake's ear as the man struggled harder to free himself. "Oh, I am afraid it is a little too late for that my pretty. Much like your arthropod counterpart, you are going to get pinned." When Jake stopped long enough to think on what he said he slammed home.

Jake felt Isaac's cock enter his ass up to the base, then stop all movement. He nearly screamed at the mixing of pleasure and pain. Gods it felt wrong, long, hard, perfectly shaped, large, and just right! He knew some where inside this was meant to be, things like this did not just happen. Broken out of his musings, Jake cried out when the dick pulled out then slammed in again and again.

Slowly he built a rhythm he knew Jake would like. "Damn, you're tight. First time, must be." He huffed his breath in Jake's ear causing the other man to shiver from pleasure. Kissing down the neck and nipping at the flesh he increased the pace to match the beat of the music.

Jake thrust back with all his strength as Isaac pounded in to him. He let his body move to the music which only seemed to insight the other man into a sexual frenzy. His cries nearly drowned out the club as he angled his ass for better access. Picturing himself leaning against the wall, head on his folded arms, being taken from behind, he almost came then.

Isaac snaked a hand down the front of the other man and gripped his straining erection, then started to pump furiously. Jake called out his release as his ass tightened around him making him thrust harder until he followed over the cliff.

Jake screamed a second time as the sensation of being filled with the semen of the other man made him cum again. His insides felt like they were coated with liquid fire making him struggle to cool them. The electric sensations were driving him insane with need and lust yet again. When Isaac pulled out he backed in to the other man trying to reestablish contact.

Isaac smiled as he patted Jake's ass. "May be next time, sweets." He bit the clip-on earring off of Jake's ear, while he tongued the inner channel. "When a tiger mates, they mark their lover's neck with their teeth. Marks to symbolize their dominance over the other. The point the bite is at not only allows for general viewing but also disables their mate long enough for them to fuck." Jake's clouded mind received the message too late. As Isaac bit the skin at the base of his neck and spine, he drew blood.

Jake cried out at the pain, it was over as fast as it started. He wilted in to the wall as he felt Isaac tongue the wound clean. "Mine!" The hungry word filled him with revulsion and lust. "They will not have you, many things I do share, but you I will not. Be not afraid, for as yee carry my mark, so shall yee be mine, and be protected." The dark laugh made him shiver and made him feel the cold in full force. "We will meet again lover. Of that you can be certain." One last lick up the side of his neck to his face and Isaac disappeared.

He stood there shaking from the encounter, his pants still around his knees. A cold hand touched his back, causing him to start. Only then did he realize he had been crying. Over what, he was not sure, may be it was the defilement of his body, may be the tearing down of his steadily built walls, may be it was the thought that he had heard what the man had promised, and wanted it.

"Come on Jake. It's okay, come with me, let's get you cleaned up." Pez's gentle voice filled him with such sorrow he collapsed under his own wait. She held him as he cried, still half undressed and sitting on the club floor, rocking. He knew she would be here for him, that he could count on her. All he wanted, though, was to be held in the arms of that dark stranger, that man who he had been burned by tonight, and he wept. For that was all he could do.

Part 2 "Bouts of pain fill me/Strong feelings of nausea/The consequences." - Morning After Haiku.

Jake stood as the pain shot through his lower body. Pez wrapped her arm around him to help him stand. Leaning heavily against her, he tried to pull up his pants, but his fingers kept slipping off the leather. On the fifth try, he finally gave up with a sob.

Sara finally took the hint and gently pulled the leather over his bare butt. She couldn't help but note the scratches on his hips and the drying blood on his thighs. "Oh god Jake, I am so sorry. I should have never left you while he was here."

"Please, don't! Just take me home." Forcing his body to stop the shivering, he limped out of the club. He ignored the patrons as they whistled at him and the *guy* he was leaning on. When they reached the car, muffled cries of pain went out as he sat down. On the ride home he continued to shift from side to side as he tried to get comfortable.

It hurt, being his first time, it should. He always heard gay men complain when they thought no one was listening to them. First times were supposed to be painful. It was a given. The ache they said would accompany them for a few days would be bearable. He felt like his insides were on fire, and he wanted to scream bloody murder. But he didn't, for once he started, he would never stop.

They pulled in along side his building and Pez turned the car off. She was going to say something, and he didn't want to hear it. He was the new guy, not some victim. He had wanted this, just didn't expect these consequences. "Look Jake, if you need someone to talk to about this..."

"Yeah, I know. Let's just forget this ever happened."

"Jake, you can't just make this go away. What happened happened. You have to report this, at least tell Dante. We can take this guy down."

He turned to her with an angry look on his face. "Would you just listen! I don't want the others to know about this. It's already hard enough being there as it is. Just think of the ridicule I would get over this."

Her expression touched on something more than what he meant. "This is about being my partner, isn't it?"

"No! This is about me."

"Then why not report the rape?" A cocked eyebrow let him know he was not getting away from this.

"Because it wasn't rape! I wanted to get fucked up the ass. Does that knowledge make you happy, that your partner is a fucking queer?" He didn't wait for her response as he climbed out of the car and quickly limped up the steps of his building. As he entered the main doors, he ignored her calling of his name. Just wanted to get inside to his nice warm bed. He cursed as he noted the elevator out again, which meant he had to take the stairs.

Once inside his apartment, he gently slid down the wall against the door and let the tears come again. Everything he worked for, ruined because some guy couldn't keep it in his pants. He was doubly fucked because it was a suspect in a case of homicide.

They were going to take away his badge, both with the Bureau and the Station. There was no way he was going to get away with this. Too many people saw them... All those people were either at similar things, high, or drunk. He was safe from them, no it was either Pez or Mr. PDA. Isaac Sullivan. Who knew what Isaac would do. Pez was the one serious person he had to worry about. If she did say anything, no one would listen to her.

God, he hated to feel good about that. She was a decent woman, and a hard working cop. If it weren't for those bastards, the white bulls, she would be so much more. He couldn't think about what would happen to her if he wasn't there. No, he had nothing to worry about on her end, except girl talk. Knowing her it would be, 'is that my holster with the Harley Davidson studs or yours'? He coughed out a laugh as he winced in pain.

"What's the matter, baby got a booboo on his bottom?"

He looked up, but saw no one around. "Who's there?"

"Jake, Jake, Jake. You just couldn't leave well enough alone, could you? I guess you were telling the truth about that little vixen after all. For that, I shall reward you." Isaac Sullivan kneeled down next to him and wrapped him in his wide arms. "Come on, Jakey, up you go."

Jake tried to resist but he just smelled and felt too good. He leaned in to the man as he started to shuffle towards the bathroom. A warm bath had already been started and scented candles were lit every where. As he was stripped, he let himself enjoy the touches of the man who was supposed to be a killer. "You know, I could arrest you for this."

Isaac's head popped up over his shoulder and whispered huskily in his ear. "You could, my queen, and then where would you be?"

Jake shivered at the words then complied with the wishes of the man, as he lowered him in to the waiting water. "I am not a drag queen!" He snapped while Isaac lowered in behind him.

"Of course not! You are Queen to my Regal." His matter of fact tone made Jake go silent. He smiled smugly as he nipped at the bite mark on Jake's neck. Next, he started to rub Jake down with the soaps and oils to cleanse him. Slowly, he leaned Jake forward until he was on all fours, butt out of the water. With a soft rag, he cleaned away the blood and wiped the sore spots. When Jake backed in to his hand, he smiled.

Jake didn't know why, but this felt right. He growled when Isaac pulled back his hand, but groaned when the man wrapped himself around him and entered him from behind again. He tried shaking to remove the large man only to impale himself further on the large erection.

Isaac bit down again on Jake's neck in the same spot as he started to pump. It seemed to have the desired, numbing effect, for Jake stopped fighting him. For several minutes he continued in a comfortable rhythm, driving Jake to distraction with pain and pleasure.

Jake loved the feel of the large cock inside of him. The sensations it caused as it rubbed in him made his heart skip beats, breath to catch in his lungs. He had to stop this, there was something wrong with the way this was going. When he tried to shake off Isaac again, the other man bit harder and growled at him.

Isaac sped up his thrusts until he lost himself in his climax. As he started to pull out, a primitive part of his brain caused a reaction in his body which made him jerk out his cock fast. The resulting tears, made Jake cry out in pain. He grinned his approval of his mate's reactions and licked the blood away from the bite wound.

Jake could swear Isaac was purring as he was licked clean. He was pulled back to sit in Isaac's lap as the other man laid back in the tub. Turning to confront his lover, he was assaulted by a sandpapery tongue as he was licked across the cheek.

He couldn't help himself, Jake tasted irresistible, and it was part of the post mating thing anyways. So he gave in to the urge and continued to groom his mate's face. Isaac enjoyed the reaction of his beautiful lover as he sat there, eyes closed and relaxed under his ministrations. Jake was perfect, and what he intended for this man was the perfect gift he could bestow on him. He only had a short time, so he had to make the most of it.

Sighing, he settled in and let the strange eyed man kiss and lick his face. It felt erotic, personal, and natural all at the same moment. So engrossed was he, he forgot about the cramps in his lower abdomen until the other man trailed a hand down there. The absent-minded stroking of below and around the belly button his belly button seemed to trigger something. Jake felt a strong pain shoot through his body radiating from the spot. His whimpers of pain made Isaac draw him closer and start to purr again. The soothing strokes of tongue and hand soon had Jake lulled in to a light daze.

Isaac stood and carried the sleepy man to a towel covered surface. He dried him off; slowly licking off beads of water from Jake's abdomen and nuzzled the pained area. From there he carried him to the bed where he mounted and took him again twice more. When he finished, he cleaned up the apartment, and left his exhausted lover to sleep off the effects of their mating. With a knowing smirk, he closed the door.

Jake awoke the following day to the sound of someone pounding on his apartment door. Putting on the nearest thing, he walked sleepily to the offending metal. He opened the door with a yawn and dragged a stunned Pez in to his apartment. "Can't talk, need coffee."

Sara looked at him stunned while he rubbed sleep out of his eyes and loaded the coffee maker. "Is this new look part of the being gay deal?"

Jake froze as last night came rushing back. "Oh damn, I have been such a shit. I'm sorry, Pez, after I got home last night I realized you wouldn't snitch on me."

"That's okay, Jake, I understand your problem, more than you know." Her comment made him raise his head and look at her. "Sorry, just because you got outed doesn't mean I am giving up my secret. At least not yet."

He crossed his arms and leaned back against the counter. "And why not, I am your partner, aren't I?"

"Jake, you just wouldn't understand. Besides you kept this from me. If I hadn't come back to the club last night, you wouldn't even have told me, would you?" Cocked eyebrow made him look away. "That's what I thought. Now why don't you put on something more appropriate while I finish the coffee."

"Why, what's wrong with what I have on... Pez! How could you let me wear this thing for this long and not speak up?" He tried to hide himself with his hands as he ran back to his bedroom in the see through bathrobe. The same one Isaac had had on last night when he... so not going there!

"Oh, I figured at least fourth street before I had to arrest you for looking the part of a rent boy."

"That's not even funny?"

"Really, I thought it was hysterical." She poured a large mug of the thick black substance known as Jake's Coffee and grimaced at its taste. "Since when do you own a see through kimono?"

"I don't, it's PDA's. He left it here... Ah shit! Forget about it, Pez, nothing is happening. I am... Just forget I ever said anything." He came out of the bedroom in his usual jeans, Tee-shirt, and biker boots. As he walked out, he grabbed the leather jacket off the hook near the door. "Ready to go?"

"Go where, Jake? Our shift ended a half hour ago."

His eyes widened when he looked at the clock. "What the heck? Bruno is gonna have my ass in a sling."

"Nah, your pretty ass is safe with me. Got ya covered. Told him you were sick so you weren't coming in today." She picked up her bike helmet and walked to the door. "You might as well come along. I have to interview an ob/gyn in Rahway prison. Something occurred to me this morning over breakfast and I want to check it out." Twisting the knob, she pulled open the front door and stepped out. "Seems he used his DNA to help couples to conceive."

"Sounds kinda demented to me." Jake followed, closing and locking the door behind him.

She smirked then continued out the door. "It get's better, guess how I found his name."

"I give, tell me." He strolled out on to the side walk of his building beside Sara.

"I got it from Isaac Sullivan's birth certificate."

Frozen, he couldn't move. "You mean..."

"That's right, your date's daddy."

"That's not funny."

Laughing, she walked on without him. "Yes, it is."

"No, it's not."

"Yes, it is!" Sara called out as she climbed on to the bike and took off.

"No, it's not!" Grumbling, he climbed in his car and followed her on down the road.

Part 3 "Teacher of lesson/Pride of the Father to be/A bundle of joy" - Pregnancy Haiku.

"Dr. Peter D'Angelo, aka 'The Angel of Birth'. Currently serving twenty years, followed by two years of probation in twenty-fourteen. Formerly fertility doctor funded by Vorschlag Industries. Is that all?" Sara leaned forward in her chair, arms braced against the table top. Her face held a false amused expression.

"So it would seem, Detective." D'Angelo smiled at her, glancing quickly between Pez and Jake behind his sunglasses. His voice was slow, deliberately calming. "I am curious as to what this is about?"

Sara ignored his wondering eyes; focusing on his face for any clues to her questions. "You used your own sperm to impregnate women across the country. People trusted you to help them conceive. What were you thinking?" When he didn't respond, she looked down at the WitchBlade. The red eye seemed to pulse.

"Inadequate breeding material." The doctor raised an eye brow, his head at a slight tilt to watch both detectives. "Teachers, bricklayers... Cops." His grin grew wider as both detectives focused on him.

Something struck her at his superior look. "Bet they should have been glad to have your genes. Your IQ must be what, 170, 180?"

"High enough not to fall for any of your traps, detective."

Pez sat back. Her body posture relaxing. "What traps? You're already in here for keeps. I'm just curious."

Jake continued to slowly pace around the room. His attention focused solely on the former doctor. Crossing his arms again, he made another circuit from the door to the far wall again. When his lower abdomen protested his movements, Jake's walk became more forced. He tried not to let the pain show on his face.

D'Angelo glanced at Jake again before leaning forward to Sara. "You are just like all the others, think you are so smart. That smug prosecutor nearly lost his case in his arrogance. They were hard pressed for a statute for which to charge me. I didn't take life, I created it where none was possible."

"Not everyone saw it that way, doctor." Pez gave off a creeped out vibe, her face distorting in disgust.

"Doctor, so nice to hear that again. I was excommunicated by my medical brethren. They did not understand me, my work. It was beyond all their medical reasoning, surely I must be playing god. They are too..."

"Yeah, yeah, we get it, sob story, you are a misunderstood genius, too far ahead of your time. Blah blah sympathy moment and pity party, I get it! We've heard it all before, Dr. Mengele." Both Sara and the Doctor stared at Jake in shock over his outburst. His eyes narrowed in defiance, lips tightening, daring them to call him on it. "Just get on with it, Pez!"

D'Angelo gave up his observation of Jake for Sara. "Yes, detective, do please continue."

She nodded once to Jake before resettling back to interrogate the doctor. "From what I see, most women wouldn't measure up either. Always hard to find a good brood mare."

"Tis a pity you weren't around, Detective." He offered her a genial smile.

"What are you talking about?"

Pez held up a hand to hold off Jake's questions. She had the doctor's rapt attention and it was time to play the trump card. "If you had just sewn your seed across the country side, you'd end up with a bunch of half breeds. But you were years ahead of your time; thanks to the research funded by Kenneth Irons."

His face made no changes, just watching Sara list his actions.

Jake too stood frozen in his place. He had no idea where this was going, but he had a feeling it wasn't good.

Sara leaned in, the WitchBlade glowing in her excitement. "I'm betting you wanted sons, ones as perfect as you. That would have required one single egg. One you could harvest and split... or clone."

"It's the closest man can come to being god." Tilting his head towards his hand, Dr. D'Angelo removed his glasses.

Jake, who had been taking a step back from them, his mind in a panic, slammed into the wall when he saw the mismatched eyes of the Doctor.

Smiling, D'Angelo sat back with an air of victory. "What's the matter, detectives? My boys giving you trouble? Their design is flawed, you know." His eyes locked on to Jake's. "However, there is always the next generation to correct that."

Sara looked from her partner to the doctor, trying to place their reactions. Something about what he said registering in her mind with what Dominique had told her. She couldn't quite make the two meet in her mind and the damned pulsing of the witchblade's eye was increasing. Each pulse sent a shock along her nerves building like a generator about to overload. Before she could explode, Jake beat her too it.

He broke the doctor's gaze and marched for the door at a brisk pace. Jake reached it and banged on it to be let out. Trying the knob, he banged on it again. When nothing happened, he shook the door violently. "Let me the fuck out!"

"Jake!" Sara was up and moving to his side slowly.

"Let me out! Now, you bastards!" He grabbed the handle with both hands, twisted and then threw his full weight against it. "Open the door! Let me go!" Just as he was about to slam into it again, Pez's hand came down over his. Jake jerked back from her touch, wide eyed and panicky. "Don't touch me! Stay, just stay back."

Sara held up both hands high enough for Jake to take notice. "Calm down, Jake, no one is going hold you here against your will."

Eyes blinking rapidly, Jake held back against the wall next to the door, arm out desperately reaching for the handle. "Just let me go, Pez, please let me go."

The WitchBlade flared stinging her arm. "Go where, Jake," she asked with a snarl from the pain.

He blinked. Opening his eyes slowly, he peered at her as if seeing her for the first time. "Out, away from here."

"Why, Jake." When she tried for a calming tone, the WitchBlade stung her again. "Ow! Son of a bitch!" Pez glared at the glowing red eye. About to take it off, sudden movement from Jake caught her eye. She looked up at him.

Jake's movements were more controlled, his expression focused. The panic seemed to be slipping away or diminishing some what. Fear still filled him, but he latched on to her voice and used it as an anchor.

Taking in his responses, she tried a different tactic. "What the hell is going on with you?" Her usual rough voice even more gravely, anger evident in her tone.

"I have to get away from here, Pez." Jake winced at the pleading tone in his voice. This wasn't like him at all. He frowned at that thought. "I don't know why, I just have to get out of here."

"Very well, we'll go. Just make sure you keep it together until we do." She continued to growl out her words, deliberately taking time to fill them with displeasure. Glancing over her shoulder, she checked out the Doctor as he watched them. Something about his too interested gaze made the anger in her voice real. Sara reached over Jake's shoulder to press a button beside the door. "This is Detective Pezzini, let us out."

"Confirmed, detective." The door buzzed.

"Hold on, Jake, we're going." Twisting the handle, she shoved the door open. "See."

"Yeah," he grinned at her gratefully. "Thanks." Stepping away from the wall, he ran a hand through his spiked hair. Slowly, he took tentative steps to the doorway that grew bolder with each second. D'Angelo's smooth voice made him freeze in the doorway at the threshold.

"It was good to see you again, Jacob McCartey. Tell Lauren and Eric I said hello, won't you." Smiling, he waited for them to leave and the guard to come take him back to his cell.

Pez watched Jake's spine stiffen while he marched from the interrogation room. Her gaze traveled to the WitchBlade when she felt it pulse once more then go silent. Rubbing at it absentmindedly, she walked out of the cell. Things were getting weirder by the moment. She was musing on what Dominique had said when she ran into her partner.

Jake had stopped to lean against a wall, his head lowered against the cool brick surface. His shoulders shook a little with his hitched breath. Memories of a methodically calm voice made his skin tingle with phantom pains. Pez's hand on his shoulder had him nearly hysterical in his need to be free.

"What the hell is going on with you?" Her eye brow shot up a notch with his uncharacteristic reactions. Snickering at her was the last thing she expected from him. "Jake?" Her left hand was twisted from his shoulder by his. "Ow!"

"Leave me alone, Pez." He rolled his shoulders then stepped away from the wall. Jake resumed his march down the hall towards the barred door.

"What are you going to do, Jake?" When he didn't respond, she rushed to catch up with him. "Hey, partner, what is going on with you? You going to pull a Carrie on me?"

His barked laugh was anything but amused. "Carrie was a telekinetic, I'm just some psychotic's manufactured whore."

"What are you talking about?" They moved down the hall, stopping only to flash their badges to the guard watching the gate. Her mind finally spit out a thought from all the clues. "You think you were created for his son? That would mean Lauren and Eric were your parents."

"Got it in one, way to go, Pez."

This time she gripped his arm and forced him to face her. "Can the sarcasm, Jake. You are going to tell me what the hell is going on, right now!"

Staring her in the eyes, he sent as much venom possible. "My dear old mom and dad used to take me to this smooth talking, screw eyed doctor. He would always say I was his little manufactured miracle. It was him, D'Angelo, I know it was." Jake clenched his jaw causing an audible grinding from his teeth. "They worked for that monster back there, and I was his pet project. Like god, Pez, he made me!"

"No, not like god! For one thing, he isn't nearly as divine as he thinks. That man is no more a god than I am. So get over it."

"I think I am entitled to a little freaking out. It's not everyday a person sees their creator, Pez."

She looked away, a look of disgust on her face. "You'd be surprised."

Jake held her hand when she tried to walk away. "Okay, since I had a little confessional moment, time for you."

"Not now, Jake."

"Don't! You found out today more than I ever intended anyone to. Now spill, Pez."

She refused to look at him, just continued on to her bike.


"Not yet," she called putting on her helmet. "We have to see Isaac about his doppelganger problem." After checking her gun and holster, she zipped up her jacket. "You going to stand there all day?" She mounted the bike then pulled down the visor.

"Right, always later." Growling, he walked over to his car and climbed in. He followed her out of the parking lot, through the main gate, and back towards the city.

Part 4 "Moments of pleasure/This instant, all that matters/Past moments catch up." - Jilted Lovers Haiku

"Dad says, hi." Jake listened to Pez talk to Isaac as he walked through the stacks of paintings and tarps. Holding back, from his place, he saw Isaac stretching out his arms, a familiar smirk on his face. A cold shiver went down his spine from the memories of last night. Unclicking the safety, he brought it up ready to fire.

Isaac lowered his arms, faded blue denim shirt ruffling softly. He stepped back against a group of tiered mirrors. "Well, how is dad anyways?"

"Yeah," rang out a second, yet identical voice. "How is the old geezer anyway?" The second Isaac stepped out from behind a mirror dressed identical to the first, his arm holding a gun targeting Sara.

Pez raised an eye brow. "Wow, did you two ever date the same girl?"

Making his move, Jake stepped out from the stacks, his gun pointed directly at the second Isaac's face. "Or guy?" Jake sneered at both of them, his aim unwavering from the second Isaac.

The second Isaac lowered his head muttering a silent "okay." Dropping his arm, he let the gun dangle from his fingers then laid it on the floor.

"No," much to Jake's shock, a third Isaac clone popped out from behind the same mirrors, a gun trained on him. "Give me that." He took Jake's weapon and pulled him to face Pez. The cold barrel pressed against his back. "Lose the gun," was directed at his partner.

Jake hung his head while biting back on the anger. He should have known there would be more than one of these damn clones. Cursing silently, he wished Pez had just shot, and not complied with the new one. Next thing he knew, Jake was flying forward, the Isaac having pushed him.

With a grunt, Jake landed chest first in front of Pez. She kneeled down to help him up. Jake faced them with contempt, a glare he hoped would kill them all in an instant. No such luck.

"No, we don't," began one. "But there is always a first time," all three chorused at them. The two without weapons moved forward. One grabbed duct tape from a work bench off to the left while the other kept moving towards them. A wink and a smile later, he had both their cuffs and was dragging Pez over to a chair.

The second Isaac grabbed Jake by the collar. "Come along, Jakey, time to play." Their eyes met causing Isaac to smirk. He made a kissing motion with his lips.

Jake tried to wrench his jacket from the killer's hold, but Isaac pulled him forwards with more strength than Jake thought possible for the man. Their momentum brought them to a chair opposite of the one Pez was now cuffed too. Isaac pushed him down in the chair.

Glaring up at the man, he struggled a little until he heard the click of the gun's hammer from the third Isaac. With that, he allowed the Isaac to tape his wrists to the arms of the swiveling desk chair. When the man was done, he dragged Jake to the center of the room next to Pez.

The other Isaacs were setting up art supplies and power tools testing them when plugged in. The second Isaac joined them, grabbing a sawzaw. He gripped the handle and pointed the jabbing blade at Jake. Blowing a kiss toward Jake with the tool in place of his hand, he smiled.

The first Isaac had a Machete and the third a drill. Walking towards Jake, they went behind him while the second moved to bend down in front of him. Reaching out, he balled his fist in Jake's lapel. Their eyes met and Isaac grinned at him. "Everybody's got a fantasy, Jake. I was watching you at the club and I got to thinking," he gently shook Jake to emphasize his next words, "what's yours?"

"Your head, in a vice." His manic grin matched his words. Jake didn't feel like playing with the psychos. He still couldn't believe he let this one fuck him four times.

Isaac laughed looking up at his brothers. "No, that would be making ugliness out of beauty, and we make beauty out of ugliness, Jake." Lifting the sawzaw, he held up to Jake's face. "Time to get ugly." The Isaac behind him pushed him forward while the other two spread out to form a triangle.

The second Isaac caught Jake as his chair rolled across the room. "Take it like a man, Jakie. Ooo yeah." Holding him close, he kissed the air next to Jake's temple. He then pushed Jake to the third Isaac who caught him before pushing him to the first. They tossed him back and forth between them laughing and taunting.

Jake ignored them in favor of appearing disinterested. They started to blur together to him. Next thing he knew, there was a loud crashing and he was rolling away from them fast.

"Play nice, boys!"

Pez's voice woke him from the daze. "Sara!" He called her name while trying to break the duct tape bonds. From behind him came the sounds of fighting, metal striking metal. "Sara!"

"Everybody has a fantasy, Isaac." Pez's voice was followed by the cry of one Isaac while he crashed through a mirror. Shots from a gun ricocheting off metal came with a gasp then the sound of a body hitting the floor. The sawzaw started up only to end in a screech before another body hit the floor.

"Sara," Jake whispered in the new silence.

"I gotta problem, Jake." Her voice reached him tinged with worry and exertion. "I'm short one guy."

"I tried to warn you, Sara." Cringing, Jake fought down the memory that Isaac's bedroom voice brought to the fore.

Her breathing filled the space for a moment before she responded to the taunt. "Yeah, I know, the huntsmen."

"That's correct, and now I'm getting stronger." The click of a gun. "But take solace, you'll live forever," Isaac swallowed painfully before lifting his second gun, "as a work of art."

When he started to laugh, Sara jabbed the blade through his chest. The WitchBlade retracted and his body fell to the floor. Sara sighed while the blade reformed into a bracelet.

"Sara. Sara!"

"Yeah, partner, here."

"What the hell happened?"

Sara didn't reply, just walked over to where he sat and knelt by his side. She ignored his questioning looks and removed the tape from his wrists.

"Sara, what is going on?"

Looking him in the eyes, she narrowed her own before looking back at the bodies over his shoulder. "I'm going to ask you to do something for me. You have to trust me a little longer and then I swear I will tell you all I know. Just do this one thing for me."

Jake looked her over trying to gage her emotions from her face. Against his instincts, he nodded his head once. She removed the last bit of tape from his wrist then helped him stand. Turning to the scene, he gasped. Mirrors shards reflected the blood and bodies causing a nightmarish scene.

Pez walked past him. Bending down, she picked up their handcuffs and pocketed them. She wiped her upper lip to remove the blood. "You don't remember what happened. We were ambushed outside, we fought them for a bit before I was dazed and you were knocked unconscious. When I came to, I was sitting in that chair and they were already dead. I freed you but you were still unconscious."

"But I'm not... Sara," was all he got out before she spun and brought her arm up to hit him across the back of the head. Before impact, he could have sworn it was covered in a metal gauntlet. Then blackness.

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