Piano in the Dark

By: Lopaka Tanu

Disclaimer: I do not own The OC.

Fandom: The OC.

Pairing: Ryan/Zach.

Rating: Adult.

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Warning: Language, Character Abuse.

Summary: Some times Zach wants so much, needs to feel he can actually make a difference. Ryan knows not what he wants, that what others think doesn't make it so. Seth has lost everything that matters, holds close only dreams.

Spoilers: Up to Risky Business 2x18.


Staring in the mirror, Zach tried not to think about the scene he just witnessed. Tried not to think of the way Summer had smiled at Seth and not him. Some times life was a complete bitch and so was Summer. Not that it made a difference to him at this time or any other. Fate was the driving force in the universe; his seemed to be forever second best to those he considered perfect.

And Summer was perfect, from her flawless hair to her sculpted toe nails. There was nothing wrong with perfect, it just kind of made the perfect people stupid. Take Summer, she made stupid decisions all the time. Take Seth, perfect example of being stupid.

His fingers tensed into a ball, ready to pound something, anything. Something like Seth's dweeby little face. Right now it would feel good to go Punisher on him. Make that smarmy Cohen realize there is a price to taking a guy's girl. 'Yeah, just a quick pop to the chin!'

No. He couldn't do that. The Punisher was just in his vengeance. Smacking around the guy might feel good, but he wasn't ready to become Flash Thompson. Nope, Seth was definitely not going to win any more Summer sympathy points Ala Peter Parker style. He had to make Cohen suffer as much as he had.

He would take away everything that mattered to him, starting with the one thing he thought he could depend upon without fail. There was only one problem with that little idea. What did Seth take for granted that would devastate him in its loss? There was that pony he was so fond of, but not even Zach was that cruel.

So now he was stuck. Damn. Double damn.

The door to the boy's room slammed open followed by another kick from the person who caused it to fly in the first place. Ryan, bag slung over his shoulder, stalked in. He ignored whoever was in the bathroom in favor of storming up to the far stall and kicking the door. It felt so good, he did it three more times before the door refused to move anymore. "Damn him! I told that little... She and I are history, period!"

Zach's lips twitched in a sly grin as a plan formed in his mind. Coming up to stand beside Ryan, he stared at the broken stall. "Good work, that's one door that won't bother anyone again."

Ryan turned his unamused glare on the water polo player.

"So, what was it this time?" Folding his arms, Zach tried to appear nonchalant. The steady glare made him look down. He picked at the elbow of his shirt. "Uh, you uh need to talk?"

"Nothing to talk about." Ryan turned on his heel, and started to stalk out.

"Seth meddling again," Zach called after him. He needed to get some sort of bond formed soon if his plan was to succeed. Rubbing his hair, Zach tried not to flinch when Ryan faced him again. "Lately that is all he seems to do, get in to other people's business, that is."

"Kind of like you now?" He held his stiff posture, arms flexing in the need for action.

"Yeah, I guess, only I'm not in it to stir up trouble." Now was the time to be careful and stay out of the hot head's way when he went off. "I only want to help. Just looking for a fellow compatriot."

Stepping forward, Ryan half smiled, half sneered. "Just what do you think would come of it?"

Zach began backing away, hands raised in self defense. "I dunno. Misery loves company, just thought may be you'd like some sympathetic company."

"I don't want your sympathy." Ryan pressed forward until Zach was backed up against the wall and they were almost touching. "I don't want anyone's pity!"

"That's good, because I don't feel sorry for you." When Ryan cocked his head, Zach's heart almost gave out. A large part of his self resolve failed him and so did two certain parts of his anatomy. "What did he do to you?"

Smirking, Ryan's eyebrows lowered in amusement. "You really are in to this aren't you?"

"So long as is necessary. I'm game if you are." Okay, so he had no idea just what he was game for, but if Ryan played in to his hands, then so be it.

Ryan raised his hand and Zach flinched away, his eyes closed in preparation of pain. He slid his fist around the other boy's head and grabbed a hand full of hair. "Don't ever jerk me around."

Before Zach could ask what he meant, Ryan's lips were on his. He reacted out of instinct and opened his mouth to the other boy's. However, Ryan had other plans and merely smiled against his lips. Zach groaned in frustration when the blonde refused to continue the kiss.

Together they stood against the wall, Ryan holding Zach bodily in place. Ryan had a chance to admire the feel of the other boy against his body. His free hand traced under the sweat shirt and down the back of Zach's pants. So Zach was a boxer fiend. Flexing fingers, he squeezed the muscular backside, enjoying the gasp he elicited.

Zach's eyes remained closed. This was really happening. Ryan Atwood was copping a feel of him, Zach Stephens. And he didn't have a problem with this. In fact, he seemed to be even enjoying it. His heart skipped another beat when Ryan thrust his hips against his own.

Leaning in closer, Ryan rubbed his lips against Zach's cheek. He exhaled slowly causing the skin beneath him to shiver. Another smile, this time for himself. Oh yeah, no faking a reaction like this. Squeezing Zach's rear once more, he reluctantly slid his hand out of the other boy's pants. This time, it traveled north up the small of his back.

Clinching his eyes shut, Zach groaned from the contact. There was nothing in his limited experience to compare the sensation to. His skin tingled with a pleasant warmth, causing a flush to spread through out. Catching his breath, he wrapped his arms tentatively around Ryan's neck. When he met no resistance, he let them settle. The scent of Ryan was intense upon his nostrils; a mixture of sun, sweat, chlorine, and coconut that made his mouth dry in anticipation of tasting him.

Ryan tightened his grip when Zach's teeth nipped at the skin of his neck. Instead of forcing the other boy to stop, he tilted his head to give better access. It suited him just fine, this way he had a better view and reach of his target. His hand slid back down the other boy's pants to grip the ass he had admired for weeks. This time both hands took hold and he firmly massaged the muscles beneath.

"Oh god, I want you so badly." Zach paused. Did he just say that out loud?

In answer, Ryan started to chuckle. He was about to slip his hands a little lower and closer together when the door to the bathroom flew open again. They jumped apart, Ryan nearly losing a finger on the belt loops of Zach's pants.

Zach stood there rubbing his lips in embarrassment at having been caught. It wasn't every day he got to first base. That it was with a guy, he felt embarrassed, that it was with Ryan, he felt strangely smug.

"Ry, man, come on. You gotta give it a shot. She's willing to take you back." Seth walked in with his usual careless gait, eyes closed as he rehearsed in his head the long practiced speech.

In that moment, Zach knew true, burning rage. Hatred so deep that he was willing to give up on being a nice guy. Oh yes, he would gladly join the dark side for the ability to strangle Cohen from a distance.

Having lost the good vibe he just a second ago attained, Ryan fumed and narrowed his eyes. Without a word, he stormed past Seth, hand launching out to smack the other boy in the shoulder enough to knock him off balance. The door shut behind his growling exit.

"And ow!" Seth rubbed his shoulder with a frown. Having only caught a glimpse of his friend, he wasn't too sure if he should follow or wait until the dust settled. "Okay, plan B, Batman."

Scowling, Zach straightened his clothes and walked over to the mirror. Seeing the contemplative look on Seth's face, Zach's frown grew. He had to get out of there before he ruined what little of his plans he could still salvage by beating Cohen to a curl topped stain. Walking towards the door, he ignored the look on Seth's face. "Douche bag," he muttered as he passed the other boy.

Before Seth could clearly translate what he had heard, Zach was already gone. Holding up a hand, Seth tried to piece down his thoughts. "Okay, what was that about? Did I suddenly step into bizzaro world?" He glanced around the bathroom for something out of the ordinary. "So no, no bizzaro world, may be it is just one of those days."

While he was there, Seth figured he might as well look his best for Summer. He wet his hands in the sink and started to carefully, artfully arrange his hair. A few drops fell on his neck. Reaching up to wipe them away, something about Ryan's appearance came back to him. There had been a wet, red spot on his best friend's neck as he passed him on the way out a minute ago. "What would cause a red welt on... Oh my god!"

Smiling, he shook with excitement. His plans were working! Despite Ryan's lack of enthusiasm and obvious resistance to the idea, he was going to get Marissa and Ryan back together again. Now that he knew it was actually working, he would try twice as hard!

Without a second thought to his appearance, Seth rushed from the bathroom to tell Summer his news. Despite her having told him to stay out of it, she should know about this. It was a good thing after all.

In the stall next to the one Ryan had taken his frustration out on, a traumatized Tommy poked his head out. Shaking violently, he opened the door and slipped out. He had seen the two boys fighting, the subsequent kissing. He had seen their reaction to Seth and it made him pause in thought.

Just how would this effect the comic book club?

Not knowing, he had to consort with the others of the club, now! Rushing out of the bathroom, he didn't see the toilet paper clinging desperately to the back of his pants, and thus, didn't understand why later there were coupons for 'Charmin' in his locker.

THE END......................

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