Joyful Abandon

By: Lopaka Tanu

Fandom: Smallville

Disclaimer: I do not own smallville or anything associated with it.

Summary: Clark fulfills his destiny.

Spoilers: The second season finale.

Warning: Evil Clark and all that implies.

Author's Note: This serves only one purpose, to satisfy my blood lust and hatred of most things smallville cannon. This is everything you wish you could do, only you have too much of a consciousness, or you are just plain lazy, either way, try it, you'll like it.

I was a normal teenager. Correction, I was a normal alien teenager. I have since learned the error of my ways.

Once I would have felt bad for all the things I have done, but that person is dead. Having learned there are consequences for all my actions, I tried to run away from it all. Everywhere I went, there were those same sad faces of the people I had hurt, no matter how good my intentions were. I grew tired of this conscious that now feels so alien to me.

The first time I deliberately hurt someone was a man who was robbing an old woman. I simply reached out, snapped his neck, and handed her the purse back. Now one would expect her to scream bloody murder as his lifeless body fell to the ground. Not her, she kicked him a few times, spit on him, and kissed my cheek.

Something about that made me feel weird. I should have felt remorse over the loss of life. My father would have been raging at me by now. Then I realized what was different, I no longer felt Human, no longer like Clark Kent. I felt better then them. Why? Well basically because I am.

The next time was a bank robber, shot three people dead because they got in his way. Police were trying to negotiate with him. He shot another hostage to prove he meant business. This made me feel not angry over the loss of life, but that another Human felt he had the rite to take another Human life so casually. Animals, unless mentally damaged or suffering ecological trauma, do not kill each other. Humans there fore were lowered in my opinion to sub animals.

I decided something had to be done. Not just about this sub animal killing others, but about the world in general. I seen then how my father, my real father, not the substitute Human, was correct. Someone must lead them, show them the errors of their ways. In that moment, I decided to be their new god.

My first act as God was to punish the beast for killing my subjects. When his bullets only bounced off my chest, his eyes went wide in terror. When I crushed his hand and the gun into one bundle then melted it all together with my laser vision, he screamed and pleaded for his god. When I told him that I came to answer his prayers, he swore utter loyalty to me.

Too bad I didn't need an amoral psychopath. I am plenty able enough to do my own smiting. As I demonstrated on him.

My next act as god was to tell the denizens of the bank that their worship and lives were now mine, any deviation would be punished in a fate worse than his. They were kneeling when the police came in.

I had to kill three of them before they realized I meant business. Unlike the Human, I am divinity, so it is okay for me to kill them. They are young and ignorant, I made sure they knew this. But I smiled as I told them it was okay, that as they were young, they could still learn.

My next act was to rush through the city killing all who opposed me or broke the laws. They are good laws, I wholly approve of most of them. A man raped a woman, his internal organs were removed through his dick. A mother beat her child into a coma, she was tossed in a garbage truck and crushed. A young couple's dog terrorized the neighborhood, they were locked in a room with the dog after he was given a dose of heroine. A drug dealer was rolled in news print and burned slowly, I liked Scary Movie 2.

And so went my night.

The next hit, secure in the belief they would now follow the laws, I left Metropolis a better place. My next stop would be smallville and then the world.

Inside the city limits, I found Nell's shop lit up. She was inside taking stock. She would no longer need to take stock. I made sure she knew where each and every flower was as I stuffed them down her throat. Sweet nothings are all that will come from that foul pit anymore. Too bad she choked on the pansies before I got to the roses.

After that, my next stop was the Talon. It was late, so only Lana was there. As I entered, she screamed at me for leaving her alone. When she started in on how it was just like when her mother died leaving her alone, I felt sorry for her. I decided she would never be parted from those she loved ever again. Wrapping her in a big pink sheet, I carried her and her father to her mother's grave. With a quick super speed, they were reunited forever in eternity. As I filled in the hole, she denied it was what she wanted, but I knew it was only last minute jitters. She is happy now, never to be alone again.

Never let it be said I am not a merciful god.

As I tamped down the last of the dirt, an angry visitor caught my attention. Color me surprised when I discovered it was Whitney. He was limping across the grave yard to me, cane in hand. He had seen better days, but the war had done wonders to his physic. There was a quick skirmish, but he didn't last long against my superiority. I had him strapped to a cross and in the middle of a field in half a second.

Frowning, I decided that it was too symbolic of a religion that no longer had any purpose, so I tore him down. By then he was unconscious, and I was bored. I decided I needed a pet. After a quick trip to Fordman's and a short time walking through the pet supplies, I gathered a leash, collar and some other supplies he would need. It occurred to me there would be other pets, so I gathered things for them too.

By then I had a rather large load of necessaries, so I grabbed the first passing truck, making sure the driver knew his god appreciated his service and use of his vehicle. I think he was intimidated by my grandeur because he ran away screaming in terror.

With my pet Whitney settled in the cab, his leash attached to the dash, I drove off towards what I once called home. There were lights on as to be expected at this time of night because I knew John would be brooding about his life. My arrival did not go unnoticed as John came out on the porch with his shot gun. When he caught sight of me, his face went from angered, to relieved, to shock as he saw me leading my pet Whitney.

Out of respect for his raising me, I did not kill him when he yelled at me. However I did slap him unconscious, a gentle tap, but still enough to make him quiet. Inside, mom looked at me with tears in her eyes. Out of love for her I let her husband continue breathing despite my better judgment. I simply set his limp form on her couch, my pet Whitney next to him.

Pet Whitney glared at me, so I pulled down his pants and spanked him. He was in tears, but it was necessary for him to know he can not be so disrespectful. I kissed his tears away and handed his chain leash to my mother. I told her to watch over him while I fulfilled what I was sent here to do. She only nodded and watched me leave, stroking her husband's face and my pet Whitney's hair from where their heads rested in her lap.

Leaving them, my next stop was Chloe's. My first impression was that she was no longer the current resident as I smelled old man Luthor in the house. But then I heard them talking, about me. He had received information on me from his contacts in metropolis and how the police were trying to stop riots. This angered me very much, my subjects were supposed to obey my word.

Before I could leave to deal with them, I heard Chloe tell Lionel that she was not earning her pay when he was the one reporting all about Clark to her. Hearing of her betrayal decided her fate. She cried very little when I removed her tongue, but the tears flowed as I broke her hands. Of course removing her eyes solved that problem.

Lionel watched at first with horror, then a keen since of admiration. I liked his ability to not flinch when such a power as myself paid him attention. I explained to him my new rein over the world and my future plans. When I was through, he was shaking his head.

It seemed my plans were too narrow.

He said he could teach me the art of being a leader, that he would be willing to be my advisor. He amused me, so I let him live. Of course he would have to be watched, but I believed he could be very useful. I agreed to allow him to live if he told me where Lex was. My pet would need a play mate. He laughed and told me to search the south pacific.

I made him clarify that he and Lex's wife had sabotaged the plane and crashed it. She was already dead and the pilot was dying slowly as worms ate his guts. For that I let him live, at least for another five minutes. Then he got cocky and I knocked him through a support wall for threatening me. It took me about a minute before I climbed out of the debris.

Mr. Sullivan picked that moment to arrive back home, my angered fist was the last thing he saw, ever. After that, I sped back to Metropolis. It took about fifty deaths this time before the believed I meant business. For their civil disorder, I took one out of every ten, and had the other nine beat that person to death. It was very effective, thank you Lex for the history lesson.

After that, they went about their business cautiously and politely. Satisfied my example would now be followed unquestioningly, I took off for parts elsewhere.

Fifteen minutes later I arrived in the former capital of the United States, former as I was about to make it as such. It took two minutes to level the supreme court, five each for both houses of congress, and thirty seconds for the white house itself. As my laser vision leveled entire city blocks, my anger grew. That was the location of the causes of so many problems, and I had vowed to cleanse corruption from my world. In the matter of two hours, the entire District of Columbia was ash.

My next stop was New York, the United Nations was crushed under my heel, literally as I discovered if I ran real fast, I could jump up and come down with the force of a meteorite. Unfortunately, the UN building is in the city, and I collapsed quite a few city blocks from the resulting after shocks. I repeated the same process across the world.

When I was through, it was noon the next day. Many countries were in complete chaos without their leaders. I hijacked a few dozen news crews, told them to send me world wide, and announced my total world domination. The response was immediate, France and Russia tried to send a few dozen nuclear weapons my way. I stopped the missiles, disabled them, and then set off on a purge of France and Russia from the world. I had forgotten how big Russia was, so I settled on just France and Moscow. A day after that, as god, I declared world peace.

Search teams turned up a pissed off Pet Lex in Australia where he was attempting to build an empire against his father. When he learned I already controlled the world, that all his attempts were useless, he got angrier. Pet Lex is very amusing when he is angry, needless to say I am amused quite frequently.

My reign has spread through the world like a cleansing fire and now I am worshiped as I should have been from the beginning. People actually thanked me for killing the corrupt politicians and freeing them of the harshness of the former social orders of life. People now do as they are told, they do what is good for the whole. They do as I command.

Two days ago a small piece of my pod was found in Smallville by my local temple. They did not examine it as it is forbidden to learn about my origins, but they could not understand even if they wanted to. In it was a communication from my biological father. He told me that I was not to lead as a king, but to work with their governments as a super hero to create a world peace.

I destroyed it.

My way is better.

The End.....

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