Leo's past life, past life.

By: Lopaka Tanu

Disclaimer: Okay I own nothing. Are you happy?

Summary: Did you know Leo once lost a bet? Did you know Leo once lost many bets?

Movie night at the Halliwell Manor is always a favorite for the girls. Tonight just happened to be Phoebe's choice. Prue and Piper were arguing over who's guy was better at keeping secrets while they entered the living room. Phoebe had already set up the DVD player and was sitting down. She then turned to the two of them and shushed them.

Prue huffed and turned to watch the movie as Phoebe activated the remote. "Phoebe, you didnít pick one of your slasher movies did you," she whined with a roll of her eyes.

Phoebe stuck her tongue out at her and smiled. "No, I got one of those romance movies Piper likes. The story sounded really interesting, plus there was this really cute guy on the cover. But his face was torn off so I didnít get to see who it was."

Both Prue and Piper groaned and Phoebe laughed. Piper spoke next. "So what did you get that seemed so interesting?"

Phoebe turned back to the screen and, in a meek voice, replied, "Return to the Blue Lagoon."

"What?" Prue and Piper turned to see a stunned Leo. "I mean, that was such a bad movie! You don't want to see it. I mean, the acting is just so bad and the characters are totally unbelievable. I will be upstairs if you need me." With that, he orbed out of sight.

Prue turned to Piper. "What was that? Weíve known him for like three years and he has never acted that prissy."

"My husband is not prissy! He is just very, um, touchy. Besides, how am I to know he had this whole other life before he met me?"

"I would say so. Damn Piper, I never knew he was so,Ē Phoebe had started the movie and was watching the male lead swimming around on the screen naked.

Piper and Prue turned to watch what had Phoebe so entranced. Prue busted out laughing and Piper froze the screen right at the moment when a lot was exposed. Prue fell off the sofa laughing at Piper as she stormed over to Phoebe taking the remote from her. Then she turned off the DVD player.

"Leo, get your whitelighter ass down her now!" A blue orb appeared, then Leo took shape. Piper held up the DVD. "Do you care to explain this?"

Leo turned red, "Um, it was just a phase! I lost a bet and this was the price. It never happened again, I swear!"

Pheobe started to laugh, "You know, now that I think about it, there is a movie coming out staring Brian Krause with a female lead. I hear there are some steamy scenes."

"Piper, what are you doing? Please no oh nnnoooooooo!" Was the only thing heard from the Halliwell Manor. Well, that and a whole lot of giggling.

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