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Updated: July 5, 2005


Buffy: The Vampire Slayer/Kindred: The Embraced

Big! Bad! Gay! - Xander is unhappy with the way his life is going. After asking Willow to "Gay me up," he is reminded why it just doesn't pay to be him.

Single Fandom:


Causatum - For every decision there comes consequences. Lindsey POV


Leo's Past Life, Past Life - Did you know Leo once lost a bet? Did you know Leo once lost many bets?

Earth: Final Conflict

Never Know How Good It Is, Until It's Gone - When Liam decides to investigate Joshua Doors' nomination of his father for President, it sets events in motion that will forever change his life. It doesn't help, that after his encounter with the Jaridian, he suddenly becomes aware of things that up till now, were barely even thought of. During all this, a friendship forms that will test his loyalties, but what is real, and who is pretending?
Chapter 2 Chapter 3

Narke' Eros - A display of Earth lifeforms for the Taelons goes very bad when someone's Ka'atham comes in to full force.

Dawson's Creek

Damn - Pacey on how his life changed dramatically in his senior year. Starting with a abnormal biological function that reveals the past, somethings just couldn't be helped. Pacey POV

The Dead Zone

Frankie and Johnny - After another vision of the desolate future, Johnny decides it is time to get more proactive in his quest to prevent it. To do so, he needs more information. Will the visions finally come at too high a price, or is he willing to risk even his soul for a chance to set things right?

Due South

28 Days - Tales of the Mountie Slayer - Ray and Tom learn a valuable lesson about Von.


Chronicles of a Lunatic - Midnight encounters bring Benton his greatest fantasies.

Clan of the Cave Mountie 1/2 - After a drug bust is foiled by the Mounties, they go caveman on RayK. Kowalski POV

Clan of the Cave Mountie 2/2 - Rayk and the Mounties are on their way back to the mothership, aka Canada. Kowalski POV

Having My Baby - Based upon the Springerverse created by Maria. Wackiness and insanty are revealed as the DS crew visit The Jerry Springer Show. Happy Birthday, Maria.

I Just Called to Say I Love You - Call me! Call me any time.

Reflections in Minor - 17 year-old Ray Kowalski reflects on the life that has lead him to this point.

Sometimes, I Smile.... - Random Insanity, or Never Let a Cop Have a Computer.

The Highway Man - Just another day in the journey of Benton Fraser, Highway Man.


Quote the Raven - Dr. Phlox Gathers Intel. AU version of Season 3, Poe Series.

The Tell Tale Heart - Reed once heard that confession was good for the soul. On the way back to Earth, he decides to put this theory into practice, after all, he has time. AU version of Season 3, Poe Series.


Julon Crion: Julon Crion - For a while now, Crichton has felt less like himself, since that whole twin fiasco. Now with Aeryn acting all sorts of weird and keeping things from him, he starts to question what he really wants. When he over hears something he shouldn't, things go from bad to worse and continue to plummet from there. When Chiana offers him a way out, who is he to refuse? What neither of them know is that this offer will reunite her with the Nebari and change him forever. Julon Crion Series, 1 of 4.

Julon Crion: Nebari - After a three night stand with a Nebari Man, John's body was forever changed. An accident that resulted in spilt blood now provides the basis for a new life. How will John deal with the memory of what happened, and with this new complication in an already pain filled existence. After the betrayal of Aeryn Sun, his remaining friends are reluctant to trust the newest addition to their group. Careful as they may be, there is still danger lurking behind every corner. When Chiana meets someone from her past, will she be able to say good bye to her friends, and her daughter? Julon Crion Series, 2 of 4.


Remember Me. - Short piece from River's POV.

Kindred: The Embraced

Goldie Locks Meets Little Red Riding Hood - Surprises come in all sizes. Julian's POV.

The OC

Piano in the Dark - Some times Zach wants so much, needs to feel he can actually make a difference. Ryan knows not what he wants, that what others think doesn't make it so. Seth has lost everything that matters, holds close only dreams.


Mother's Day - Sloan gets a mother's day gift from her favorite dominant.


And Then There Was One - The One Roswell Fic I Will Ever Post Here. Let is shine as a beacon to my roots in Fandom. - Liz and Michael are not who the appear to be. AU


Joyful Abandon - Clark Fulfills his destiny. Clark's POV.

StarGate SG-1

Jade Stone Serpent - Daniel's Lover Series - During the events of Absolute Power, Shifu's lessons have unintended side effects. Daniel POV

Terminator 2: Judgement Day

Asta La Vista Baby - Deliberate Bad Fic. John has an *unexpected* surprise.


PDA! - Dr. Peter D'Angelo created Isaac Sullivan and his like for the purpose of furthering his own greatness. His research into genetics was further than any man of his day, only no one knew how far. When the WitchBlade brings them together, Pez finds herself asking the question, 'why Jake?'

Chapters 5 - 8 Chapters 9 - 11

Wolf Lake

Eros Theory: Legend of the White Wolf - John Kanin came to Wolf Lake on the trail of his missing girlfriend, using clues given by an unknown benefactor. Since he got there, people have been acting weird, going missing, and trying to kill him because of it. Several times he has come close to their secret yet he still lives despite their laws. Why is this benefactor so intent on helping him discover the mystery behind Wolf Lake?

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